Apr., 13 Dear friend; I believe your words that we can change the world. It distresses me

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Apr., 13 Dear friend; I believe your words that we can change the world. It distresses me greatly to call any man, Father, because Jesus says to call no man, Father, except our Father in heaven. What can we do to have the Pope declare that priests should be called, Brothers, or something like that? There are many such changes the Catholic Church should undergo, to improve the flow of God's blessings to his people. These things I say, not for promise of reward, but for promise of failure, if I don't do it, as I have the testimony of Jonah, except that I was in the belly of hell for three months, not three days. This was the result of a bum trip on LSD, which it took three months for the blood of Jesus to pull me out of; this is when I got crazy, and tried to touch the sun, as sung by John Denver, in Rocky Moun- tain High. This is the son who said he wouldn't go to work in the fields, because I knew that nobody would believe me, like they do Billy Graham, or somebody. "Let somebody else do it," I said. But God wouldn't let me alone, and he wouldn't let me die, so I gotta do this, if I want to be happy, and I got nothing to lose, which makes me free. My life doesn't depend upon the abundance of my posses- sions; it depends what I don't have yet, which is my hope of heaven, which is so close I can taste it. I was a Catholic for ten years, but it got so that following the Pope was limiting my growth, and I had to go off on my own, and find God for myself. That's what made Martin Luther nail his proclamation to the church door. Get in line with the Flow of Change, and you will feel the Flow of the Love Of God forever and ever. I can't describe the horror inflicted upon anyone who rejects my offer, and I'm sure you wouldn't want me to. Please pray for me. God bless you. Yours in Christ, Shiloh.


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