981 South Arapahoe Street Los Angeles, California 90006 9 Jun 81 Dear KROQ: Jesus says, +q

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981 South Arapahoe Street Los Angeles, California 90006 9 Jun 81 Dear KROQ: Jesus says, "Greater love hath no man than that he give up his life for his friends." Whatever part of my life you cannot bear do I give up, to the end that we may live together. By this, do I seek to be the greatest among you, by being your servant. A song says, "Give romance a chance." I'm willing to, but I don't know how. A monkey, isolated during his formative years, would make inappropriate motions toward the female of his kind. That's what's wrong with me. I don't know how to make out with a chick. I need your help to do this; I need someone to show me how, and I'll do it that way; I need a chick who'll hang in there, and not give up on me, until I learn how. Marie Osmond is the object of my intentions, that we may spend the night in the pyramid in Egypt. Those who have not used LSD will be shocked into immobility by the power of the glory of God, while those who HAVE taken LSD will be able to move freely, being changed by the experience of expanded consciousness, and because of the discipline required to not go off the deep end in the hellfire and damnation of their self-judgment. By this are we made free indeed, because of the Son, Jesus Christ, who made truth known to us. We (the long-haired, rock 'n roll freaks) not being able to live easily in the world, being not of the world...are the Ten Lost Tribes Of Israel, which were dispersed among all the nations of the world...and must be gathered therefrom. The nations of the world shall carry our brothers on their sholders, and bring them to us...this being the only way the nations can get rid of the blight we bring. The jews (comprised of Judah and Benjamin) complete the family of God...the seed of Abraham...which is dispised by the world. The servants of God (the born-again Christians, who decry the use of drugs) will come into our house- hold...to serve us Children of God...after 3 1/2 years of being persecuted by Satan and his crowd. This is that which ever shall be. Praise the Lord in all things. Yours in Christ, Monkeyman Shiloh P.S.: A chick sings, "Talk dirty to me." I want to play with your pussy...cunt...twat, and suck on your tits, while you jack me off, and suck my cock if you want to. And, I want to show an innocent little boy the facts of life upon your body, so he can play with little girls the same way. We can take pictures, movies, and T.V. tapes of our activities, so as to spread the gospel of God's love to his people. This is the peak of my fantacies, and I'm on top of the world tonite. Praise God for the outlet of my expression. It's been very difficult to keep it inside me all these years, and I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to let it all go. P.P.S.: I need money, to get what I want done; I need those who believe in me to tithe 10% of their income to me, in confidence that the glory of God will be served by their contributions. Praise the Lord for what he has given me to do. Praise the LORD in song and dance; praise me, Lord of the earth; praise Jesus, Lord of the universe; praise God the Father, Lord of all the Sons of God; praise the Holy Ghost, Lord of our knowledge and of the spirit within us.


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