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PAGE 19 - NEWS OF THE WORLD - SUNDAY, JULY 22, 1990 EXPOSED: THE WICKED WITCH FROM POLICE HQ NEWS of the WORLD INVESTIGATES by DEBORAH SHERWOOD POLICE secretary Rosemary Barrett is leading a kinky double life as a black magic sex witch. And the shapely civilian who handles confidential documents for senior officers admits: "I know it could leave me open to blackmail." Rosemary, 38, takes part in bizarre bondage sessions and is a member of the devil-worshipping Temple of Set. She confessed that she even took a week off work from the police intelligence unit at Lewes, Sussex, to indulge her depraved cravings. She went to a lonely farm near Aberdeen with a man she hoped would teach her the rituals of *another* sect called the Society of the Dark Lily. Rosemary explained: I thought I'd learn magic and rituals. But the day after we arrived he told me to go to the barn with him. I'd had a few drinks and was feeling nice. We went in and he padlocked the door behind us. I wasn't frightened. I just thought: "If he does me in, he does me in." Then slowly he took my clothes off and talked about how much he liked to be whipped. He asked if I liked it too. I told him I did. Then he tied me naked to a ladder and asked: "What do you want to be whipped with? And how many strokes are you going to have?" There was a riding whip, a school cane and a horsewhip. I asked for the cane of the horsewhip. I called him master during all this. It hurt but I liked it. It was the best part. Rosemary said the man then had sex with her and performed a vile act. Nearly every day during that week in February he left her tied to the ladder for an hour. "I thought he was getting me ready for a coven," she said. "He even got me to strip off outside in the snow." During other sick sex sessions, Rosemary allowed herself to be handcuffed and beaten. She added: "I was a bit upset we didn't have any magic rituals." Rosemary had been introduced to bondage by a earlier lover, she said her favourite whip is an old home-made feather duster. "I can't get enough of the pain," she admits. "It was very uncomfortable when I had to sit down at work, but I enjoyed trying. "I'd like to go out for a thrash at lunchtimes. ORGIES "I work for a very nice detective inspector, but he knows nothing about all of this. "I do handle confidential documents and I know I could be blackmailed." The News of the World recently exposed Temple of Set members who hold sex orgies and animal sacrifices. And, when we disclosed our findings about Rosemary to Sussex police, she was suspended on full pay pending an inquiry. A spokesman said: "We'll be studying the contents of your article."


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