1523 North LaBrea, Suite #274 Los Angeles, California 90028 March 6, 1983 Dear Liv, I have

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1523 North LaBrea, Suite #274 Los Angeles, California 90028 March 6, 1983 Dear Liv, I haven't heard you do anything since I named you as one of the seven angels who shall pour their vials upon the earth (Rev. 15:8) and no man can enter the temple - until your tasks (songs) are completed, for the purpose of providing the proper example of how men should live when seven women pound on a man's door, begging shelter from my reproach, as in Isaiah 4:1. Do you want to play this game with me? If not, I could choose seven males. It would end up the same, but getting there wouldn't be as much fun. Little girls were the most fun people I knew (with whom I played sexual games for six months in Freder- icksburg, Virginia, 1941) when I was five years old, and my uncle owned a bakery, with lots of good things to eat - and no one ever caught us or gave us any trouble. I didn't know any boys, and everyone else was grown-up, whom I avoided as much as possible. In my sight, this is the best childhood anyone could ask for, to which it was my extreme delight (glorying in God) to return, as Jesus says, "Unless you become as a little child you shall not enter the kingdom of heaven." (Matt. 18:3) "Unless you return to your first work, or first love, I will come and take your candle- stick out of its place," (Rev. 2:5) and warned against burying one's talent in the ground. (Matt. 25:14 to 30) As it turns out the way I played with my eagerly willing little friends is how "they shall neither marry nor give in marriage." (Matt. 22:30) Remember this, there is no privacy in God. God IS privacy. No one knows it but us. Those who don't know the secret are enemies of God. Love them to death, by making their last days on earth as pleasant as possible. It won't be much longer, as God considers time. While you're doing that, I'll be giving them heartattacks. Your little "Heartattack" is nothing. You gotta get past that, and come into the nuclear reactor with me, leading your troops, as they can't make it without you. I'm the captain, and you're my first mate. You must decipher my way, digest it for them, and give it to them as an order to be carried out. Any disrespect, resistance, or mutiny will be cause for courtmartial. This is how a captain works with his crew. We are the Ship Of Eight. I make it a magical wish for us all to perform in this manner on T.V. If you wish to join me in this escapade, KROQ Radio (106.7 FM) is planning a trip to Hawaii, leaving June 29th, 30th. Call (213) 655-2021 to make arrangements for yourself and whomever you wish to go. This is the best non-professional manner we can meet, as I'm far from having an act ready for the stage, and I'm unable to see another way for me to join the rock 'n roll commu- nity where I belong. The Tamborine Man will play a song for you; Bo Jangles will dance for you; the Gambler will exhibit a new poker game no one has ever seen before; the "man with the Bible in his hand" will do his thing, and your papa (the original rolling stone, who died and left you alone) will show you what all this trouble has been about, and I do believe that you will agree that the prize is worth the effort, time, and trouble. All this happens on the flight to Hawaii. Come one! Come all! The more the merrier! The toll, or admission price, into the kingdom of heaven is 10% tithe of your income. Pay up or die! This is an offer you can't refuse, as Styx requested. I'm sorry it has taken this old fool as long to get it all together. I don't really mean to apologize for anything. It's just difficult to be humble when one feels so great. I want to let it all go in explosive release, but I must restrain myself for the sake of my friends, as well as my enemies - whom we must also love. For all players: make your own music for my landing field, and I'll come in on ya. In the name of Jesus Christ, I remain your unworthy servant, Shiloh P.S.: I found out Dusty is married, so she's not one of us. Janis Ian could be her replacement, or Missy Manchester, etc. The angel to pour that vial could be chosen by popular vote of the fans, as Queen of the Also-rans. P.P.S. copies of this to Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Chicago, Linda Ronstadt, among others.


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