-THE TESLA SHIELD- Of particular interest is the hemispherical shell of energy which years

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--THE TESLA SHIELD-- Of particular interest is the hemispherical shell of energy which years ago was dubbed the "Tesla Shield." Two scalar hemispherical surfaces are created, using multiple frequency transmitters and truncated Fourier series expansions. Interference of the two scalar hemispheres creates a great, glowing hemispherical shell of ordinary electromagnetic energy. In the shell, the energy density is sufficient to lift Dirac matter from the Dirac sea of vacuum. The shell is thus filled with a glowing plasma. Such a shell may be several hundreds of miles in diameter at the base. The enormous energy required to form such a defense shell is obtained by a "scalar power tap" into the molten core of the earth itself as previously explained. In late April/early May of 1985, 27 such "power taps" were placed in the earth by the Soviets. If each tap is capable of powering 4 to 6 large scalar EM weapons, then the Soviet strategic scalar EM arsenal contains over 100 monstrous superweapons capable of generating exothermic explosions, endothermic explosions, engineering the weather, locating and destroying underwater submarines, detecting and destroying ballistic missiles shortly after launch, detecting and destroying long range strategic bombers as soon as they are airborne, etc. At any rate, the giant Tesla shield is useful against any penetrating vehicle. If the shell is not so large, its energy density may be very high. In that case, the intense plasma heating will fuse and even vaporize metallic bodies. In addition, any vehicle encountering the shell is subjected to an extremely intense EMP arising everywhere inside its circuitry. EMP shielding is of no use against the creation of energy throughout the spacetime of the circuits; such shielding only helps against energy flow through space in the conventional sense. Thus the electronics of any vehicle encountering the shield are instantly dudded, whether or not they are shielded against ordinary electromagnetic interference (EMI). This includes the electronics operating a nuclear warhead, carried by a re-entry vehicle. Electrically everything penetrating the shell is totally dudded. Further, explosive materials are exploded when such an EMP is encountered, and combustible materials are fiercely consumed or set afire. Ablative shielding suffers an interesting catastrophe: since energy does not try to "flow into" the shielding but "arises" everywhere in it simultaneously, "ablation" occurs everywhere throughout the ablative material, simply exploding it instantly. In addition, for smaller Tesla shells (say of 50 miles in diameter) the energy density is sufficient to melt or vaporize metals such as missile structures. With such a Tesla shield, there is no need to discriminate true warhead bearing re-entry vehicles from decoys, chaff, etc. The whole "mess" entering the shield is simply "cleaned up" and "sterilized" or destroyed. The shield can take care of ICBMs/IRBMs and their nuclear warheads, strategic bombers and their nuclear bombs, cruise missiles and their nuclear warheads, re-entry vehicles and their warheads, decoys, chaff, etc. --SARYSHAGAN DIRECTION-SEPTEMBER 1979-- The London Sunday Times of 17 August 1980 contained information and a photo-sketch of incidents fo sighting of the testing of very large Tesla globes deep within the Soviet Union. The sightings were made in Afghanistan by British war cameraman Nick Downie. The phenomena seen were in the direction of the Saryshagan Missile Test Range, which -- according to the U.S. Defense Departments "Soviet Military Power," 1986 -- contains one or more large directed energy weapons (DEW's). Even though Downie was seeing the globe of light from a great distance, it flared silently over the Hindu Kush and expanded to subtend an arc of about 20 degrees, dimming as it expanded. (An arc of 20 degrees subtended by an object many hundreds of miles distant indicates an object of well over a hundred miles in diameter. This gives some idea of the enormous energy being controlled and manipulated by these Soviet weapons.) Downie saw the sight on more than one occasion in September 1979. In the same month --December 1979-- a stationary luminous globe containing a vertical stripe of black in the center was seen in the sky off the coast of St.Petersburg, Florida. This particular type of sighting in that area has been previously correlated with times of known activity at Saryshagan. Further, in the same month, U.S. nuclear warning Vela satellites detected a "nuclear flash" over the South Atlantic, off the coast of Africa. Controversy has raged in U.S. Intelligence and scientific circles to this day as to whether a nuclear explosion or some other kind of mechanism produced the flash. Indeed, the flash may have been produced by a scalar EM howitzer from Saryshagan as one more "ping" of the U.S. Intelligence system, to ascertain whether or not it knew anything about scalar EM howitzers. Again the negative response told them with high confidence that (1) We still didn't know about scalar EM stuff, and (2) We were still totally defenseless against the Soviet scalar EM weaponry. At any rate, from Downie's sightings, it is highly probable that the DEW weaponry at Saryshagan Missile Test Range was active in September 1979, and was producing large Tesla globes. If the DEWs at Saryshagan can produce the giant luminous Tesla globe, they are almost certainly scalar EM interferometers and can produce the giant Tesla shields as well. Downie reported other earlier sightings of similar phenomena seen by Afghans deep within the Soviet Union in the same direction toward Saryshagan... Briefly, let us cover the uses of such a giant globe or spherical shell of glowing EM energy and plasma. By placing such a giant globe hundreds of miles out away from the defended heartland, an entire arc of the sky can be defended against long range ballistic missile attack in midcourse. During their midcourse trajectory, the attacking missiles would have to penetrate the globular shell twice, exposing them to giant internal EMPs twice. A very high probability thus exists that all missiles entering the space occupied by the globe are dudded upon entry and/or exit. This includes the electronics inside the nuclear warheads themselves. Also this is particularly effective against MIRV and MARV missile carriers since the multiple re-entry vehicles are normally still on the main vehicle during most of midcourse. The use of this midcourse ABM globe defense greatly reduces the number of vehicles arriving at the latter part of midcourse and the terminal phase of their trajectory. By using a smaller, more intense globe, and placing it on incoming clusters of objects or single objects, both EMP and local heating are used against the objects. This is suitable in the latter part of midcourse and in the terminal phase of ICBMs, IRBMs, SLBMs, and cruise missiles. It is also useful against incoming strategic bombers and their air to surface missiles both ballistic and cruise. Two modes of the globes -- especially the small ones -- can be used. First the continuous mode can be used to "fry" or vaporize incoming objects in a relatively small volume (say ten to fifteen miles in diameter). Second, the "pulse" mode can be used to "service" all incoming objects, whether or not they have passed through the "large globe" midcourse defense. This provides an additional guarantee of killing the objects; discrimination is not require, just get all of them. The exposure of all incoming objects to multiple attacks raises the probability of kill to essentially 100%, or as close to that as one wishes. Of course the incoming vehicle may still encounter a terminal defense consisting of the Tesla shield and associated roving "quickshot" small intense globes. In short, with these systems an essentially 100% ABM and anti bomber defense is possible. Further, the Soviets have possessed such an effective defense for two decades, JUST AS THEY HAVE OPENLY STATED SINCE 1960 WHEN KHRUSHCHEV ANNOUNCED HIS "SUPERWEAPONS"!! --CONTINUOUS TESLA EMP GLOBE-- Here is another verified incident of a gigantic test of a Soviet scalar EM howitzer deep within the Soviet Union. This is a C.I.A. report, released under the Freedom of Information Act. One can be quite sure that the incident occurred as stated. The phenomenon was seen from two aircraft approaching Mehrabad Airport in Teheran, Iran on June 17, 1966 and reported by their pilots. On the far horizon deep within the Soviet Union, an intense spherical ball of light appeared, "sitting on the horizon" so to speak. The globe of light increased to enormous size, dimming as it did so, literally filling an arc of the distant sky as it expanded. The sighting was shielded from most ground observers view at the airport itself due to an intervening mountain range which masked most of the phenomena from the ground. The silent, expanding globe was observed for four or five minutes before it faded away. Again this is positive evidence of the testing of a giant scalar interferometer, in the "midcourse ABM globe" type of action. However, note the date -- mid 1966! The Soviets have therefore been testing such scalar weapons of enormous size and power for at least two decades. This implies that development must have started at least a decade earlier, or in the mid '50s. Still earlier, in January 1960 Nikita Khrushchev had announced the development of a "fantastic" Soviet weapon, one which could even destroy all life on earth if unrestrainedly used. In 1962 the ebullient Khrushchev was forced to back down and lose face before John Kennedy, in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Khrushchev's missiles and bombers were in woeful shape, as Kennedy well knew (by courtesy of the Russian spy, Colonel Oleg Penkovsky). Kennedy did not know that Khrushchev's new superweapons were nearing deployment, but were not quite ready yet. To save face and prevent his immediate ouster, Khrushchev apparently conducted a startling two-strike demonstration of his new weapons as soon as they became operationally ready. On April 10, 1963 he detected and destroyed the U.S.S. Thresher nuclear submarine, using a scalar EM howitzer in the underwater "continuous" mode. The next day he demonstrated the "pulsed" underwater destruction mode for underwater subs by producing a giant underwater explosion underneath the water 100 miles north of Puerto Rico. Ironically, just as the Atlantic was coming alive with U.S. naval vessels searching for the lost Thresher, a second test of the weapons that had finished off the sub occurred to the south of them, unnoticed and disregarded, even though seen and reported to he F.B.I. and the U.S. Coast Guard by a passing U.S. jetliner's pilot and crew, who observed the underwater explosion. We thus can peg the development of these weapons by the Soviets as starting well before 1960. The first operational deployment of the gigantic strategic weaponry occurred in early 1963. Note that the 1966 testing observed here is completely consistent with this estimated development schedule. Thus large Soviet strategic scalar EM weapons have been operational on site for 24 YEARS !!! This implies that at least three additional generations of the scalar EM weapons have been developed and deployed by now... --MYSTERIOUS LIGHTS OVER NORTH PACIFIC-- Incidents of Soviet testing of the Tesla shield and the Tesla globe weapons are routinely observed by airline pilots flying over the North Pacific into and out of Japan. This is one typical example. Two jetliners, Japan Air Lines flights 403 and 421, sighted and reported a large glowing globe of light sitting just beyond the horizon and extending well above it. The aircraft were in the vicinity of 42 degrees N latitude and 153 degrees longitude at the time. The sighting was thus about 700 miles east of Kushiro. The diameter of the ball was estimated as at least 18-27 kilometers by the pilots. Depending upon the actual distance to the sphere it may have been of much larger size. This incident is reported in the Asahi Evening News, Tokyo, June 22, 1982. Many similar sightings have been reported by jet airliner pilots flying over these waters. --WHITE SPHERE SEEN IN NORTH ATLANTIC 1976-- Here is another sighting closer to home. This incident was observed from a passing ship on June 22,1976 in the North Atlantic, at about 2113-2140 hours. It is reported in the Marine Observer, Vol.47,1977, p.66. First an orange glow was sighted behind some distant clouds. A couple of minutes later, a glowing white sphere of light was observed to the left of the orange glow, just above the clouds. The white sphere then slowly expanded to a much larger sphere, dimming as it expanded. At its maximum size, the top of the white sphere reached about 24 degrees 30 minutes elevation angle to the observer. Development to maximum size required about 10 minutes. By 2140 hours the sphere had faded and disappeared. The sphere was sufficiently thin that the stars could be seen through it at all times. Again, this incident strong


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