2/25/83 Freeze Disease: Alley-oop! Up and over we go! My words, my purpose in writing to y

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2/25/83 Freeze Disease: Alley-oop! Up and over we go! My words, my purpose in writing to you, are to ask you how does one generate interest, sense of duty, care, concern, commitment, faith, and positive action? Lack of this knowledge is what makes the fool on the hill a fool. Advertising and financial people have it down pat, by which they are able to control the masses, also politi- cians, priests, and pastors. I care nothing for their products, and know nothing of their methods or motivations. I wish you to make a public service announcement stating a draft call for single men, regardless of age, who are able to leave home, to sign on as crew members of my ship, Mother Earth; space cadets to fly her through the universe. 144,000 - 12,000 from each tribe, and only I recognize who they are. God can begin with 24,000 jews (2 tribes of Benjamin and Judah). God names these as recognizable tribes. The rest must be sorted out according their displacement and purpose. That's why they are the Ten Lost Tribes. {This empty restaurant is 2680 Olympic Blvd., the Tokyo Club} It's okay to smoke pot where "they" can't see you, but it's not okay to play with a little girl where they can't see you. They raise the roof, and the shit hits the fan, everytime they find out about it. They act the same way about so many things, that the only way I can find peace is by doing nothing, die, and not be here. That's the easiest thing for a schizophrenic to do, and after Alfred E. Newman died a thousand deaths, the accrued experience made each one better and easier, beginning with placing (his) my foot under a city bus wheel, and getting a broken nose from a karate kick, both in San Francisco. I wish someone to sing a song saying, "Babylon has fallen," and someone else to sing, "Come out of her, my people, that you take no part in her sins, nor receive of her plagues. Give unto her double the portion she gave unto you, etc." (Revelation 18:1 to 8) Alfred E. NEwman gave his pearls to swine, because he didn't recognize them as such; they like the same things he does. But there's a lot of difference between (why did teacher say to not use between in reference to difference?) a dirty pig, and a dirty white boy, runaway, Superfly. The miracle which happened to save the world from the destruction it brings upon itself, is that Alfred E. Newman talks to no one who doesn't care to sign on as a crew member, except business associates, and the other customers do not stand in (his) my way, and the pigs do not recognize (him) me as an "easy mark." This is a mountain rising out of the sea; the waters flow downward in all directions, and people lose their footing causing surprise, shock, fear, anger, hatred, and violence. Al comes between the sheep and the goats; leave them (the goats) in the outer Gentiles' Court. By their works shall you know them. Alfred E. Newman has decided that he likes the nicknames "The Big A," or "Big Al." Captain Shiloh Morgan is not willing to relinquish control of his ship, and I do believe that you are about to be treated to a free performance, something on the order of the Three Faces of Eve. "A" has over a hundred known personalities, and keeps finding new ones every now and then, like the expanding universe. Each per- sonality is for a different girl, what she likes the best, in her own household. They are (our) my groupies. Each one is responsible for maintaining an atmosphere which my maker and my husband, Jesus, will appreciate when I bring him round. I have no thought of the punish- ment for failure to do so, but I can assure you that it will be appro- priate. Praise God! I can't get my mail until the 3rd of March, when I get my check and can buy another key for my P.O. box. Praise God in all things. I wish to hear our music wherever I go - over P.A. systems in restaurants, stores and shops, banks, Post Offices, office buildings, buses, and loudspeakers on the street corners. We must begin to organize this boat we're all in, and find out who's for us or against us. I know only the problems I've observed. How may I serve you? Let me wash your feet in an intimate ritual of caring touch, and I wish you to tell me what you see that needs changing, what concerns you the most. I ask you to please help me isolate the individual problems and the separate holy teaching for each one in the various walks of life covered by Jesus, Socrates, Don Juan, Moses, Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed, etc. I've done the best I can alone, with my meager knowledge, but I fear that I'm hung up with overlapping pieces in some areas, causing empty spaces in other areas. I wish for many counselors to help me straighten things out - make straight the way of the Lord - that we might have an orderly reception planned for his return - like a parade, with the people standing on the side watching the marching glory of God which is continually more outrageous, mind- blowing, (funny, nonsensical, silly) exciting, thrilling, adventurous, etc., than it has been. It's this good with all doors closed to me. I can't get anywhere or anything together with anybody, and any at- tempt to do so is like spinning my wheels in the mud - all to no avail. Just imagine how good it will be when these closed doors open, when I can go where I wish, see who and what I wish, get what I wish, and do what I wish - with no refusal ever again. Then this little child, crazy old man, and fearless outlaw, will be functioning per- fectly according to the will of God as it is vested in me; this situa- tion or condition is the jumping-off place, when we will leave the earth behind to stew in its own mess for 3 1/2 years. I wish the Lord to send laborers to reap the harvest. We can have 12 families, or communes, expanding into 12 cities, and countries or tribes, each one with its own purpose and abilities, different than the others, like so: I wish to refute the lie Satan spread about how boring it is to sing praises all day to God in heaven, which leads people to turn from this way. James Taylor sang, "How much longer can it go on getting stronger everyday?" There is no end of knowledge when you have eter- nal life. My people die for lack of knowledge (Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, Elvis Presley, and Buffy, among the most notable). Knowledge makes you strong, and truth makes you free. There is no other way to live. I'm selling eternal life insurance, and the price is 10% of your income. Without it you will die, and I feel that this better than "charging by the hour." I wish you to have it whatever way you will; paying a 10% tithe to your priest of God, paying a 10% rakeoff to the godfather (Queen of the Underground) paying 10% to your life insurance salesman, or paying 10% to your landlord as rent on the space you inhabit, as I have inherited Jesus Christ's possessions, and it only remains for me to assume control of them. This will take 12 armies, each one attacking a different objective to harmoniously co- incide with what the others are doing. I stop this by reason of no more paper. Please continue on with the following ramblings. Words fail to express my love.


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