Upcoming events for 12/89 and 1990: The Gaia Institute 5215 Green Oak Ct., Atlanta, GA 303

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Upcoming events for 12/89 and 1990: The Gaia Institute 5215 Green Oak Ct., Atlanta, GA 30327 (404)256-9002 December 14-17 - Wallace Black Elk. Call for details. ----------------- Hawkwind Earth Renewal Co-op PO Box11, Valley Head, AL 35989 (205) 635-6304 December 30 - New Years Celebration and New Moon Lodge January 27th - New Moon Lodge (Native craft wkshops) January 28th - Native Lecture Series to be announced February 3-4 - SunBear Intensive (He will be in Atlanta February 24 - New Moon Lodge on 2/1, and Chattanooga February 25 - Native Lecture Series on 2/5.) Weekly Organic Gardening Worships being in February. March 24th - New Moon Lodge & Solstice Celebration March 25th - Native lecture series. (Crafts workshops will be announced later) April 21-22 - Private women's weekend gathering April 28 - New Moon Lodge April 29 - Native Lecture Series, Meditation Series (Brant Secunda, a Huichol shaman will be there sometime in April - date to be announced). (A trip through Little River Canyon is being scheduled, dates to be announced). Camping fees for Hawkwind are $2.50/night per person per tent, and $5.00 per night tipi. There is local cabin camping available, but the rates vary. Call Charla Herrmann for more information on Hawkwind programs, Tarwater's native crafts, and infor n about the Cooperative in general. Best to call around 6 p.m. or after. --------------------------- Foundation for Shamanic Studies (Michael Harner) Box 670, Belden Sta., Norwalk, CT 06582 (203) 454-2825 Basic Workshops: January 13-14, Washington D.C. [Contact Dana Robinson, (301) 565-8260] January 20-21, Charlotte, NC [Contact Michael Gourley, (704) 358-8201] January 27-28, Orlando, FL [Contact Judith Phillips, (407) 648-1431] -------------------------------------- Red Earth/XAT Medicine Society 6050 Peachtree Pkwy Suite 340-117 They have monthly meetings, Norcross, GA 30092 and Medicine Wheel workshops. (404) 368-9838 *************************************************************** Resources: Books/Tapes/Supplies: The Bear Tribe Medicine Society PO Box 9167, Spokane WA 99209 (509)326-6561 One of the most complete sources for books on Native American subjects, including arts, culture and religion. They also sell herbs for smudging and smoking, and some other items. Pacific Western Traders 305 Wool St., Folsom, CA 95630 (916) 985-3851 They carry a large stock of books on Native cultures of the Western coast of the Americas. They also sell catlinite pipes, pipestone blanks, rattles, clapping sticks, wind instruments, drums, and costuming item , supplies for creating bead, quill or feather work. They also sell pipes of the tubular wooden variety common to the cultures of the Pacific coast. The Foundation for Shamanic Studies Box 670, Belden Station Norwalk, CT 06582 They list a number of tapes for shamanic journeying in their latest catalog: Drumming for the Shamanic Journey Didjeridu for the Shamanic Journey Singing Journey for Shamanic Voyaging Tibetan Bowl Sound for Shamanic Journey These tapes are "authorized" for use with Michael Harner's book THE WAY OF THE SHAMAN. A video of Michael Harner is also available. Catalogs or mailings should be available from all of the addresses listed above. This is by no means intended to be a complete, or even a "preferred" list of activites or resources. This is only a few with which I am acquainted, and wished to pass along for your use.


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