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 SECRETS OF THE GERMAN SEX MAGICIANS [A PRACTICAL HANDBOOK FOR MEN AND WOMEN] (Llewellyn 1991) American society today needs to examine what will benefit it more whether it be authoritarian politically correct behavior in line with one repressed group or the basic instinct of mankind to fulfil it's curiosity by exploring into non-mainstream areas. Frater U.'. D.'. has undertaken a project into a non-mainstream area with this book. Until the last few years few writers have dared to enter this topic without hedging on either their presentation or failing to give the reader instruction on ways to implement these practices. As an O.T.O. member I have been lucky to receive insight and explanation on Crowley and his works. However those who aren't members of such an organization may not realize the importance of sex magick in ritual. Most Wiccans I know, claim Great Rite is sufficient for their purposes, quite possibly for them it may well be, but for those of us who practice high magick understand more fully the complexity of the subconscious mind, which requires the reduction of thinking to a single thought in order to succeed in the goal set upon. Sex magick is one vehicle to accomplish the culmination of such a working. I appreciate the depth the author drew upon in composing this compilation and applaud the precision in which it was presented. I would also like to point out the fair manner chosen to inspire women as well as men to adopt these practices. The author handled the areas of autoeroticism and homosexuality as a enlightened person should do without inducing moral stigma or prejudicial attack. In summation the book was well written and properly gave credit of source material. This allows a reader to further explore this area and find the foundations, the early pioneers used to expand and expose during the early years of Western occult development. Application of the exercises contained in this volume would increase a person's awareness of themselves and others, while increasing their knowledge into sexual practices engaged in which they lack either experience or information on. Sincerely, Frater Hagios, Campmaster Hooded Man Encampment P.O. Box 2505 Montclair, Ca 91763-1005


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