1523 North La Brea, Suite 274 Hollywood, California 90028 April 1, 1983 Dear Liv, Make a j

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1523 North La Brea, Suite 274 Hollywood, California 90028 April 1, 1983 Dear Liv, Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, like a prisoner being made free. That's the secret of getting stoned and playing rock 'n roll! I'm not thirsty, and nothing hurts. That's good news to a tired traveler at the end of a long, lonely, dusty road. That's your papa come back home. This is my house, and I'll live the way I wish to in it. Praise the Lord with the harp, the timbrel, and the dance. The older brother (who was angry that the Prodigal Son came home and did all these things) died. May God rest his merry old soul. Santa Claus is dead! Long live King Shiloh! I had looked to "The Twelve" (Ram Das, Tim Leary, and Chi- ranjiva among them) as counselors to help wage war wisely. The lack of communication between us is what turned the Haight- Ashbury days into a sour note. At the moment, I have many more counselors. I lost count after forty of them. They move around so much, like little kids, that it's difficult to make a tally. We will make Haight Street that much better when we all get together on it. It seems to me that we can put Haight Street right back to where it used to be in the Summer of Love, '67, and then ten times better on top of that, because of new concepts which they didn't know about then. A song says, "No one knows what it's like to be the sad man, the bad man, to be hated, to be fated to telling only lies." With the Spirit of God upon me, and the power to smash the na- tions with a rod of iron at my fingertips, (Wow!) nothing could be better than this - from whence cometh my delusions of gran- deur. I have nothing else to do but work to bring these delu- sions (or dreams) into visual reality, by tearing down this world and building my own world the way I wish it to be. The harder anyone fought to keep my dreams from coming true, the harder he will fall when it finally hits him that what I said was true - unless he repents, and doesn't act that way anymore. Everyone has sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, or has failed to do what was righteously called for at the moment; everyone has a blanket pardon redeemable only by accepting it from me. There have been times when I could have done something else other than what I did, as easily as not. In these instances we can have some cities where these things are done, and other cities where they are not done - to be replaced with something else, of course - in order that all concerned may be satisfied in one way or another. I'm at the bottom of the shaft in my mine, where it's hot and dirty, digging for all the gold I can get, and at the same time piling coals on the heads of my enemies in the boiler room of my spaceship where the smoke gets in one's eyes, and the stink is fierce! You must see my temple where no man can enter to cause me any trouble. The seven angels who pour their vials upon the earth may comfort the widows and the orphans by showing them how much better life is without their daddies around - and it will be better than that yet, if their daddies have died in Christ, as we will deliver them safety into Daddy's arms upon the resurrection. The first order, or law, of this hypnotic state, this king- dom over which I rule is: What I tell you is secret, shout it from the rooftops, in movies, songs, magazines, newspaper arti- cles, and on T.V. This is how the Champions Of The World will create a new fad to lead people into a new life style, like the hippies had - only better. I mean, if they see you doing it, they gotta like it - the same as you have carried this far, they will go the rest of the way with you, all the way to the end - which is the jumping-off place into something else. You can't see, and don't know what the world will be like when we reach that place, nor what we will be jumping into; that's when the elements will melt, for the new heavens and the new earth to be formed. We ourselves will do this, like technicians in a chemi- cal laboratory. When this happens, the small minds with limited imaginations will no longer be under our feet. They'll be in test tubes which you may examine, and their worms will not die. All I can tell you now is that we are a nation of giants; that is our spirit, which makes us unstoppable. The second order is: There will be no more acting shy or coy. If you girls wanna get fucked, you gotta let a guy know it. How else is he gonna help you? Of course, you must be careful not to commit adultery or fornication, as all adulterers and fornicators - along with thieves, liars, murderers, and the effeminate - will be cast into the lake of fire. We can do anything righteously, which your heart desires, if you ask me to help you with it. To do it unrighteously is what causes the state of hell in a person's life. Let this old master show you how to get fucked forever, with it getting better and better all the time - multiplied by itself. The way of the lowly hobo, or bum, is the easiest way to live that any man could choose for himself. The amount of time one spends doing anything classified as work is negligible, as is the time one spends caring for and feeding himself. And, given even a little bit of respect, one feels like a king. Also, this occupation leaves one with infinitely more time for dreaming, which is infinitely more pleasurable than doing anything else. After all, life is only how you feel about it, and as a man thinks so he is. The only way this could be any better is to live this way with lots of money, like Howard Hughes is reputed to have done. There's lots of things I could make more respect- able, if I had money to work with, if I were paid to be this way as head of my own church. I put this to you as a wish which has yet to solidify into physical reality. I also wish to hasten the day when I may share it with you, that you may know it and do it as I do. It's like marijuana and LSD; you can't possibly know what it's like until you try it, and every trip is different than any other. This differentness constitutes growth of the human condition. We have different levels of the human condition from the worst hell to the most sublime state of peace; we have dif- ferent levels, or ranks, of angels - cherubim, serephim, archan- gels, and other living creatures - to which men may ascend, and indeed, are prerequisites for proceeding upward into godhood which also has different levels, or different states of achieve- ment - such as the differences between Buddha, Socrates, Mo- hammed, and Jesus. Buddha was loved by his people, and died a natural death; both Socrates and Jesus were hated by their re- spective peoples; Mohammed was violent, and Jesus was nonviolent; but all (each) of them served a function of the will of God in the span of time they were allotted, and each is respected for it in his own way. Mohammed is lowest, or least, and Jesus is highest of the Sons of God. Each of us who participate in the First Resurrection will be equal to, and heirs with, Jesus, which station in life will empower us to do things unimaginable at the moment. But, as Rick Nelson said in one of his songs, if I were doing this for a worthless end, I'd rather drive a truck; that'd be living, moving, seeing different scenery, and meeting differ- ent people, with none of the hassles of performing. There's a lot of hassle connected with being a bum too. I like truck driving as a way of spending time, but being a bum is the only way I could experience the things so close to people's hearts as to tell them what they could do better; in other words, being on the bottom rung of the social ladder, beneath everyone else, is what put me on top of everything - as per Jesus's promise. This is seeking after the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and having everything added to me. If it were not so, then I'd rather drive a truck - which I might do anyway. I mean, there's worse things to do than driving you and your equipment around from place to place. All I need is $900, and a week to learn how to handle the big rigs. Then we could crisscross this country, up and down, back and forth, gently leading the fans (our people) into a higher mode of living heretofore unknown to them. This is one way of "taking the long way home." I hope this writing means more to you than meaningless dribble. To me, in my marijuana-crazed mind, it is very meaning- ful! All those in Chiranjiva's family are invited to share our joy on the trip to Hawaii. In the name of Jesus Christ, I remain your unworthy servant, Captain Shiloh Morgan (the most feared pirate on the seven seas. Ha-ha!) P.S. Copies of this go to the Foundation of Revelation, and to KROQ Radio, among others. P.P.S.: The experience of my life (related to you within these pages) is merely to give testimony of another example of how the stone which our builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone, as a servant is no greater than his master. P.P.P.S.: Here's a song you can sing: "On The Road Again!!" I come down off the freeway entrance ramp against the flow of traffic coming on, into the city to run around with my peo- ple all day, and collapse in a cockroach's hole for the night. We have survived for millions of years the very same way, and there's nothing that can stop us now. I wish for a Leo Woman, who's the other half of me! It hurts so much to be alone, but I'm masochistic enough to en- joy it, because I don't know any better - until somebody decides to teach me a lesson about something, and I must serve him by not doing that anymore until he leaves when I'll be free once again, by loving my enemies and giving up my life for the sake of my friends. Praise God! And more besides that! More wishes, and more women than I can count!


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