1523 N. LaBrea, Suite #274 Hollywood, Calif. 90028 2/23/83 To everybody, through Sam: I wa

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1523 N. LaBrea, Suite #274 Hollywood, Calif. 90028 2/23/83 To everybody, through Sam: I was in prison from Nov. 17, 1973 to May 10, 1977. During that time Olivia Newton-John sang a song in an album, "Is there anyone out there who can let his light shine?" So, I wrote to her every thought I had in my head. According to the reports in fan magazines, People magazine, etc., she's been doing what I told her. After I wrote she sang "Making a good thing better." Then she sang a song asking, "How are we going to meet?" I replied, "Don't worry about it, just do your business; fulfill your obligations, and we'll meet somehow in the course of things," or something to that effect. Then someone sang a song, "You made the wine, now drink the cup!" In my attempts to graduate from the audience to the stage, I'm beginning to understand the cup. I went to her concert near Phoenix, Oct. 15th, where I couldn't talk to the road crew, and I couldn't reach her backstage, so I have to go another way. When I got out of prison, in '77, I went to Bob Dylan's house (out past Malibu) and his security guards told me to leave. Then Bob sang a song about the hard time he was having, so I wrote and said, "What do you expect? You weren't very nice to me when I dropped by to see you." Then Bob changed to be a Christian. The Rolling Stones sang about their emotional ups and downs, so I told them that they've been very rowdy boys in the past few years, that they should clean up their act with righteousness. Then they sang, "Rock 'n Roll Salvation," and something about running through a lot of red lights, saying, "Thank you, Jesus," at each one. When Chicago's lead singer ac- cidentally shot himself I wrote to his widow, "Don't weep or mourn. He's waiting for us at the end of the tunnel." Then I told her how to enjoy sex without committing fornication or adultery, and suggested that she allow her child to join in the fun. Not long after, Chicago came back singing, "I'm alive again." I wrote to Andrea True when she sang "Lights! Camera! Action! How do you like your love?" I told her how I wanted her to seduce a couple 7 or 8 year old boys on the screen.* I wrote to at least 200 bands and singers about one thing or another, trying to answer their questions, give them the help and advice they needed to see them through hard times, and let them see a better way for all of this to turn __________________ [* Rod Stewart came out singing, "You're every school boy's dream," which I naturally took to be a group response to what I told Andrea.] out. In September or October, 1977, I obtained a ticket to the Midnight Special, and went to the NBC studios in Burbank (during the RTD strike. I walked all night long, just to be there the next morning) on the appointed taping day. I talked to Wolfman Jack about 2 minutes. He placed me in a certain spot, and when he came on camera for an announcement, I was standing behind his left shoulder, smiling stupidly into the lens, then he disappeared and I didn't see him again. In the show, a band played something about, "Give it to me, baby!" A nice, young, well-built girl jumped upon the stage, dancing, throwing her pussy into the drummer's face, etc., but they ignored her and kept on playing. At the end of the song, someone said, "Okay, take it from the top," and they taped it over - without the girl. When Maxine Nightengale came on and sang, "Take my hand, and lead me on," I jumped onto the stage and took her hand - Let's go! She stopped singing and looked around at the band, and they quit playing. The security guards took me off the stage, shoved me out the door, and said, "Don't come back!" They didn't take it again from the top for me, and I'd sure like to find out why. I shook the dust of that house off my feet, and when I got back home that day I wrote to Wolfman Jack, told him what happened, and advised him to leave a sinking ship before he went down with it. Some time later, the Midnight Special went off the air, but a few months ago I heard Wolfman Jack making an announce- ment on some radio station, and I was glad to hear that he's still working, because it means that he followed my advice, and wasn't hurt by anything that happened, at least, that's what I see in my head, which has nothing to do with reality, like thinking I had a date with Dusty. If I had this information of how much influence my past action has had, I could better judge what my future action should be. I have been living in an abandoned Korean restaurant (The Octopus's Garden, in my head) east of Vermont on Olympic Blvd, L.A., which has a nightclub in the back. I made love to a three year old chicano girl, and her two brothers aged 8 and 12, when they wandered into the place while exploring. This gentle pedophile made them feel at home, but did not allow them to control our relationship. No one can rule the Boss! If I had accepted the first joint offered to me, in 1957, we all would have been further along then we are now, but I had to suffer ten more years before I accepted the truth and discovered the reality of marijuana during the Summer of Love, '67. This is how all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, except our brother, Jesus, who showed us how to stop falling short, to assume the res- ponsibilities and benefits of sunship and godhood. All who repent are forgiven and saved from the ferocious, raging forces in the world. Those who refuse don't want to see me anymore, and they are glad to see me leave. Now, I'm ten years ahead of everyone else, waiting for you to catch up, then we can all live together, and I won't be alone anymore. The better I feel the better you will feel, as we climb upward, because what one suffers we all suffer, and this fact cannot be avoided or ignored. We're all in the same boat, which is going nowhere at the moment, because I can find no crew members to help me raise the sails and move on. I can move the rudder back and forth all day long, but without forward movement, it won't change anything. A song says, "Your wish is my command!" I wish for at least two men to sit with me on the board of directors of The House Of The Lord, a non- profit organization, so I can get donations, and fulfill the Bible prophecy which says, "I was glad when they said unto me, 'Let us go unto the house of the Lord'." I wish for twelve directors, apostles, gatekeepers, generals, godfathers, councelors, or chiefs - but two will start it off. I wish to open the Octopus's Garden, serving wine, milk, honey, coffee, beer, tobacco, and marijuana, without cost or price (like a mission soup line) and perform upon my own stage before an audience in my own nightclub. I wish for anyone who doesn't like it to be thrown out. I wish to have a stereo system in the restaurant/ nightclub tuned to KROQ, to be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, 100 years a century, ten centuries a millenium. I wish to have bullet proof glass picture windows, and bank-vault-strong doors installed in the place for when "they shall wish to enter and not be able." I wish KROQ to move into this place with me, and broadcast from the restaurant. Take your pick of which rooms you want for the operation. You can pay me half the rent you are paying now, so I can live better than I do now, and give the other half of the rent to the employees as a raise in pay. I wish to have a titanium Harley-Davidson motorcycle, 1200 c.c.; solid frame, engine block, pistons, rings, crankshaft, brake shoes, rims, etc., all made of titanium - every metal part. I wish for a propeller in back, like an air boat, and a folding gyro-rotor overhead, on the order of what I told Olivia Newton-John about. I wish for an AM/FM/CB radio, with an amplifier so I can sing and play into the same speakers, along with the radio on at the same time. I wish for a spotlight, like the police helicopters have. I wish to broadcast from that seat - 10,000 feet in the air! I wish for 144,000 Champions, and saints clothed in white, to follow this Lamb of God wherever I go. I wish to make America free, from the Artic Ocean to the Strait of Magellan - with no border lines! I wish you to tell Dusty that she's the only split-tail who ever curtsied to me, that we are the Court Of The King And Queen Of Heaven And Earth, Champions Of The World, and Dust In The Wind. I'm the "queen" with the crown of 12 stars, mentioned in Revelation, chapter 12. Jesus fathered my child who is now in heaven where nothing can harm him in any way, shape, or form, while the flood of evil Satan cast out of his mouth to drown me is swallowed up by the earth - which is my peace in God. I wish you to meet both my maker (my husband) and my child. I have nothing to do, and no reason to be here until March 3rd, as I promised those kids (I made love to) a party when my next check comes. I have enough dope for a handful of joints, and enough tobacco to last at least a week, so I'm going out on the freeway to see who will pick me up. Praise the Lord for my acquired mobility, and my natural desire for it. Two hours after dark on the freeway: it's cold, lonely, and unfriendly. I bore it for awhile, but (having had nothing to eat all day) I decided to dine at Colonel Sander's Kentucky Fried Chicken garbage bin. Now I'm in the laundromat, just down the street from Colonel Sander's - way in the back, where I got stoned, and sang some songs for three chicano warriors. When I finished they clapped, and I bowed to them, as if I were on stage. Now I shall return to the restaurant, relax, and allow my dinner to digest. The energy used in digestion makes one sleepy. It's better to go hungry, if you can bear it. Perhaps, in this letter you can see how I labor to lessen the confusion inherent in mankind (which is brought out by smoking marijuana) and thereby causing more confusion in the process. No one wants to know the Fool On The Hill. (Alfred E. Newman says, "What, me worry?") This is why I can't work, and I collect $440 a month total disability on Social Security, like they're paying me to stay off the job. It's sort of nice, except starvation wages make everything cost too much. This is part of what I wish the Champions to help me change. Let the low become high, and the high become low - on their knees calling Jesus, Lord, and begging for their lives! 2/13/83 Today's another day, and I changed my mind about getting out on the freeway. I'm lazy, and I don't want to carry my cross all that way. I like tripping out in MacArthur Park, and doing business with the establishments who know me, also I now feel that I should be at the restaurant waiting for anyone who wants to see me. You can spread the word: the Little Runaway has stopped running; God willing. Sam, I ask for your help in promoting a rock concert where I can go backstage and meet the stars that I might join the Rock 'n Roll Community as the chaplin of Rock 'n Roll. I wish you to help me tie up Satan's angels, that we might rid the world of this menace. They get mad when I'm having fun doing my thing. Every corner where people hang out has at least one in the group, leading people astray. All aboard! This love train keeps on moving! You are the station where people get on, but not the only one. You are the only station that has this close personal relationship with me, but there are other stations who work magic with me - KJLH, KDAY and Magic 106, to name a few. Song: "How can we go on together after we've grown apart?" We separated that we might have room to grow, and fill up the spaces between us. This is how Our Father chastises his sons and prunes us that we may bear more fruit. Woe unto those who made us part when we're together again. Woe unto the world for making the righteous poor, and helpless, go hungry and thirsty. Praise the Lord for giving me what no man can give me nor take away from me; that's me inside my spaceship, my temple where no man can enter until the seven angels have poured their vials upon the earth. Dusty won't be one of them, so I wish to move the whole thing down a notch, and see who comes up in her place. Song: "First you want my body, then you want my soul. I'll do anything you want, but I can't go for that!" Everybody draws the line somewhere on what they'll do or won't do. I can't get anything done, and everything stays the same as it always has been. I wish to break this impasse, dammit! Let's move! I'm broke, lazy, and my radio battery is dead. God only knows when I'll have enough money to get an other battery and listen to you some more. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I remain your unworthy servant, Captain Shiloh Morgan P.S.;I keep yelling, "The more the merrier! All in free!" and no one comes. That's what makes my tears fall from the sky, creating the Sea of Love in which I swim with the porpoises and the whales, in the Octopus's Garden at the bottom of the sea, where the beast (who shall rule the earth) is my pet, and he won't hurt me (**) and the influence of mankind's foolishness is not felt. You don't have the slightest idea of what it's like to live by loving your enemies, because you haven't ever done it. That's why meeting me is such a mind-blowing experience, and I get kicked out everywhere I go, laughed at, pushed around, beaten up, and ripped-off by everyone who knows me to be an easy mark, and jailed by man-made laws in a wicked world. When we have been able to stop these same things from happening to the other "easy marks" like me, the weather and all of Mother Nature will be vastly improved to the point that the lion and the lamb shall lie down together, the wolf, the bear, the doe, the ox, the racoon, the squirrel, the chipmunk, the mouse, the elephant, and the cat shall all live together - each respecting one another's space. Need I say more? How else may I serve you? It is my wish, and my prayer, that this letter should bring you running to accomplish the mission which I've set forth within these nine pages. Thank you, Father, for your attention to me that my friends come to know you as I do, which I say for the same reason Jesus prayed publicly, to advertize your presence. I wish the Lord to send laborers to reap this great harvest. How do you like my delusions? of grandeur and persecution? I immensely enjoy bouncing from one side to the other, like in ping-pong or tennis - much more active than chess, but not as rough as football. My delusions of grandeur are visions of a better day; what we can expect when there's no one around to bother us. People get mad when they don't wish to waste their time thinking this way, whence cometh the persecution. I make them angry, and I don't fight back, because Jesus says not to. I feel like James Bond, getting shot by spies! How else may I serve you? What more could I do to my garden? How do I reach you and obtain the co-operation I need to bring all of my visions into visible reality? I can do nothing of myself alone. I need the Body of Christ to move as a co-ordinated unit, with me as the head. This task of re- creating our earthly environment, and pre- paring for the rapture, is the experience we need to reach the stars and join the Universal Club of Gods, each one on his own world. Jesus Christ: I won't give you your pay until you get out beyond the moon. Shiloh: It's a deal! Signed, sealed, and delivered with a kiss! And, the little runaway child finally found a home with people who want her to stay where she is.


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