DEAD SEE SCROLLS By Kathryn LaRocque Passages frm the Dead Sea Scrolls that are so secret

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DEAD SEE SCROLLS By Kathryn LaRocque Passages frm the Dead Sea Scrolls that are so secret only to a handful of scholars have seen them reveal that UFOs landed on Earth 2,500 years ago, Jesus will be reborn in 1994 and the world will end 10,000 years from now - - in 11,991! That's the world from biblical scholar and translator Felix Bonjean, who claims to be one of only six men who have examoned the passages that have been kept under lock and key at the Vatican since 1949. The passages also reveal: * That a fleet of massive, circular starships landed on Earth 2,500 years ago in 500 B.C. A description of the extraterrestrials that got off the ships was badly decayed and unreadable, although a reference to the fact that they had enormous, bulbshaped heads survived. * What God looks like. Though the description is sketchy, the scrolls say He has fiery green eyes, flowing brown hair and stands 9 feet tall. * The raise and fall of genocidal "antichrist" in the mid-20th century, a likely reference to Adolf Hitler. The development of atomic weaponry is also mentioned. And in another prediction the scrolls warn of a horrifying plague in the late 20th century, which seems to be the reference to AIDS. * The exact location of Noah's Ark. Long thought to be burried under tons of rock and on Turkey's Mount Ararat, it actually came to rest in Egypt - - just miles from the Great Pyramid. * That the Messiah will be reborn in 1994. It is said that He will rise to a position of power and prominence and spearhead a worldwide conversion to Christianity before 2025. * The creation of the worldwide "economy-of-plenty" and elimination of poverty in 1992. * That Moses wasn't Jewish, Egyptian or even human. He come from another planet. * That mankind will enjoy 10,000 consecutive years of peace before the world ends in the year 11,991. At that time life as we know it will cease to exist while the souls of the "choosen few" will be reborn as life-forms on the Red Planet Mars. * The discovery of America by an adventurer from the east - - Christopher Columbus - in 1492. * Details of America's 1969 moon shot, including the initials of the astronauts, N.A. for Neil Armstrong and B.A. for Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin. * The election of America's first female president after President George Bush serves out his second term in 1996. Described as the daughter of a slain former president, the woman in question would appear to be Caroline Kennedy. * The truth about Atlantis. The Lost Continent was home to a race of superhuman beings that God destroyed because they rejected Him and began to worship the Devil. * That Satan will literally walk the Earth for six years beginning in 2010. The Evil One will claim and destroy the lives of millions before God banishes him forever. * The devastation of one of the greatest countries on Earth in 1997. It is not clear where this Godless society is located, but the passage seems to be referring to either China or America. "The truth was bound to come out sooner or later and after much agonizing and even more prayer I've taken it upon muself to tell mankind what it has a right to know," said Dr. Bonjean. "The passages were hidden from the public because the men who have controlled the scrolls since their discovery in 1947 decided that the information was too explosive to be revealed to the world at large. For many years I agreed with that decision. But times have changed. Mankind is clamoring for full disclosure of the scrolls. And I finally felt that the time was right to step forward and tell what I know. These precious documents aren't just early versions of the Old Testament. They contain predictions and historical information that will literary rock the world. " Dr. Bonjean's report to a gathering of reporters and clerics in Paris has touched off a controversy that's sure to rage for months or years to come. Fabio Marvasi, who has written extensively on the scrolls since their discovery by a Palestinian sheperd boy in 1947, spoke for many when he criticized Dr. Bonjean "for leaking privileged information that was never meant to be seen or heard by ordinary men." Other experts, like German archaelogist Ulrike Hoffman, actually praised Dr. Bonjean "for having the integrity and courage to reveal the truth about the scrolls once and for all." Both the Vatican and Israeli Antiquities Department, which oversees the study and publication of the 2,000 year-old scrolls, have been strangely silent on the issue. But Dr. Bonjean says that's not surprising "since they can't say anything about the secret scroll passages without admitting that they've been deceiving the public for almost 50 years." The expert claims to have seen the Vatican's scroll passages in 1952. He refused to name the other five men who have seen them. But a highly placed Vatican source confirmed that Dr. Bonjean "can, in fact, talk about the passages with unquestioned authority. "These particular scrolls and passages were to the Vatican for safe- keeping because it was feared that the contents would cause panic and chaos throughout the world," continued the source. Whether that fear was founded or unfounded will soon become evident, of course, now that Dr. Bonjean has spoken out." Dr. Bonjean concluded: "I did what I had to do and I have no regrets.


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