Shaman 101 - B The +quot;spirit body+quot; refers to that +quot;lightly physical+quot; bod

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Shaman 101 - B The "spirit body" refers to that "lightly physical" body made up of energy from your own energy system, especially your chakras. This is often called a "subtle" body, because although it is roughly similar to the physical body that we are familiar with, it is also influenced by the thoughts and energies of other people and beings of all kinds. This influence can manifest itself in many ways: physical feelings of joy or unease, actual physical illness, ahorrence of something new, or something triggers bad memories. It is the spirit body that recoils upon meeting someone you instinctively know is evil, or that causes your "skin to crawl" when you are in a place antethical to your being. Anger, fear and hostility can "color" your subtle body - the outside of which is your "aura" - and make it possible for someone with trained eyes to see your problems. Even more, this body can absorb influences and energies from other levels, and translate them to the physical plane - usually in the form of improving or lowering your physical condition. To learn to know and use your subtle body, your spirit body, is to become active in more than the everyday "real" world. It is your spirit body that journeys with your power animal, and has intercourse with the worlds and beings beyond this physical world. Here are two techniques for getting acquainted with your spirit body. At least ONE of them will work in some degree for you. Visioning: To see your spirit body, stand nude before a mirror in a darkened (but not totally dark) room. Focus your eyes on your reflection, and then gradually shift that focus about three feet behind your image. The slightly blurred reflection of your physical body may appear to be surrounded by a shell or egg of light. The actual image could vary largely from your actual physical image - the subtle body is shaped by thoughts and emotions. The outermost layer of this body may show many colors - this your aura, and at any given time it may extend from 1/2 inch to several feet in all directions from your body. Your spirit body usually extends only an inch or two outside the outlines of your physical body. Strands of power from your chakras blend into this subtle body at the different power sites. At this point, notice any murky or dark colors that don't seem right to you - especially around your chakras - and consciously lighten and brighten them up. Now, while you are still looking at your subtle body in the mirror, you can consciously make changes in it. You can make it smaller, larger, thinner, whatever suits you. Change your hair color or style if you like. This is the "you" that the other world sees when you journey. This is the "you" that is eventually reflected in the physical body. (A weight loss tip there, if you choose to follow it! - consistently making a change in your subtle body will eventually make in permanent, and it will reflect back on the physical body!). When you feel familiar with this new body, gradually shift your focus back to your actual reflection on the mirror's surface. Stamping a foot on the ground may be required to "ground" you sufficiently into the physical world. Do this exercise in SHORT increments (about 5-8 minutes to start with), so that you don't overload your 6th chakra and develop a whopping headache! Feeling: If you have no luck with the mirror technique, or cannot try it for some reason, there is another way to explore your spirit body. Lay on your bed or other surface, and relax. (The fewer clothes you wear, the easier this will be, although it's worked for everyone I know who has tried it.) Rub your physical hands together until the palms are quite warm. Now gently and slowly, hold them over any part of your body about a foot from the surface, palms down, and begin to lower them toward your body. At some point, you will feel a tingling or cooling sensation in your palms. Keeping that sensation in mind, slowly move your hands up and down along your body. You are feeling for the surface of your spirit body, and that sensation will be your key to where it is. With this technique, you need to be aware of changes in vibration rate or temperature. The areas over your chakras themselves should be the easiest to feel, with the feeling lessening slightly as you get further away. Once you are familiar with the boundaries of your spirit body, you can do the same "thought" exercises as above. Since blindly "thinking" something is less effective, try the following: From where you are laying, consciously move your spirit body about 3 feet ahead of you. You will be looking at it from the back, through your physical eyes. Now, using your hands, if you like, mold your spirit body as you wish. Notice any dark or murky places, and consciously will them to become lighter, more pleasant colors. Exercise your will on this subtle body as if you were creating a sculpture of the IDEAL you. When you have finished the process, gently bring your spirit body back to your physical body, and end your relaxation in your normal way. Again, do this in short increments at first. Too much effort or too long an exercise may give you a constricted feeling in the heart or solar plexis area. Now that you know about your subtle body, you will need to monitor it frequently. Try to be aware when a person or situation is stripping energy from you, and take steps to block that "vampirism" of your energy. If you know a situation could lead to an attack on your energies. This is where your power animal can be a big help. If you know a situation could lead to an attack on your energies, ask your power animal to guard you, and repel boarders! I would practice getting in touch with the subtle body for a week or two, or longer - until you are comfortable with it. Then, when you have some time and will be uninterrupted, you can begin to work with your chakras to open and balance them. Before you do begin, please be aware that in your work with your chakras you may open some "cans of worms" that will cause physical or emotional reactions. If you have someone you are close to who might be affected by this, you might try to prepare them by letting them know that you are trying to work through some old memories or problems. Because you have your power animal to guide and help you, you should have far less trauma in this housecleaning effort than if you tried to undertake it with a human helper! The following information about your chakras is meant as a review, not an all-encompassing discussion. It will enable you to put into practice RIGHT NOW the kind of control that will make you more effective in dealing with problems on all levels. If this area appeals to you, or you feel you need really deep work, you might consult a reputable person who deals in auric work for more information. Balance and Blessings -=Satinka Istari 12/89


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