SEARCHNET Rules + Policy (Subject To Change) GENERAL SEARCHNET is intended to provide a me

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SEARCHNET Rules & Policy (Subject To Change) GENERAL SEARCHNET is intended to provide a means for all persons to communicate with one another regarding any of the topics covered by the conference names. SEARCHNET is not a Christian network or a Debate network. SEARCHNET, as a network, is ruled under a BENEVOLENT dictatorship at this time. This means that the Zone coordinator has the last say in all policy matters. As the network grows, we will convert to a more democratic rule, possibly electing committees. CONFERENCES Only one conference is REQUIRED to be carried by all nodes, and that is SEARCH_ADMIN. This should be a SysOp only echo, and is for all administrative activities of SEARCHNET. Some echoes are now highly recommended: ORVOTRON_PUB CONSPIRE CHANNELS EARTH_CHANGES WORLD_NEWS AENCHAT AENNEWS SPACE_LINK NIGHTSHIFT NIGHTSHIFTCP ALT_SCIENCE I_UFO Each conference should have a Moderator, who will post the rules once per month. Sysops are required to assist the moderator if asked to suspend access to an echo by one of the Sysop's users. Suggestions for new conferences should be made in the SEARCH_ADMIN echo, where all Sysops who are interested may voice their opinions on the proposed conference, and reach a general unscientific consensus. Please allow two weeks from the time of the proposal, before expecting a final decision to be made. The final decision shall be made by the Zone Coordinator. All participants (users) in SearchNet Conferences must use their real names; no Handles allowed at this time. This policy is open for discussion by SysOps in SEARCH_ADMIN. NODES All SEARCHNET member nodes must display the Searchnet name and their Searchnet address within the Origin line. For Example: Origin: XBN BBS (114:508/0) blah, blah, blah Nodes must poll their Hub/Host for mail at least twice a week, unless another arrangement is agreed upon between the node and Hub/Host pertaining to who calls. ADDENDUM: 4-15-93 All nodes must use their 114:net/node address on ALL mail having to do with SearchNet. This includes Areafix requests. Your fido number is ignored. When you poll me or your host for searchnet mail, use your SearchNet address. We do not want fido addresses in the seen-by lines of searchnet messages. In your echomail management program, be sure to set your SearchNet address and the SearchNet address of the person from whom you receive SearchNet Mail. All instances of addresses having to do with SearchNet, should have the 114:net/node number. FRONTDOOR If you use frontdoor, then when you are about to enter a message (netmail), use ALT-W to change YOUR address to your searchnet AKA of 114:net/node, then enter the netmail message. Also in frontdoor's setup, under mailer/misc, you should have: Match remote's zone = NO! present all AKA's = YES! Everyone using frodo should set these two configs like this. that way you send/ get all your mail/msgs for both fido and searchnet AKA's, you save money by not having to call twice! HUBS / HOSTS All SEARCHNET Hubs and Hosts must carry ALL the SEARCHNET conferences, or make them available to their nodes as requested. The only exception is any PRIVATE or CLOSED conferences, which are controlled by the Zone Coordinator. No CLOSED or PRIVATE conferences should ever be distributed without permission from the Zone Coordinator. Hubs and Hosts may make some conferences, pass-through, if they do not want to carry them on their own Bulletin Boards. If the Hub/Host and all of it's nodes do not want a conference, that conference does not have to be carried (until called for by a new or existing node). All Hubs / Hosts must poll their Regional or the Zone coordinator at LEAST three times a week for mail. Hubs / Hosts must distribute the weekly nodelist each week to their nodes, or otherwise make them available to be picked up in the next mail run. Also the entire nodelist must be available for a new node to freq or download. Hubs / Hosts must forward all nodelist updates to the Zone Coordinator. APPLICATIONS At this time, 3/24/93, all applications should be forwarded to the Zone Coordinator at 114:1/0. This policy document subject to change. Last revised: April 17, 1994


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