SEARCHNET International Searching For Your Individual PATH Network. This document shall se

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SEARCHNET International Searching For Your Individual PATH Network. This document shall serve as an introduction to SEARCHNET, information about the Network and, most importantly, how to join us. Welcome to SEARCHNET, a network created to provide a place for all entities to discuss their individual search for the meaning of their lives. Since March, 1993, Searchnet has grown to include over 40 member nodes. In addition to discussing our spiritual paths, we have included a wealth of information on the state of our beloved planet, Earth. Discussions about conspiracies, U.F.O.'s, The Patriot Movement, The New World Order, Survival, Earth Changes, The coming Earth Transformation, and a spiritual interpretation of today's news events. Often there are penetrating explanations of the REAL NEWS, behind the news. Join our SearchNet discussions for alternative views of world events. SEARCHNET was created by Glenda Stocks, a young woman in her thirties, who saw a need for a network that invites people who have come to a point in their lives where they are seaching for answers to the meaning of existence. A network for people who are asking, "Who am I?", "What is my mission in life", "How did I get here", "How can I be, the best I can be", SEARCHNET attempts to provide a forum for the airing of these questions. Not limited to any one religion, SEARCHNET is open to discussion of all paths, spiritual and non-spiritual. SEARCHNET would also like to be a network for information exchange. A network where people of varying abilities and expertise may come and inform others of what they have experienced on their path. In this regard, SEARCHNET has a strict policy of TOLERANCE. All people are welcome, and all beliefs and non-beliefs are to be respected, among all participants on SEARCHNET. Host Systems, Network Structure ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SEARCHNET currently contains one administrative system: XBN BBS (508) 586-6977 Brockton, MA Sysop: Glenda Stocks FidoNet 1:330/201 SEARCHNET 114:1/0 Because we are still a new network, we are currently seeking HUBs and Nodes in as many areas as possible. FTN Message Transfer Format ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Currently SEARCHNET supports mostly the FidoNet standard mail format of message transfer. It will be the responsibility of each individual node to poll their HUB system for mail, whether this be done manually, or automatically -- unless special arrangements have been made for your HUB to poll you. If you need QWK support, please contact the Zone Coordinator at 1:330/201 or 114:1/0. QWK support IS available from the Zone Coordinator as of 4/15/93. How To Join Us ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Enclosed in this information archive is a text file entitled SEARCHNT.APP which contains all the information we need to know to approve your system for a node number. To avoid confusion, please rename the application to LASTNAME.APP, where LASTNAME is the first eight letters of your last name. There are then TWO steps that must be followed in order for your application to be processed. (1) Complete the application and send it via netmail file-attach to either: Glenda Stocks at XBN BBS (508) 586-6977 - (Fidonet 1:330/201), or to your local SEARCHNET HUB; *** PLEASE INDICATE if you want to be a Host or Hub to FEED other Searchnet nodes! *** AND === (2) Print out the completed application, affix your legal signature to it, and mail (yes, US Postal Service) it to the Zone Coordinator: Glenda Stocks 1344 Park St Dept. 187 Stoughton, MA 02072 This hard copy of your application should be sent with 120 days. Your application that is received by netmail will usually be processed within 48 hours. If you have applied to the Zone Coordinator at XBN BBS, then you may poll after the 2nd day for a reply, or a reply will be sent you within 7 days. If you have applied to a SEARCHNET Hub, then that hub will inform you as to when and how your application will be processed. SEARCHNET Nodelist ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The SEARCHNET nodelist is produced in the standard St. Louis style format and will follow the Julian Calendar method of sequential numbering. The most recent nodelist will always be available through any of the HUB systems. These systems will also have the nodelist available for File Request under the magic name SERCHLST for the corresponding SERCHLST.### files. The nodelist will be archived in ZIP format. Updates to the nodelist will be distributed on Friday's to all HUB systems who in turn should forward the updated nodelist to all of it's nodes. If for some reason, you have not received the latest nodelist by Saturday morning, F'Req SERCHLST.* from your HUB, or from XBN BBS (114:1/0, 1:330/201). Last Revision ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This document last revised, December 29, 1993


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