1523 No. La Brea, Suite #274 L.A., Ca. 90028 2/21/83 Sam, and the rest of you folks: I hav

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1523 No. La Brea, Suite #274 L.A., Ca. 90028 2/21/83 Sam, and the rest of you folks: I have no idea whatsoever what your response to my recent letter has been. I've had people greet me the way you have done, and everything seems to be genuinely off on the right track, until something comes up that they didn't bargain for, and they ain't gonna go for it. I'm sorry, but I do, I have, I will, and I ain't gonna stop - no matter who doesn't like it, unless agreement is made otherwise. The Word of God speaks: you must hear me, and perform according to my direction, or you do not live in my world, and you will be left behind at the rapture, to be transformed in death (sort of like walking the plank) and I'll see you later at the resurrection - as if you have just been re- leased from prison, and you'll see how the world has changed without your help - which is to your loss, though you be saved by the blood of Christ. All have sinned and fallen short. Your problem is that you don't have faith, hope, or love enough to believe that God would bring you out on the winning side in an encounter with your enemy, whoever he might be. If you won't fight the evil, you are not a peacemaker; you are not a Son of God; you won't be in the rapture, and you will stay here with the other hypocrites who will be changed in death when Satan is turned loose - generally speaking, I don't wish to threaten you. I seek not what I shall eat, drink, or wear, but the kingdom of God and his righteousness above all things, as Jesus commands. I sought to change sexual mores (and the whole fabric of society thereby) which has been accomplished, by the grace of God. This belongs to me, but I still lack that for which I haven't sought, namely, material blessings according to God's riches in glory. Where is the house, the temple, you would build for me, where I need go no more out? Where is the tithe of ten per cent of your income to the God of heaven and earth, and the Lord of your life? They could leave as quickly and easily as they came, and you would be left with nothing to live for, which makes people want to commit suicide. That's death and hell! Here's an offer you can't refuse, as Styx requested: Pay me, or die! I've been kind of out of it since my friend said I had to leave, and I can't listen to his radio anymore. I only came close enough to lay this on 'ya. Now, I'll go back into space where there is no trouble anywhere, down is up, and nothing matters anymore. I'm my own child. I gave birth to myself, after a 15-year pregnancy. What do you profit if you gain the whole world and lose your soul? As I sit in Jesus's throne in heaven, and Satan's throne on earth, I can show you how to gain the whole world without losing your soul. It must be done as I say, because if I don't do it, it won't get done. (That's what the Flower Children and the hippies refused to believe, and they got nowhere.) (A song says, "Don't let the past remind us of what we are not now." Please excuse this old fool of his indiscretion.) Now, your mama (the queen bee) and your papa (the rolling stone who died and left you alone) has come back to take you home. That's the rapture. Hell will be stripped of every desirable thing promised by Satan, which those ruled by him do not deserve, and what they fear shall come upon them - like an overwhelming tidal wave. That's how I come like a thief in the night, and steal in the name of the Lord; that's also taking the "long way home," getting whatever anyone knows about before we leave. We can take our time. There's no hurry. Our presence on earth is keeping a lid on things. When we take away our love, the pressure will be released, and Satan will be able to rise out of the sea to rule the earth from the seat I vacate. Satan makes a distorted copy of God, which gives us a bad name, causing the Christian hypocrites to call us evil. I wish to leave them behind to die at Satan's hands, and to be resurrected - men only, nine years old and up. I wish to rescue the women and children, boys to age eight, and comfort them in their loss - James 1:27. Fight without losing, not by power or by might, but by the Spirit of God "as she walks upon the earth." A song says something about, "Your reason for leaving is the same as for living." I don't know the answer to that question. If I can't do what I wish in a person's presence, no one else can either, and that's no way for men to live on earth. My God-given right to live says that no man has a right to stand in the way of my (our) happiness, and all those who attempt to do so must fall back in awe, shock, fear, death, etc., that we may proceed unhindered upon the exalted (lifted up) highway of the gods, where no violent man nor beast will be. The place I go to is always better than the place and the problems I left behind, so that I almost feel guilty when I'm not moving somewhere, or trying hard enough to make people uncomfortable enough to know what their imperfec- tion is, and repent of that - die - give it up, so they may live forever as part of the expanding, creative force of the universe. The experience we (as overcomers and Champions Of The World) gain from making peace, as God's chil- dren should, will serve us well when we each have our own worlds. If the world ain't right without me, then I wish for Gino Vanelli (or somebody) to make me a part of what you are, then I can be on earth easier, happier, and a lot more fun than present- ly. The Desperado carries the world on his shoul- ders, as his cross. Carrying it alone is what makes life a hardship on everybody - high taxes, inflation, crime, pollution, disease, wars, pover- ty, extremes in the weather, earthquakes, acci- dents, etc. I wish to know what is preventing the rock 'n rollers from helping me out. "Stop drag- ging my heart around," Stevie sings, "You need someone to take care of you." Granted! I wish for someone to do just that. I wish to fly on two wings of an eagle to a place prepared for me in the desert for 3 1/2 years, as according to Rev. chapter 12. During 1974 to 1976, someone sang a song asking, "How many cigarettes should I bring?" As things stand now, four packs a day for 3 1/2 years - 1295 days - 103,600 cigarettes. In the name of Jesus Christ, I remain your unworthy servant, Captain Shiloh Morgan, (most feared pirate on the seven seas) Ha-ha! and Alfred E. Newman who doesn't know enough not to believe that his dreams can come true.


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