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The following material is copyrighted 1990 by Phoenix Four Enterprises San Diego, CA Provided that NOTHING is changed in any way, you may upload this file to your local BBS. It is submitted by Nova Astrological Services of San Diego as a matter of general interest to Compuserve subscribers. It was written by the owner of Phoenix Four Enterprises AND Nova Astrological Services. This submission is there obviously by consent. It is for individual private use only. It may NOT be reproduced in part or whole for commercial use in any form whatsoever, without the express written consent of Phoenix Four Enterprises of San Diego, CA Compuserve #72604,2604 For many people there exists erroneous concepts and images associated with Astrology. This was written as a means of erasing those images and setting some facts into place in the mind of the reader. Astrology is not the answer to anyone's life, but it can be a very useful tool if a little common sense is applied. I have tried to lay some basics forth in this article for you to see some of the factors involved that make it FAR MORE than the toy of amusement that is often viewed as when introduced from sources such as the newspapers. Making Sense of Astrology In today's world of high technology and faster and faster living, astrology is often looked upon in a rather rushed fashion. For those who take the time to see what is behind it all, a new point of view will begin to unfold. These people may have read their horoscopes from the newspaper. Such predictions are so general, that as most skeptics say "that can fit just about anyone" then becomes true only to the point of what you have. What you have is a very small fraction of astrology. These predictions, while very limited, are only as good as the person who interprets the information. For those who wish to make an honest investigation into the validity of astrology, you have much to look at to make a true evaluation. The simplest point to evaluate is from the personal viewpoint. No matter how open and honest we are with others, the hardest individual we will ever have to "judge" will always be one's own self. Being 100% honest with ourselves, is and will continually be a task of great difficulty and likewise a task of great importance. What astrology offers us is a picture of our good and bad points, with the advantage of looking at ourselves and our lives "outside" our own minds. We are then able to perceive how others "see" us. In astrology the portrait or ourselves is called a NATAL CHART, also called a birth chart. When a natal chart is prepared certain specific data, relevant only to you, is used to make complex calculations of planetary positions forming geometric angles in relation to the exact location (town) of your birth. This data is necessary for a complete" natal chart. When I say "complete", I mean one that is calculated from all accurate and necessary data. The chart will then yield an accurate personality portrait. The accuracy of the chart will be directly related to the accuracy of the calculation data. This data is: exact time and date of birth and exact location of birth, that is all. When the exact time of birth is not known a chart can still be prepared. It will not determine the rising sign or "ascendant", however many other factors will still be accurate. So much for the details of what an astrologer must determine. What I want to express most is how to view and use the information you have gained from your natal chart. So often you hear the uninformed make statements about compatibility such as, "If you are Leo we won't get along". Nothing could be further from the truth. Compatibility will be based on all aspects compared between two natal charts. Compatibility is NOT based SOLELY on the sun signs ( Leo, Scorpio, etc...) of people. For example: Two sun signs may indicate a difference of basic traits that some might consider incompatible, but what if the rising signs of the people showed us more? If Mr. A is Leo with Scorpio rising while Mrs. A is Scorpio with Leo rising: each possesses qualities that could make for understanding the other with quite a depth of feeling. This once again is only one aspect considered, but the rising sign (ascendant) is viewed as one of the most important influences within a chart. Compatibility is important for the success of any relationship, whether it is personal or business in nature. When two individuals compare charts much can be gained in the way of cooperation and understanding. I personally consider the search for psychic potentials within a chart of a high level of importance. If a person has psychic or "mystical" inclinations, this will show up in their natal chart. Whether you believe in psychic phenomena or not, one aspect of it "telepathy" or thought transfer, has been proven in our universities. The studies found that the mind works much like a radio or television in principle, sending and receiving "brain waves". This one aspect could have vast influence on a person's life. If someone is highly psychic and what is known as "empathic" (one who primarily receives emotions and thoughts) and this individual is unaware of this, the consequences will vary with the circumstances in the person's life. If the overall character of this type person is stable, they may learn to cope with it while not understanding their gifted nature. If the overall character is not stable, this type person may be prone to negative behavior or responding to the thoughts and emotions of others. The quality of people in the life of this type of person then becomes a very dominant factor. This is only one aspect of psychic abilities, there are many. Another useful aspect of having a natal chart done is for the parents of children to have a "map" of a child's life. Careful study of a child's chart will reveal the positive qualities as well as the negative ones. Parents and children are often quite different in their interests and abilities. The parents could be very intellectual while the child is very athletic. The parents may not care much about art or music, while the child's chart may be loaded with aspects indicating considerable musical or artistic ability. So now your dream of having that doctor or lawyer in the family may not look as likely. The child ultimately lives his or her life, not the parent. The wise parent can now offer a child artistic or musical opportunities. If the child gravitates to these things, there may be a future there for him. If not, other points should be considered, such as motivation. In astrology, a chart is divided into 12 segments known as houses. The aspects of life associated with each house are fixed in meaning. HOUSE ONE Relates to the personality of the individual. The sign on the cusp (line dividing houses) of House One is the ascendant or "rising" sign. Planetary influences in or to House One will also influence the personality of the native. The sun sign most people know (Leo, Pisces, Cancer, etc...), but far fewer people know their rising sign. While the sun sign will indicate the basic character of a person, the rising will indicate how that personality is projected to others. I, for example, am a Pisces (sun sign) with Scorpio rising (ascendant). There is an interaction between the characteristics of each. HOUSE TWO This house related to finances and material resources required by the individual. It indicates one's ability to earn money. Ambitions in this area of life can show up here. HOUSE THREE Often called the House of Communications, it relates to how our thoughts and emotions are conveyed to brothers, sisters, neighbors, and people in general. HOUSE FOUR Relates to the home or environment we have created for ourselves. The fourth house will relate to homes, foods, and household items. HOUSE FIVE This is known as the House of Romance and Creative Expression. It also pertains to children, love affairs, pleasure and amusement, gambling and speculation. HOUSE SIX The House of Health and Service relates to the individual's approach to work or service to or with others and health. HOUSE SEVEN This is the House of Marriage and Partnerships. This house describes those we are likely to attract, whether a personal romantic nature or one of a business nature or both. Pertains also to close friendships, legal affairs and contracts. HOUSE EIGHT Known as the House of Other People's Money, it pertains to inheritances, corporate money, insurance and taxes. This house is also related to death and destruction. The nature (peaceful, violent, etc.) of one's death can often be indicated here. HOUSE NINE This house rules institutions whether religious, political, or philosophic. It also gives insight into how the person interacts with established institutions. HOUSE TEN This house relates to career. The tenth house also indicates ambition and how it is manifested, types of employers, etc. HOUSE ELEVEN This is known as the House of Friendships. Beside friendship it deals with one's ability to form associations with groups and to communicate in group activities. HOUSE TWELVE This is known as the House of Self-undoing. Everyone has things about their behavior that can be self-undoing, but this house shows the nature of bad habits, etc. The twelfth house also relates to hospitals, mental institutions, places of solitude, and things done in secret. The houses within a chart are still only a part of the overall interpretation. Other considerations include: aspects between planets, which sign is in which house, whether a planet is in exaltation or detriment, and more. Astrology is not a subject which can be lightly evaluated. If a person has his or her chart done wanting only to discover the nice and pleasing things about themselves or another, such is far from reality. Each person has strong positive qualities while also possessing negative qualities which can sometimes be quite strong, to the point some might call evil. For someone unfamiliar with birth charts and interpretations, there will seem to be at times contradictions. From the microscopic view of each individual aspect, this would seem to be the case. The overview will tell much more about the total character of the person being reviewed. Contradictions do occur, but do not invalidate astrology. The contradictions often have a neutralizing effect on their opposite characteristic. In conflicting characteristics one may serve the purpose of "softening" or decreasing intensity of certain aspects. Such can be seen in the contrast between rising and sun signs. For example: While I am a Pisces with Scorpio rising, I do not have a passive personality as would be the case of a person with a dominant Pisces influence in their overall chart. I have been described by others as intense. My Pisces sun sign offers to my life the capacity for understanding and other Pisces qualities. My Scorpio ascendant offers me the drive to make constructive use of my Pisces qualities. Where Pisces is passive, Scorpio adds intensity. Where Scorpio is impulsive, Pisces adds flexibility. These are only condensed concepts. The contradictions serve a purpose, or they are not reinforced enough within one's chart to be a dominant trait. Remember when reviewing another's chart, that we don't all "let it all hang out". Some people can be rather "contained" as far as expressing strong emotions such as greed, lust, envy, jealousy, ambitions, and dreams. Some of the major planetary aspects are conjunctions, sextiles, squares, trines, and oppositions. Combinations of these between the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto can become numerous. Anyone who wishes to make a thorough evaluation of a chart, should study the defined meanings individually. Example: The Moon sextile to Neptune is only one aspect that indicates strong psychic potential. There are many more. Likewise Mars in opposition to Saturn can produce a resentful and oppressive nature prone to violence and aggressiveness. Much of one's emotional nature can be pictured in how the moon is aspected in the chart. As a chart begins to contradict in some aspects, it may help to view things from the perspective of being similar to the ingredients used to bake a cake. The whole chart would be equivalent to the cake. In baking a cake you would use eggs, sugar, flour, milk, baking powder, flavoring, and other ingredients. While baking powder in the proper amount is not a noticeable taste of the cake, it is responsible for a chemical reaction to the finished product. Sugar is a dominant ingredient and the finished product will be sweet. How sweet depends on how much sugar is used and how much of other sweet ingredients are used. It is similar in concept to a person's birth chart. If certain traits arise within a chart more than once, these characteristics become more visible, the more they are reinforced within a chart. Characteristics can be dominant but not readily visible to others, as in the case of a vindictive or revengeful personality. Often people of this sort will not reveal this about themselves to others openly or without purpose. Traits such as psychic tendencies may be present but not defined as such in the mind of the person involved. This is where a chart can be quite valuable. If a person was, for example, raised in an environment of strict religion, this topic and the understanding of it, may have been zealously blocked, or at best defined to a level of religious connotation, as defined by the parents. The result could be frustrating to one born to such a family. This type of person may have "things happen", but they can not make sense or use of it all. ABOUT ASTROLOGICAL FORECASTS In astrology, predictive forecasts are based on ASPECTS formed to a person's NATAL CHART, by the different planetary bodies, as they travel around the sun, and are known as TRANSITS. Day by day these transiting planets change position with each other forming different geometric angles. Some planets move much faster than the others so the duration of a particular ASPECT can range from hours to months. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Moon are often refered to as the inner planets, while the planets Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are referred to as the outer planets. Beginning with Mercury the planets increase in distance from the Sun IN THE ORDER STATED ABOVE. The greater the distance a planet is from the Sun the longer the ORBIT around it will be. The effect ASPECTS formed between OUTER PLANETS are the ones which will have longer durations. The length of duration will depend upon which planets are involved in the aspect formed. When you were born, your soul (lifeforce) was "PROGRAMMED" to respond positively or negatively to various types of UNIVERSAL ENERGIES whether the energies are of different people, places, events, etc., or even a combination of different energies. Some energies will you and YOUR way of thinking, others will not be so agreeable. I realize that this concept of energy may seem a bit much, but if you stop to REALIZE EVERYTHING in it's most basic form (atomic) IS ENERGY. Each atom of matter is a highly developed FORM of positve and negative charges ORGANIZED into people, plant life, water and other things we know and experience in LIFE. The universal energy of the planets is present and INTERACTING with our LIFEFORCE. Astrology attempts to monitor and define the patterns of this interaction. When using an astrological forecast please bear in mind that the aspects of your transits create POTENTIALS not ABSOLUTES. The individual is still free to choose what course of action to take. For example: If a businessman has Uranus transiting his NATAL second house, this would indicate a period likely to have SUDDEN GAINS or SUDDEN LOSSES or both financially, since the second house naturally relates to finances. The use of such knowledge will make the biggest difference. His own choices will ultimately determine his financial achievement during this period. There will however be OTHER house placements as well as other aspects to consider in order to see the "WHOLE PICTURE" at this particular period of time. If he also has aspects which indicate heightened mental clarity or perhaps heightened intuitive instincts or both, he may choose to TEST and proceed in business aggressively. If other aspects should indicate otherwise, he may prefer to proceed with caution in his business dealings. It will be his choices that will lead to gain or loss, but to be AWARE of all the "POTENTIAL INFLUENCES" may help him achieve his desired goals in his particular business environment. SUMMARY 1. Having a natal chart prepared can aid one with insight into self from an objective point of view. 2. Assistance can be found in trying to communicate with those important to you, by offering a point of view as to how they are likely to view life. 3. For parents it can offer a picture of potential paths (good or bad) their children will be inclined to take. It can make the parents aware of the child's potential in areas they themselves may not be much familiar with. It may also bring insight into how to approach dealing with an exceptionally gifted or an exceptionally problematic child. 4. Astrology offers awareness of the hidden talents of people, such as psychic ability, musical or artistic talent, etc. In times of upheaval in one's life, any added awareness of potentials may bring new confidence to "begin again" in another direction. Other values can be determined of a natal chart. The main thing to be aware of is it is a tool, not the answer for your life. We each are what we choose to be. All lives are the sum total of past choices, whether good or bad. The influence from universal forces is always present. Everything in its most basic structure (atomic) is energy. As a highly organized "form" of energy we interact with other's energy and universal energies. In the end you ultimately choose a course of action which produces the circumstances that comprise your life. If astrology is viewed as a map for assisting you with your journey through life, it is probably used best. Each of us must realize that we are in command of our own destinies. No matter what path we choose there is always another. Some lives are on the backroads and others on the main highways headed to the lights of big things. Still, what we are born into is not what we MUST live. We only have to travel the necessary road to connect to our own highway to bigger and better things. For any mentally and physically healthy person the only real limitations in life are those which are SELF-IMPOSED, while the fuel that propels your dreams forward into realiy will always be KNOWLEDGE. This concludes "Making Sense of Astrology". This is one example of some of the extras offered with all astrological reports we sell, all of which are designed to make sure you are properly informed to be able to pursue this subject effectively and practically. If you have any questions or would like to information on services available write to: Nova Astrological Services 1380 Garnet Ave. Suite E-455 San Diego, CA 92109 or call our 24 hour answering service (619) 260-2526 Compuserve # 72604,2604 Prodigy # DBCP05F I have recently acquired my own extension to a PSYCHIC HOTLINE. If you have or should discover through your natal chart,that you yourself have psychic ability, you may find it of use to call this line to perhaps discuss "learning to tune in" to your abilities. Whatever your reason it is there if you are interested. 1-900-737-1818 calls are $2.98 per minute 24 hours a day must be 18 yrs. or older When calling this or ANY psychic line remember these points 1. Have your questions SPECIFICALLY identified AND WRITTEN DOWN. this will keep you from drifting from the original purpose of the call. 2. Be conscious of time. Time is money. It is wise to have a watch or clock IN SIGHT. 3. Questions can surface during your conversation, deal with them but don't let it drift to far from your original purpose of the call. 4. If you like and/or feel comfortable with the person you speak with get THEIR SPECIFIC EXTENSION so you can contact them directly should you call again. This extension is used AFTER any extension listed with the 900#. 5. Just as I described astrology as a TOOL, you should consider a psychic's advice as such. It may clear up certain confusing issues but DON'T try and MOLD your life around that advice. Instead view it as a sign post on your journey through life. It is there when you NEED to get your bearing straight on what direction you are going. It CAN NOT make your journey FOR YOU. 6. in a place and frame of mind that is NOT RUSHED IN ANY WAY. If you are restless due to some environmental circumstance, you are not likely to get as good a response as you might like as you won't be giving off the "RIGHT VIBES". It could undermine the whole process. YOUR ENVIRONMENT SHOULD BE CALM AND QUIET. 7. Whether you are are calling or visiting a psychic in person, you should find these pointers useful. You will find that Nova's psychic line is much less expensive than other similar services. Calls are limited to 8 minutes. This wiil help keep it an affordable way to "tap in" to these sources. Nova Astrological Services 1380 Garnet Ave. Suite E-455 San Diego, CA 92109 Phone: (619) 260-2526 My next writing project will be on psychic abilites. I intend to cover common terms and various FORMS of psychic ability. If this interests you write to me at the address above. Your comments on this or anything else I have written are welcome. If you write to the above address I will respond.


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