Shaman 101 - D The exercise to clear and balance your chakras is deceptively simple. In es

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Shaman 101 - D The exercise to clear and balance your chakras is deceptively simple. In essence, there are only a few major steps: 1. Relax 2. Call your power animal, and explain the purpose of your journey, which is to visit ONE chakra that may be blocked or out of balance, and to fix whatever the problem is. 3. After arriving at the location you have chosen and assessing the chakra's condition, decide with the help of your power animal what needs to be done. If any fighting or heavy work is necessary, allow your power animal to do it for you, since s/he is equipped to function effectively in this situation. 4. When the chakra is clear and functioning, ask your power animal to assign a guardian animal to this chakra. This will be a guard against intrusion from outside forces. When you are introduced to this guardian, get acquainted with them, tell them what you need of them, and listen to what they tell you. At a later time, when some invasion is attempted, they will alert you to the conditions, allowing you to control the situation. 5. Thank your power animal and any other guides or guardians for their help, and return to the cave entrance, and then to normal reality. ********** ********** Before you go on with this exercise, a few examples of both the working of this exercise and the results might be in order. Obstacles you might meet in the tunnels are such entities as ugly bugs, vicious reptiles and slime or fungus-like growths. You will (more rarely) see hostile animals. You don't need to be afraid of any of these things. Merely circumvent them if you can. If you cannot, your power animal will take care of them. Other problems include chasms and floods and such. Just keep in mind that these are not actually threatening to your life or safety - they are indicators of problems or hostile "spirits" (energies) need to be handled. Your power animal is the best source of information on how, and when, to tackle them. Occasionally, you may find that, although you complete the journey to your cave or whatever, your power animal or your guide refuses to take your farther. This happened to me when I had the flu, and thought I could leave it (and the boredom) behind by journeying. My guide met me at the entrance, and told me I didn't have the energy to do the journey without endangering my physical body. So much for that! A few days later when I was feeling better, I had no problem going on with the journey. Some examples of what you can expect to achieve with these exercises. From my own experience - For most of my life, although physically healthy, I have been plagued with monstrous menstrual periods. Cramps for up to a week, and heavy bleeding for 7 or 8 days was not unusual. Pain medication and weakness from blood loss was a normal, although unwanted - part of my monthly calendar. Needless to say, this put a large obstacle in my activity schedule! When I began working with my (male) power animal, I also began to realize that I had suppressed my female energy due to conditions from my early childhood, where my only role models were men. I asked my power animal to find me a female ally, and on that journey, I met a female eagle, and a female (perrigrine) falcon. When I journeyed to open the sacral chakra, hopefully to solve my monthly problem, my power animal and I travelled there alone. When we got there, the tunnel was a rusty dark brown, and boarded up, with only a chink in one of the boards that allowed a trickle of energy through. My power animal took on the task of tearing down the dam, allowing all of the energy to come through and wash out the old debris. While he was occupied with this, Eagle appeared. She took me up above the dam and showed me how to control the energy flow without blocking it. Six days later, I had the first almost pain-free, 5 day normal menstrual period of my life - at age 40! A friend's story - A friend of mine had problems with a girlfriend. When he was around her, or thinking about her, he seemed to want nothing else. Yet, when he THOUGHT about what he found attractive about her, he found very little he liked! Using the journeying technique, he found that his heart chakra was inhabited by a little copy of her. In effect, she was "short-circuiting" his normal functions by invading his person for her own ends*. By ejecting her, with the help of a power animal, and posting another power animal as a guard over this chakra, he gained control of his own heart again. He wanted to give her another chance, but after several more invasion attempts she decided she couldn't see him again, and he's since found someone to love who has more respect for him! (*This is always a no-no. Every person has a right to keep their bodies inviolate. For example, heal someone only if they ask for it, or if you tell them you want to and they agree that you may. To invade someone else's person without permission - regardless of your good intentions, is just plain wrong! When you find this kind of invasive person in your life, GET RID OF THEM! Usually if you clear them out of the chakra, they soon disappear from your physical world situations as well. They are only interested in manipulating people, and will find an easier victim.). Last story: I have a friend who is a professional athlete. Every time he would get his career to a certain point, he would sustain an injury that put him out of business for a short time - just long enough to set his career off track. Using the journeying technique, he traced his problem back to elementary school. Chubby and shy, although quite intelligent, he allowed the other children to bully him, just so he would have friends. Although he's grown into a handsome, talented man, inside his 2nd chakra was a gaggle of children, reminding him that if he asserted himself, he would be ostracized. Rather than excelling in his sport, he was sabotaging his own career to childhood taunting! His answer to this dilemma was a classic example of creative humor: ousting the pack of children, painting the chakra tunnel bright orange, and hanging framed covers from Sports Illustrated (with his picture on them) all over the inside! As you can see from the above examples, these exercises can be of benefit to nearly everyone in their physical world "every day" lives. Results tend to be creative rather than the "pow-zap" kind of miraculous. Remember to take advice (symbolic or otherwise) with grace and a sense of humor. (You will take a bit of teasing - your power animal, while on your side, will still find some of the problems that beset you to be funny from their point of view! That does not stop them from doing their best for you!) When you have worked with each chakra in turn, a last step would be to make sure they are open and in balance with each other. The overall system should feel harmonious - not too much of any one center manifesting overall. Once you have a feel for the powers you have in action, you can adjust the size and vitality of each chakra, closing slightly on overactive ones, and opening and energizing the quieter ones. By all means, try using this technique when you are happy and welll, not just when you are in need of something. Every use of the chakra exercises strengthens your ties with the web of energy/life in the world/unit. Mother benefits, as much as we do, and all of Her spirits also. Balance and Blessings -=Satinka Istari 12/89


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