Date: 02-26-89 08:21 To: All Subj: Poem EID:1029 42a0125a Shadow Hawk Deep in Shadow, hid

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Date: 02-26-89 08:21 From: Shadow Hawk To: All Subj: Poem EID:1029 42a0125a Shadow Hawk Deep in Shadow, hidden from sight, Wandering by, like a thief in the night. Slipping through cracks in Reality's wall, Flying alone through Chaos' Hall. Alone in the world, away from the Light, Except for the company of the Goddess of the Night. Deep is the Well of Humanity's Soul, And deeper still the place I must go. Hawk on the Wing, silent in flight, Hunter unseen, hidden by night. Lost in the Shadow, beyond mortal sight, Ascending beyond the Gods' lofty height. Wings of Fire carry me free, Far from this place I will be. Left behind the ones I knew, Fellow travellers there are but few. Chaos spins by unblinking eyes, Reality splits and reason flys, None can follow me in this Place, Lost to the world without a trace. Realities come and Realities fall, Yet onward I fly heeding the Unknown call. Farther and faster the message I heed, Flying alone, spurred on by need. None may go where Chaos hold court, But there my mind seems to cavort. Alone and silent I scream in the dark, While visions and sunbursts tear me apart. Realities flow with plastic speed, Angels and Demons from me do feed. The world whirls wildly around the Tree, But soon, I know, I will be free. --- QuickBBS v2.03 * Origin: Baker Street Irregular * Ft Walton Beach FL (1:366/222)


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