SEARCHNET NETWORK MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION The submission of this application does not autom

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______________SEARCHNET NETWORK MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION _________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- The submission of this application does not automatically confer membership. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- I. GENERAL INFORMATION Your name: _______________________________________ Your Age: _________ Mailing Address: _________________________________________________________ City: _________________________ State: ___________ Zipcode: ___________ Home Voice: ____________________ Work Voice: ___________________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- If any information in section II changes, you must amend this document and NetMail it to the SEARCHNET International Coordinator. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- II. BBS/MAILER INFORMATION Board Name: _____________________________________________________ BBS Telephone: ____________________________________________________ Hours: ____________________________________________________ Max Baudrate: ___________ (if 9600+ specify protocol below) Protocol: ____ HST ____ DUAL STANDARD ____ V.42 ____ V.32 ___ OTHER ____ MNP ____ PEP ___ NONE Other (explain): _________________________________ Mailer Software: _____________________________ Version: ________ BBS Software: _____________________________ Version: ________ Tosser/Packer: _____________________________ Version: ________ Flags: ___ MAIL ONLY (MO) ___ CONTINUOUS MAIL (CM) ___OTHER Specify: __________ Other Nets you belong to: Name: _______________________ Number: ____________ Name: _______________________ Number: ____________ Name: _______________________ Number: ____________ Name: _______________________ Number: ____________ Name: _______________________ Number: ____________ Do you want to be Host or Hub to feed other SearchNet Nodes ? ____Yes____No ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- III. CERTIFICATION I hereby petition and make application for membership in the international SEARCHNET network. I agree to follow all SEARCHNET guidelines. Please complete this document and file-attach it to your local SEARCHNET Host or directly to the SEARCHNET Zone Coordinator. Please rename the document to your LASTNAME.APP before sending. Glenda Stocks, Zone Coordinator XBN BBS (Fidonet: 1:330/201 1-508-586-6977 (Data only) IMPORTANT! This agreement must be returned by US Post to be considered binding. Receipt by EMAIL will constitute a temporary (90 day) agreement ONLY. Please mail to: Glenda Stocks XBN BBS 1344 Park St. Dept. 187 Stoughton, MA 02072 No fees or other charges are required to be an SEARCHNET member. This information will remain confidential but may be shared with the hub sysop feeding your system. Certify that you have read SEARCHNT.POL and agree to operate as a SEARCHNET node within the policy guidelines: Please initial ________: I agree Special information like preference of Hub and any passwords for either Session level, Tic or Areafix access: Hub Preferred: _______________________ Session Pwd :________________________ (optional) Areafix Pwd :________________________ (NEEDED- 8 Chars or less) WHEN YOU CALL BACK FOR YOUR NODE NUMBER, USE YOUR SESSION PASSWORD IF YOU ASSIGNED ONE ABOVE! Do you want SNETFiles? ________Yes________No Do you want SNETMisc ? ________Yes________No (larger files!) .-----------------------. _______________________________________ | INTERNAL USE ONLY | YOUR FULL NAME (PRINTED PLEASE) +-----------------------+ | ZONE: | | REGION: | _______________________________________ | NET: | YOUR SIGNATURE | NODE: | | HUB: | _______________________________________ | ZC: | DATE `-----------------------' Please call back in two days if you dont hear from the place of application!


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