The Foundation of Revelation 59 Scott Street San Francisco, California 94114 To all angels

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The Foundation of Revelation 59 Scott Street San Francisco, California 94114 To all angels in the Foundation of Revelation: The king is dead. Long live the king. The Lord greatly desires your beauty. Submit to me, and you shall see things which you haven't ever imagined. God willing, we shall turn the world around in it's tracks, and go from the fear, greed, hatred, and violence we have to day to righteousness, peace, joy, and love, in the kingdom of God. Send me seven angels to live with me, and learn how I serving me, like honey bees around their queen, and pass this knowledge onto those who need it the most, to raise them up first to the dismay and horror of those in opposition to whatever has happened. Seven angels, preferably female, but this is not necessary. If it would be better for you, send three males and four females. I live by three methods of creation, and no one knows about it but me. You must live in the fires of hell, with me. When you have accepted, and have adjusted to, the extremes of pressure and emotion, then you will have no need to escape such a lovely warmth. I make peace and create evil, which requires that a third creation be made, to balance out any injustice. "I'm sorry," is the third creation, which is differ- ent with every man, when he says that to me. I imagine that there are at least three hundred million Americans who have yet to say it. So shall you rejoice over every sinner who repents. When I have what I want, and I feel like mating, I will make a wedding flight, and we will go like a swarm, causing more fear than Steve Gaston did. You might have to use your stingers, but you won't lose them like a honey bee does. It'll be a good day when the unrepentant sinners learn to be shy of us, and stand back when we come through their terri- tory, town, city, etc. Love 'ya. Shiloh 10th of April 15th year of Siva Kalpa Dear brother Chuck, Thanks for your letter to Father. I don't know you or about you so it is not easy for me to write to you to tell you that Father passed over to the supreme abode on March 22nd. To continue my reply at great length has no real purpose, therefore, until you have had an instant to medi- tate about this. Please keep your future corre- spondence as brief and to the point as possible because we are all very busy now manifesting the changes that we have been inspired to make in all our actions. Your writing aptitude deserves a willing ear. I might suggest to you that hundreds of incarcerated men and women would love to receive what you are writing. To write to a prisoner brings fulfillment to a true Christian. Try this and you will understand what I mean. Besides your letters will get passed around more, and you will be more likely to receive a reply. Bom Shankar Bholenath with my blessings and regards. Harvey Rose c/o Foundation of Revelation 59 Scott Street San Francisco, Ca., 94114


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