Subject: Secret History of the UFO (1/3) Date: 27 Nov 1994 18:04:14 -0500 This is part 1 o

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From: (Brooke E. Colquhoun) Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors Subject: Secret History of the UFO (1/3) Date: 27 Nov 1994 18:04:14 -0500 This is part 1 of a lecture by Robert Hastings on the Secret History of the UFO November 17, 7:30 PM at Virginia Commonwealth University transcribed by brooke -------------- SPEAKER : ...committee for coming out tonight. For many years there has been speculation that the US Government knows far more about UFOs than it has told the public. In 1967 Robert Hastings was personally involved in a UFO sighting at an Air Force missile base which remains classified to this day. This incident prompted Mr.Hastings to begin collecting evidence of an official government coverup on UFOs. He is here this evening to report on his research and the work of other UFO investigators. Please welcome Mr. Hastings. [clap clap] HASTINGS: Thank you. In March, 1967.. I was present at the [Maumstrom] Air Force base Montana air traffic control tower when 5 unidentified aerial targets, as they are called, suddenly began to be tracked on multiple radar scopes. I was not in the Air Force myself, rather, I was a 16 year old Air Force brat and an acquaintance of several of the air traffic controllers. On the night in question it was immediately apparent to these gentlemen that the objects they were tracking on radar were neither conventional aircraft nor helicopters. For approximately a 30 minute period these aerial objects were observed on radar at times to hover, at other times they performed high speed aerial maneuvers. At one point during the radar tracking, two jets were launched from [Maumstrom] Air Force base to attempt an intercept of these objects whereupon they were observed on what is called height-finder radar to ascend in unison at an extreme rate of speed. Further, it was later determined for the better part of this incident, these objects were maneuvering near nuclear missile silos located southeast of the base at a location called [Judith] basin. Later in this program I will introduce documents obtained from the United States Air Force that confirm that this type of nuclear weapons related UFO incident was hardly unique, on the contrary it has occurred on literally dozens of occasions over the past three decades. This experience made a very deep impression on me. By 1973 I began to actively interview former and retired Air Force personnel regarding classified UFO incidents. At approximately the same time I became aware of the work of a group of researchers called NICAP; that is The National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomenon. This was a civilian UFO research group primarily active from the mid 1950s through the 1970s. This organization had on its board of governors, over the years, such persons as Admiral [Roscoe Hillencoter] who was the first director of the CIA, Admiral [D.S. Farney] who was the Chief of the Navy's first guided missile program and former U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater; in short, not your average bunch of UFO kooks. Id like to read a very brief statement delivered at a 1962 NICAP press conference in Washington. The author of this statement was Admiral [Roscoe Hillencoter] who, again, was the first director of the CIA: Quote "I know that neither Russia nor this country has anything even approaching such high speeds and maneuvers. Behind the scenes high ranking officers are soberly concerned about the UFOs, but through official secrecy and ridicule many citizens are led to believe that the unknown flying objects are nonsense." Endquote. By the mid 1970s NICAP and other researchers began to use for the first time what is called the Freedom of Information Act to obtain documents about UFOs from our government. Otherwise known as F.O.I.A. or FOIA, the freedom of information act is a federal law that allows Americans to petition most government agencies for the release of classified materials on a variety of subjects provided that the release of those documents to the public domain does not jeopardize national security. In the past two decades this legal approach has been used with mixed success. As I speak there are now some 10,000 pages of previously classified CIA, Air Force, FBI, and other intelligence agency documents relating to UFOs finally in the public domain and available to you. In a nutshell, what these documents indicate beyond a reasonable doubt is that so-called flying saucers DO INDEED EXIST, they are neither American nor Russian secret weapons. And as you will see for yourself as the evening progresses despite repeated denials to the public by the Pentagon for the past 4 decades in effect denying the existence of UFOs; in reality as the documents indicate, behind the scenes, the highest levels of the U.S. military and intelligence community not only fully accept their existence, they have in fact judged UFOs to be a National Security matter for reasons that I think will be obvious by the conclusion of this program. Now I would like to emphasize, I am not condemning any government agency for it's participation in programs of secrecy relating to the UFO phenomenon. Having said that however, my honest and sincere opinion is that the public has a right and a very definite need to know the facts. As such, this presentation is designed to be a grass-roots public information program; it is offered on a take it or leave it basis. I am not a missionary, I am not seeking to convert skeptics to so-called believers, but for those of you who find merit in the material I'll be presenting, at the conclusion of the program I'll provide an address to which any one of you can write, if you wish, and secure up to 600 pages of these now declassified documents on Ufos. In that way, you will first be able to judge to your satisfaction that I have fairly and accurately portrayed their contents; more to the point, you can educate yourself as to what the U.S. governments true if covert response to UFOs has been for the past 4 decades. The program begins with a 30 minute slide show that compares and contrasts what we the public have been told by our government on the subject, with what researchers can now demonstrate has actually taken place in secrecy. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the difference between the two is the difference between day and night. In my slide show, there are numerous depictions of flying saucers. I stress: unless the narrator notes them to be photographs, they are on the other hand, for the most part, simply drawings and illustrations designed to accompany the narration. Also within my slide show I take a brief look at some of the abduction experiences, that is, alleged abductions of individuals by UFO occupants. This is perhaps the most controversial aspect of an already controversial subject. I have my own opinion about the better documented of these cases; my opinion will be evident within the slide show. I will leave it, however, for each of you to decide for yourself the nature, even the reality, of these types of alleged experiences. Following the slide show I will speak approximately 1 hour and show documents upon which this program is based. They are quite dramatic. There are things I think you need to read with your own eyes. And finally, there will be a question and answer session. What you are about to see in here may seem like Science Fiction or paranoid delusion or perhaps an elaborate practical joke. I assure you its none of those things. I would only add that the only ticket to admission here this evening is an open mind. SLIDE SHOW ---------- [Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.] NARRATOR: On January 14, 1979 the New York Times reported that the Central Intelligence Agency had been ordered by a federal judge to release nearly a thousand pages of secret documents about UFOs. This decision was the result of a freedom of information lawsuit brought against the agency by Ground Saucer Watch, a UFO research organization based in Phoenix, Arizona. In an interview with the Times, the director of the group, William Spalding, said that the documents revealed that "UFOs do exist. They are real. The government has been totally untruthful and the coverup is massive." Since the late 1940s, the American public has been told that official interest in UFOs rested solely in the activities of various Air Force investigations, such as the much publicized Project Blue Book. When Blue Book formally ended in 1969 the government claimed to have no further interest in the phenomenon. However, the documents released by the CIA as well as those obtained from other government agencies now reveal that throughout the past and up to the present day; the entire U.S. military and intelligence community has engaged in a high level policy of secrecy regarding UFOs. And so, at long last, this officially suppressed information can finally be brought to the public's attention. Here then, is the Hidden History of the UFO phenomenon presented in the context of events already known to the public. [Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.] The first massive wave of UFO sightings in the United States began in April, 1947. By early July, disc shaped flying saucers have been reported in every state except Georgia and West Virginia. According to eye witnesses, the objects travelled at tremendous speeds, frequently stopped to hover, and at times performed incredible maneuvers that would have destroyed any conventional aircraft. In addition to widespread public sightings, many military personnel observed the unknown objects flying near our most secret research areas. Including experimental aircraft bases, rocket test sights, and atomic weapons development centers. But the facts surrounding all of these incidents remained highly classified. And several years passed before NICAP investigators learned of them through former military officers. To calm public concern in the wake of the many sightings that had been reported, the Pentagon put out a press release stating that the so-called flying saucers were only a combination of: + Solar reflections on low hanging clouds + Small meteors that had broken up and + flattened hailstones caused by icing conditions. However, shortly after these rather improbably explanations were issued for public consumption, the then Army Air Force secretly completed it's first and real analysis of the UFOs. General Nathan F. [Twining], commander of the division responsible for the investigation, summarized its findings in a letter to the Pentagon which remained classified for over 20 years. Briefly, the letter reports that: :The phenomenon is something real and not visionary or fictitious. There are objects approximating the shape of a disc, some of which appear flat on bottom and domed on top. These objects are as large as a man-made aircraft. And have a metallic or light-reflecting surface. Further they exhibit extreme rates of climb and maneuverability with no associated sound and take action which must be considered evasive when contacted by aircraft and radar.: The summary also noted that several sightings have been made of well-kept formation flights involving 3 to 9 objects. General [Twining] concluded his letter by recommending that a full-scale investigation of the UFOs be immediately undertaken. At the Pentagon, Air Force Headquarters responded by initiating a secret high priority study of the flying discs code-named Sign. [Beep Beep Beep Beep] In February, 1948 Project Sign began an intensive 6 month investigation of the UFOs. Initially it was suspected that the Russians were developing captured German Jet Aircraft into new highly superior secret weapons, but this was eventually ruled out by our intelligence agents in Europe. On August 5, the project's officers sent their conclusions about the unknown objects to Air force Headquarters in a report known as :An Estimate of the Situation:. The situation was the widespread sightings, the estimate was that the UFOs were interplanetary space ships engaged in a systematic surveillance of our world for some unknown purpose. [Scary music] This incredible conclusion has never been officially admitted by The Air Force or any government agency, but the former chief of Project Blue Book, Captain Edward [Rupelt] and two other officers have confirmed Project Sign's findings to NICAP and other researchers. According to Captain [Rupelt] the Air Force feared that public disclosure of the interplanetary conclusion would result in a massive national panic. Only 10 years before Orson Wells' realistic radio play _War of the Worlds_ had caused thousands of unsuspecting people to flee their homes in terror believing that Martians had invaded and were destroying Earth civilization. In view of this incident the Air Force felt that it had no choice but to keep Project Sign's conclusions secret. A short time later, headquarters issued a press release calling the UFOs 'hoaxes, hallucinations, and the mis-identification of known objects.' [Beep Beep Beep Beep] Another large wave of UFO sightings occurred in 1952. On July 16 the United States Coast Guard officially released this photograph taken by one of it's personnel of four luminous objects which flew near a Salem, Massachusetts power plant. NICAP has learned that the Air Force unsuccessfully attempted to halt publication of this picture and was furious with the Coast Guard Commander responsible for it's release. 3 days later on July, 19 several UFOs maneuvered above Washington, DC. and at one point entered the highly restricted air space over the White House. F-94 interceptors were launched in pursuit, but were easily outdistanced by the objects which according to radar reports raced away at up to speeds of 7,000 miles per hour. [Audience ohhhhs and ahhhhhs] This widely publicized case and a nearly identical incident the following week generated intense public curiosity and speculation about the UFOs and this greatly worried the Air Force. On July 29 General John Sanford, head of intelligence, held a press conference at the Pentagon and announced that the Washington sightings were the result of an "atmospheric illusion caused by a temperature inversion." But this attempt to explain away the unexplainable did little to dampen public interest in the phenomenon and a National fascination with flying saucers was rapidly developing. [Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep] Alarmed by the developments of the previous year the Central Intelligence secretly took charge of UFO policy in 1953. On January 18 a CIA sponsored group of scientists known as The Robertson Panel issued a classified recommendation calling for the debunking of the flying saucers in order to reduce public interest in them. This was to be accomplished by planting articles in magazines and arranging media programming which would attempt to convince Americans that UFOs were either mis- identified man-made objects or natural phenomenon. This recommendation was approved and the secret debunking campaign has been in effect ever since. Some months after the Robertson Panel met, the Air Force quietly issued regulation 200-2 which established formal procedures for reporting UFO sightings made by it's personnel and further forbade the release of such information to the press or public. As the year ended the Joint Chiefs of Staff issued a far more comprehensive regulation on UFOs known as JANAP-146. This secret order established a top priority communications channel for all military pilots to use to report airborne UFO sightings. Previous to this pilots had filed their reports once they had landed. Now however, they were ordered to immediately transmit a service report to the nearest Air Force Base which would allow jets to be rapidly launched to intercept the objects. But JANAP- 146 did not apply to military pilots only. Because many commercial pilots were also seeing UFOs a decision was made at the Pentagon to impose the order on the airline companies. Some years later that move was publicly protested by a group of veteran pilots as noted in this news account wherein one called the new policy "A lesson in lying, intrigue, and the Big Brother attitude carried to the ultimate extreme." The airlines themselves however agreed to comply with the order. Because JANAP-146 is covered by the espionage laws and stipulates severe penalties for revealing UFO sightings, very few pilots, military or commercial, have publicly reported their airborne encounters. Collectively the policy decisions of 1953 established a program of official censorship and covert manipulation of public opinion regarding UFOs. Throughout the 1950s this program reinforced the already skeptical attitudes of most Americans who believed the idea of alien spaceships was utter nonsense. But unknown to the public an extremely important event was about to take place. [Beep Beep Beep Beep] In the Fall of 1961 there occurred an incident involving alleged contact with UFO occupants that would later gain international recognition. Such stories had been heard before of course. During the 1950s UFO cultists known as "Contactees" openly claimed to be in communication with beings from other worlds who are visiting Earth in their flying saucers. Not surprisingly, nearly all of these claims proved to be hoaxes or were made by mentally disturbed persons. [Audience laughs.] But the Case of Betty and Barney Hill was different. Late one September night the couple was driving a deserted stretch of road in rural New Hampshire when they spotted a UFO approaching their car. They then heard a beeping sound and immediately became drowsy. [Beep Beep Beep Beep] Eventually they found themselves several miles further down the road with no memory of having driven there and had lost 2 hours they could not account for. Troubled by this strange experience the Hills finally consulted a nationally known psychiatrist, Dr. Benjamin [Si??] and agreed to undergo time-regression hypnosis. This is a memory retrieval technique regularly used by doctors for therapeutic purposes and by law-enforcement agencies to reconstruct crimes. Under hypnosis, Betty and Barney vividly recall the events of the missing two hours and later drew pictures of what had happened. Slowly, and with mounting fear each of them relived a frightening encounter with alien beings who took them from their car and led them aboard the now landed UFO. They were then separated and given lengthy medical examinations. Afterwards, one of the aliens approached Betty and began to communicate with her in broken English, she responded by asking the location of the Alien's planet. At this, the being led her to a large star map which he indicated showed their home base as well as other solar systems that they had visited either to trade with or explore. [Astral moaning music] Finally, Betty was told that she and Barney would not remember their experience. They were then led back to their car where they watched the UFO rapidly depart. As fantastic as this story seems, many researchers now consider it to be a genuine case of contact with beings who are alien to this planet. One final note about this incident: In 1969 a radar report was obtained from [Peas ?] Air Force base which indicates that a UFO was indeed tracked on the night, at the time, and in the area where the Hills claimed have had their close encounter. [Beep Beep Beep Beep] The largest wave of UFO sightings occurred in 1965. From coast to coast strange low flying flying objects were reported almost nightly by people of all ages and walks of life. These sketches compiled by a NICAP researcher represent a small sample of hundreds of investigated cases in which truly unknown objects were judged to have been involved. As the year progressed the number of reports rose dramatically. On the night of August 2 thousands of people in 4 midwestern states witnessed spectacular aerial displays by large formations of UFOs. That same night a multicolored disc was photographed in Tulsa Oklahoma while several persons watched it perform low altitude maneuvers. This picture was extensively analyzed, pronounced authentic, and later published by Life magazine and many newspapers. But the year's most incredible development was yet to come. On the evening of November 9 hundreds of UFO sightings were reported throughout the northeast. In New York State luminous objects were seen hovering over 3 very significant locations. + A Niagara Falls power plant + A [Syracuse] relay station + and the heart of New York City Within moments of the [Syracuse] sighting 9 northeastern states and parts of Canada experienced the largest power failure in history. Media accounts including those by NBC news, The Associated Press, and some local papers openly reported the UFO sightings and in a few cases suggested that they be investigated as a possible cause of the blackout. However, before this speculation could gain much momentum the Federal Power Commission announced that the problem had been caused by a broken relay in a Canadian power plant. This answer was accepted by the press and public and the UFO angle was quickly forgotten. But, the official explanation was untrue. Major [Keyhoe ?] reports that a private investigation by the utilities industry later concluded that the relay had NOT broken, but had been tripped by a huge, unexplainable surge of power. The only major paper which attempted to follow up on a possible UFO connection with the outage was the Boston Record America. But the paper's editors told a NICAP investigator that shortly after publishing this account of the Niagara Falls sighting they had been called by an Air Force officer at the Pentagon and severely reprimanded for printing the story. In any event, the public at large remained unaware of the presence of UFOs during the great northeast blackout. [Beep Beep Beep Beep] [My friend in reference to the beeping whispers: "I'm getting sleepy."] In 1966 and 67 UFOs were repeatedly sighted and tracked on radar as they maneuvered near our Nuclear Missile installations in 3 western states. Although these incidents were highly classified NICAP soon learned of them through it's contacts within the military. Public sightings meanwhile were making headlines. In March 1966 dramatic UFO reports in Michigan captured national attention and thereby threatened to undermine the official coverup. Responding to this crisis, the Air Force ordered it's civilian consultant Dr. J. Allen Hynek to hold a press conference and carefully explain the sightings. Dr. Hynek began by cautiously suggesting that at least some of the objects may have been luminous balls of marsh gas [local audience snicker] since a few of the UFOs had been seen over a swamp. Without waiting for him to finish indignant reporters broke for the phones to tell their papers what they considered to be One Official Debunking Answer Too Many. Apparently their editors agreed, because general press reaction was openly hostile and cartoonists had a field day. [Big laugh at a comic where caveman observer sees UFO/abduction and remarks: Whoa, the swamp gas sure is restless tonight.] [Diddly beeping] A short time later in the face of mounting criticism from the press, public, and congress.. Secretary of the Air Force Gerald Brown appeared on Capitol Hill and insisted that there was no evidence that the UFOs were interplanetary space craft. But while this raging controversy held the public's eye, behind the scenes, the mystery itself was continuing to unfold. In 1967 a Nebraska policeman had an encounter which was similar to that of Betty and Barney Hill which also resulted in a subsequent loss of memory. Later under time-regression hypnosis Patrolman Herbert [Schurmer] fearfully relived a confrontation with 3 alien beings who had emerged from a landed UFO. [Creepy Astral Sweeping] ::According to the hypnotic transcripts one of the beings apparently communicated with the trooper both verbally and telepathically telling him that they were intentionally showing off their craft and occasionally contacting individuals to slowly prepare the world when they would reveal themselves completely. The alien also said that people should have no fear of them because their intentions are not hostile.:: [Beep beep Beep beep] In addition to hundreds of sightings researchers note that there were over 50 cases involving reliable people who reported being abducted by UFO occupants. While nearly all of these incidents went unmentioned in the press one of them managed to gain international attention. On October 11 in [Pasagoula] Mississippi two shipyard workers, Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker told authorities that an egg shaped UFO suddenly landed near them as they fished from a pier. 3 silvery suited creatures then floated from the craft and carried the terrified men aboard where they were given medical examinations. After several minutes they were released and the UFO rapidly departed. "You just cant make people believe", Hickson was later quoted as saying. "But they better wake up and start believing. We are not alone and that's all there is to it." [Scary sound] [Beep Beep] In 1975 there occurred a second rash of sightings at our nuclear related military facilities. Over a two week period UFOs maneuvered near missile sights and bomber bases in Montana, Michigan, and Maine. As with similar incidents in the mid 60s all of these sightings were classified and the public and the press remain, for the moment, unaware of their existence. [Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep] In the fall of 1978 a large international wave of sightings suddenly erupted. The most dramatic of these occurred near New Zealand and involved an airborne television crew who filmed a UFO that flew alongside their plane for several minutes. This object and 4 others were also tracked on radar. Then in December, several UFO related Defense Department records were secured through a freedom of information suit brought against the government by various research groups. Among other things, the records detailed the classified missile and bomber base sightings which had occurred in 1975. According to the Washington Post the documents described the UFOs as brightly lighted, fast-moving vehicles that hovered over nuclear weapons storage areas and evaded all pursuit efforts. [Beep Beep Beep] In 1982 the Supreme Court refused to hear a case in which a research group called Citizens Against UFO Secrecy had sued the National Security Agency in effort to obtain its classified UFO documents. In a lower court The Agency admitted that it had over 150 UFO related files but refused to release them claiming it's intelligence gathering methods and the National Security of the United States would be jeopardized if the documents were made public. The Federal Judge hearing the case ruled in the NSAs favor. Eventually heavily censored copies of the documents were released. Although these revealed virtually nothing this episode nevertheless illustrated the US Governments repeated use of the National Security laws to withhold information about UFOs from the public. [Audience awwws as a page of a document is shown which has been completely blacked out except for outline markers themselves: c) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX d) XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX... etc..] [Beep beep Beep Beep] In 1985 two former Air Force officers, Lieutenant Robert M. Jacobs and Major Florenz L. [Mansmen], publicly disclosed their involvement in a highly classified incident that had occurred over 20 years earlier. Jacobs revealed that an Air Force missile test launched on September 15 1964 from [Vandenburg] Air Force base in California had a bizarre encounter with a UFO high over the Pacific Ocean. The former lieutenant was in charge of a photographic team that was filming the launch through a high powered radar guided telescope. Both Jacobs and his superior, Major [Mansmen], confirmed that when the film of the test was examined it revealed that the missile dummy nuclear warhead had been approached by a disc shaped object as it raced down the range towards it's target. The former Major has stated that analysis of the film demonstrated that the UFO was a classic disc. The center seemed to be a raised bubble. The entire lower saucer shape was glowing and rotating slowly. Said [Mansmen], "The assumption was that it was extraterrestrial." Analyzing the film frame by frame an Air Force team was amazed to find that the UFO began to pace the dummy warhead. Abruptly, 4 beams of light flashed from the disc in rapid succession. Seconds later, the warhead began to tumble and soon fell into the Pacific Ocean hundreds of miles short of it's target. According to Major [Mansmen] the film of this UFO incident was quickly confiscated by the CIA and everyone with knowledge of it was sworn to secrecy. [Beep Beep Beep] In 1990, the findings of an important UFO study were published. Researchers Kevin Randall and Don [Schmidt] had spent 3 years investigating the so-called Roswell Incident. This case involved the secret recovery of a large quantity of very strange wreckage by the Army Air Force in July 1947 in a remote part of New Mexico. At first, the military issued a press release stating that a crashed flying disc had been recovered. Shortly thereafter, however, the chief of the 8th Air Force held a press conference and claimed that the supposed flying saucer was only a downed weather balloon. But that explanation contradicts the testimony of former Colonel Jesse A. Marcel who was the first military man to arrive at the crash site. Marcel stated that the debris which was strewn over an area 3 quarters of a mile long was metallic and extremely light weight, but could not be cut or dented.. and when bent quickly returned to it's original shape. Researchers Randall and [Schmidt] tracked down other eye- witnesses who stated that 50 to 60 uniformed men spent nearly 3 days combing the crash site trying to retrieve every last piece of wreckage. It was also learned from retired military sources that 7 secret Air Force flights took the debris and a large mysterious crate to various destinations immediately after the recovery operation. In all, over 200 persons have provided testimony that contradict the official weather balloon explanation. One of these, Retired Colonel Thomas [DuBoughes ??] who was General [Reighmes ?] agitant in 1947 now flatly states that the weather balloon announcement was a cover story designed to deflate media interest in the crash. And so we must ask, Did a flying saucer crash in New Mexico in 1947? The quest for the facts continues. Finally, it must be noted that 6 witnesses connected with the Roswell incidents have stated that they had seen the bodies of dead alien beings that were recovered from the wreckage. [Astral Groove] END OF SLIDE PRESENTATION This is part 2 of a lecture entitled 'History of the Ufo' by Robert Hastings Nov 17 1994 [Anything wrong is my fault. I Made a lot Of Mis-capitalization mistakes as well as uther errors. Im sorry, for I was rushed. You need not remind me of My humaNity for I am fUlly aware. -brooke] [Warning: this file is BIG.] -------- [Audience Bustling after the Slide Show] HASTINGS: Ok, id like to begin this portion of the program not with a document, but rather a news count. And.. U.S. News and World Report is considered by most people to be a fairly conservative, relatively respectable news weekly. Every issue contains a feature called 'Washington Whispers' in which a variety of subjects are covered very briefly based on information in the hand's of this magazine's reporters and yet at time of publication have not received widespread attention. Next slide please; its on the center one Paul. In the spring of 1977 shortly after the Carter administration came to office, U.S. News made the prediction that before the year was out someone in the new administration, perhaps President Carter himself, would release information on UFOs to the public. Information this magazine chose to characterize as 'unsettling disclosures'. Now this in fact never took place; there was no official release of information on UFOs by the Carter regime. However, at about the same time a number of documents began to come forward, become available to the public, through the freedom of information act. Those documents indicate that at least as early as January of 1953 the group in our agent, uh, the group, rather, in our government having overall responsibility for coordinating UFO research is indeed the Central Intelligence Agency. So in my opinion this prediction by U.S. News was dead-on target. Next Slide please. As I indicated earlier. As I speak I would like to share with you excerpts from some of the documents upon which this program is based. I will be the first to admit that reading documents on a screen is not terribly exciting, in and of itself, but ive made some rather dramatic assertions in the course of the program and I think its incumbent upon me to be able to document at least a few of them in this program. Again, at the conclusion of the program I will provide an address that will allow any one of you to acquire up to 600 pages of these documents to read at your leisure. I will state at this juncture that some of the reproduction quality of the documents, in this case a CIA memo from 1952, the legibility is rather marginal. Unfortunately, the document appears exactly as it was released to researchers from the agency and we cannot therefore improve upon the quality. Most of what Im going to show you will be entirely legible. This type of venue with a flat floor CD plan makes it difficult to read type. If those of you who cant see clearly would like to shift chairs thats fine by me. In the next few minutes I will be presenting items relating to: One(1), the takeover of the official policy of secrecy on UFOs by the CIA. Two(2), documents relating to repeated UFO sightings decade after decade at nuclear weapons related facilities. Three(3), a document from September of 1976 that, believe it or not, concerns nothing less than a blow by blow account of an aerial dogfight between a UFO and a F-4 Phantom Aircraft. Copies of this particular document were sent to everyone from the White House to the Secretary of State and the highest levels of the U.S. government. And Finally(4), a document that was sent to FBI director J. Edgar Hoover in March of 1950 that states in black and white that the U.S. government has secretly recovered crashed flying saucers. ------- This internal CIA memorandum is from December of 1952. It was written by one Dr. Marshal Chadwell who was the assistant director of a component of the CIA called the Office of Scientific Intelligence. This memo we're about to read was directed to the then director of CIA, General Walter B. Smith. Next slide please. Halfway down, this same page in paragraph 4.. We now know that the then director was informed by Dr. Chadwell that during the proceeding few months CIA had been apprised of, informed of, numerous overflights by unknown aerial objects at some of this nation's most sensitive research and development facilities, specifically nuclear weapons related areas. Picking up paragraph 4, third line down, quote: :: At this time, the reports of incidents convince us that must have immediate attention:: One sentence further along it states, quote: :: Sightings of unexplained objects at great altitudes and travelling at high speeds in the vicinity of major U.S. defense installations are of such nature that they are not attributable to natural phenomenon or known types of aerial vehicles:: Next slide please. Consequently, this memo concludes with Dr. Chadwell recommending that the Director of CIA approach the NSC, the National Security Council with this matter. Quote: :: Attached hereto is a draft memorandum to the National Security Council and a simple draft NSC directive establishing this matter as a priority project throughout the intelligence and the defense research and development community:: Next slide please. The attached National Security Council directive itself invokes at the top what is called the National Security Act of 1947 and goes on to spell out how the CIA is to coordinate covert UFO research with other agencies within the U.S. government. The National Security Council by the way is made up of the President, Vice President, Secretaries of State and Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and director of CIA. There is no group higher in the United States government in terms of national security policy formulation. [Transcriber's note: Please note the next paragraph is one big honking mongoloid of a sentence.] Now, ...very... dry....stuff.. Very bureaucratic.. The point is: this document lays bare for the first time, decades later, for public inspection, the fact that while the Pentagon through official press releases and other announcements were dismissing UFOs as hoaxes, hallucinations, misidentified man-made or natural phenomenon year in and year out, in reality, behind the scenes, the U.S. government was fully aware of and highly alarmed by sightings of unknown aerial objects that flew higher, faster, were more maneuverable than anything we had flying, anything our intelligence agents said the Russians were flying.. these objects could come and go at will through American air space and if that were not enough from a National Security standpoint, we did not know the intent of the uh.. persons flying, or beings flying these whoever the pilots were.. if that were not enough the government knew that at least as early as 1948 these objects seemed to have a distinct interest in our nuclear weapons facilities. Next slide please. ------ I'd like to show you now two FBI memoranda from this period that describe UFO sightings from my home state of New Mexico in a little greater detail. This FBI memo is from January of 1949. It was directed to the then director of CIA, er excuse me, FBI, J. Edgar Hoover. It was authored by the special agent in charge of the San Antonio FBI office. The subject of this memo is, quote: :: PROTECTION OF VITAL INSTALLATIONS :: I think the first paragraph is worth reading in its entirety, quote: [Hastings in parenthesis] :: At recent weekly intelligence conferences of G2, : (which was Army Intelligence) : ONI, : (that is, the office of Naval Intelligence) : OSI, : (which is a counter intelligence component of the Air Force to which my father belonged) : and FBI in the 4th Army area, officers of G2 4th Army have discussed the matter of unidentified aircraft or unidentified aerial phenomenon; otherwise known as flying discs, flying saucers, and balls of fire.: (the next sentence was underlined presumably for emphasis) : This matter is considered top secret by intelligence officers of both the Army and the Air Forces. :: Next slide please. At the bottom of this same page in the last fairly lengthy paragraph we now know that the director of the FBI was informed that during the preceding two months there had been numerous sightings of unidentified flying objects near the Los Alamos nuclear weapons laboratories where only some 4 years earlier our government had secretly developed this planet's first nuclear weapons which we used against Japan. If you choose to read this memo, halfway down, para.. at the last fairly lengthy paragraph you can see that persons at Los Alamos who were reporting the UFOs to their security personnel included, quote: :: special agents of the office of special investigation : (which was Air Force counterintelligence) : airline pilots, military pilots, and Los Alamos security inspectors :: Next slide please. A second FBI memorandum from approximately a year and a half later indicates that the UFO sightings around Los Alamos and other sensitive highly classified research facilities in New Mexico had occurred with alarming frequency in the preceding 18 months or so. In the next slide please, halfway down the same page there is a brief one or two sentence description of what persons at Los Alamos and elsewhere were reporting as having witnessed. They included, One(1) ::Green fireballs, objects moving at high speed in shapes resembling half-moons, circles, and discs emitting green light.:: We know from other documents that these green fireballs were described as performing maneuvers, obviously were not meteors or meteorites on a straight line trajectory but indeed were doing all sorts of maneuvers suggesting they were either under intelligent control or remote control. Also reported were two(2) :: discs, round flat shaped objects or phenomenon moving at fast velocity and emitting a [bright?] white light or reflected light:: The memo goes on to say that some of the objects were meteor in appearance, meteorlike in appearance, and were later in fact judged to be so. But approximately 150 sightings of these objects were observed by personnel near very sensitive facili.. [Buuuurrrpp.. my tape recorder flipped the tape. Sorry.] ..included that of these 150 or so sightings 75 or 50% were judged to be of.. uh.. objects that were in fact not natural or man made phenomenon. Now in addition to this document and in addition to the sightings at Los Alamos many other documents from this era, late 40s early 50s, um.. available to you, too numerous for me to show you one after the other in this type of presentation, indicate that in addition to Los Alamos other UFO sightings were concentrated around the Oakridge National Laboratories in Tennessee, a facility at that time second only to Los Alamos in terms of its developm.., importance to the development of nuclear weapons in this country. Other documents deal with UFO sightings repeatedly occurring around the Hanford military reservation in Washington State [my friend whispers something about Twin Peaks] which was at that time the world's largest nuclear weapons grade plutonium production facility. To summarize, late 40s early 50s, the Pentagon began dismissing, at least publicly, UFO sightings as nothing to be alarmed by, nothing out of the ordinary, in reality, behind the scenes, the highest levels, and I mean up to the National Security Council were extremely concerned by these objects coming into American air space and repeatedly maneuvering near our nuclear weapons related facilities. Next slide please. ------- Moving on to the decade of the 1970s. In my slide show I note the fact that during the fall of 1975 a number of strategic air command bases in Maine, Michigan, and Montana experienced a rash of UFO sightings near nuclear weapons related installations. Either what are called weapons storage areas, bunkers containing nuclear bombs or missile warheads for storage, or at weapons deployment sights such as missile silos. I would like to share with you now parts of an officially released Air Force letter detailing UFO sightings near nuclear missile silos outside of [Maustrum] Air Force base, Great Falls, Montana, in early November 1975. Next slide please. There are far too many entries in this 4 page letter for me to read them all. I would like to quote a few to give you a sense of what security alert teams called SATs, these are heavily armed military police who guard the missile silos were reporting to command personnel at [Maumstrum] Air Force base in November of 1975. These excerpts are verbatim, that is word for word excerpts from what are called commander's logs. In this instance commander of [Maumstrum] Air Force base compiling data detailing summaries of these incidents to be sent up the chain of command to Washington. Picking up at the top. :: 7, November 75. Received a call from the 341st Strategic Air Command post saying that the following missile locations reported seeing a large, red to orange to yellow object :: It then lists the missile silos by their coded designations, M1 etc. The next entry, [too difficult to discern Hastings commentary from quote simply by tone of voice so I chunked the following bit together] : SAC, (in this case Strategic Air Command) advise that the Launch Control Facility, LCF, (thats the blockhouse that has the electronics that actually would launch nuclear missiles) at [Harleton?] Montana observed an object which emitted a light which illuminated the site driveway. : Later that same evening: : SAC advise missile sight K1 says very bright object to their east is now southeast of them and they are looking at it with binoculars. Object seems to have lights, several on it, but no distinct pattern. The orange-gold object overhead also has small lights on it : And then the last entry from the same evening: : Missile sight L1 reports that the object to their northeast seems to be issuing a black object from it - tubular in shape. In all this time surveillance : (meaning radar) : has not been able to detect any sort of track except for known traffic. : Shortly, we'll see that that in fact changed, and ultimately radar contact was established with these objects in the air simultaneous to the observations of them from the ground by the security alert team members. Next slide please. A couple of entries from 8, November 75.. and if you could [rack?] through focus on that for me, Paul.. :: A security camera team at missile sight k4 reported UFO with white lights, one red light 50 yards behind white light. Personnel at k1 seeing same object. :: There are then some entries which you may read for yourself if you wish indicating as I have said that ultimately radar contact with the UFOs was in fact established at [Maumstrum] and other radar facilities across the western United States. Once that occurred and these object's positions were known, Jets were launched from [Maumstrum] Air Force base to attempt an intercept of them not the least because they were maneuvering in near air space above nuclear missiles very sensitive strategic offensive weapons sites. In the second to the last entry we read, quote: :: From SAC command post. From 4 different points : (meaning missile locations) : observed objects and fighters. When fighters arrived in the area the lights went out. When fighters departed the lights came back on. : (and then it says, and this is important..) : To NCLC. :: Indicating that the commander of [Maumstrum] Air Force base was so concerned about the incursion into sensitive air space near these sights by unknown aerial objects, unknown origin, unknown intent, that the commander flashed information via teletype to what is called the NORAD combat operations center in Colorado Springs to inform them of what was taking place. This is precisely the action the commander would have taken if he had some evidence or concern that hostile intent, sabotage perhaps, was being directed against these missiles. In the last entry, from the same evening, :: From SAC command post. Missile sight L5 reported object increased in speed, high velocity, raised in altitude, and now cannot tell object from the stars :: That is almost a word for word description to one provided me at [Maumstrum] some 8 years earlier, except in the case when I was there it was an air traffic control radar account, a height finder radar tracking of 5 unknown targets performing a high speed vertical ascent. In this instance apparently you have a single object observed by one or more security guards at the silos either by naked eye or through binoculars witnessing the same object or type of object ascending and disappearing against the background of stars very quickly. Now the entry directly below the one that I just read I think is perhaps the most revealing in this entire 4 page letter. In that apparently the actual shape of the object could be discerned by security personnel on the ground, it was not a bright light or series of lights. Quote, :: SAC command post reports UFO 20 miles southeast of Lewistown. Orange white disc object. 24th NORAD region surveillance checking area, surveillance unable to get height check. :: Next slide please. Uh.. one more. Next slide please. There we go. One last document relating to nuclear weapons cases. You'll note that the appearance of this slide is markedly different than the preceding slides. Thats because this is not a part of the officially released Air Force letter that I have been excerpting from. This in fact is a leaked document. Now I do not and never have advocated the leaking of U.S. government documents on the subject of UFOs or any other subject. But in 1977 someone within the Defense Intelligence Agency, DIA, released this teletype message and two related documents to a number of news organizations including the Washington Post. Indeed this documentation provided enough leading information to researchers to allow them to file freedom of information requests, that generated the documents that I have been showing you previously. This deals with cases similar to those that I have been discussing, same time frame, November of 1975, except at other locations. Picking up fourth line down, part 3. :: [Mynot?] Air Force Base : (which is in North Dakota) : on 10 November reported that the site was buzzed by a bright object the size of a car at an altitude of 1,000 to 2,000 feet. There was no noise emitted by the vehicle. :: And finally, part 4. :: This morning, 11 November 75, Canadian Forces Station Falcon Bridge : (which is in Ontario) : reported search and height finder radar pings on an object 25 to 30 nautical miles south of the site. Ranging in altitude from 26,000 to 72,000 feet. : (For point of reference commercial airliners fly at approximately 30,000 feet) : the site commander and other personnel say that the object appeared as a bright star but much closer. With binoculars the object appeared as a 100 foot diameter sphere and appeared to have craters around the outside. :: Now first let me emphasize that what I have presented here is a very small part of the total documents relating to nuclear weapons incidents involving UFOs. I think the obvious question is 'What is going on here?' and in my opinion the honest answer is that researchers simply do not have enough information, enough pieces of the puzzle, to draw any final conclusions. I will however bring to your attention the fact that over the past two decades dozens, literally dozens, of former and retired security alert team members or individuals who were assigned to missile and maintenance squadrons have been interviewed by researchers such as myself, I have interviewed nearly 20 of these gentlemen, what they have told us is startling to say the least. These individuals who provide us service records and other documentation corroborating their prepense in the squadrons at the bases they maintain they were in and at have stated that when these disc shape objects were sighted and tracked on radar hovering near our missiles, missiles lost all electrical power. All electronics went off line. Depending case to case. In some instances for simply a few minutes, in one case for which we have multiple sources, individuals talking about this one particular case, over 24 hours elapsed during which there was no power available to these missile systems. They were in effect unlaunchable. Our sources further state, if that were not enough, that all efforts on the part of missile maintenance squadron personnel, these are missile technical persons, as well as civilian utility company personnel, power company personnel, to attempt to reinstate power to these missiles, to get them back on line, proved fruitless. Our sources state that nothing that was done based on their expertise had any effect whatsoever to get these missiles functioning once again and YET, without any outside intervention, and our sources are adamant about this, without any outside intervention, power suddenly reinstated itself to these missile systems. Now my opinion is that these individuals are truthful and sincere. Indeed one document has become available corroborating one of these power losses at [Mynot] Air Force base in August 1966 and I believe in time additional documents and sources will become available to corroborate these individuals assertions. For those of you who may have seen approximately 2 months ago the ABC prime time program on Thursday evenings hosted by Sam Donaldson umm.. there was a segment in which former Soviet KGB, that is state security police, and former Soviet military personnel, allowed themselves to be interviewed by western journalists for the first time, discussing UFO sightings in the former Soviet Union. One of the individuals interviewed on this ABC news program indicated that the Soviets were having their problems with UFOs at their nuclear silos. This one former military person stated that at one point in the early 1980s the entire electronics involving launch sequence at one facility began to function on its own with no human intervention, began going through what would have been a launch sequence, and according to this man while the technicians were running around terrified that this could be a launching of an actual missile toward the United States, the system suddenly shut itself down. Now this is something I predicted 10 years ago. I was confident based on the testimony provided me and other researchers about these types of incidents at our nuclear missile installations. Im not psychic but Id seeme.. it seemed logical to me that if these things were indeed occurring here I was willing to bet that the Soviets were experiencing the same type of bizarre incidents. And apparently if these former Soviet military and KGB persons are to be believed, that indeed did take place. Now my opinion is that perhaps one of the reasons our government has chosen to keep its rather extensive knowledge of the UFO phenomenon from public view year after year is perhaps its uncertainty or apprehension as to what public response, what reaction would be, if this type of information were widely and openly disseminated. Thats simply a personal opinion. Next slide please. Moving on to another area. -------- In my slide show I mentioned that in July of 1952 literally dozens of UFOs overflew this nation's capital on two successive weekends. These objects were tracked on military and civilian radar in the greater Washington D.C. area. Tracking data indicated they were in essence at times hovering at other times they performed speeds, performed maneuvers at speeds in the neighborhood of 7,000 miles per hour. These incidents were highly publicized. Uhh.. newspapers such as the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times carried detailed stories about them. Shortly thereafter these same newspapers and in this case the Associated press published articles suggesting that as a result of these overflights of the nation's capitol by these unknown aerial objects the Pentagon had implemented a shoot order to intercept the pilots to in effect fire upon UFOs should the opportunity present itself. [?] Now I have heard and other researchers have heard hundreds and hundreds of rumors. Stories largely unsubstantiated, stories about alleged aerial intercept attempts of UFOs by military interceptors. There is to my knowledge however only one document currently in the public domain that describes one of these intercept attempts in any kind of detail, it is intriguing to say the least, and I would like to share it with you now. Next slide please. This is the top half of the first page of a 3 page teletype message called a [Twix?] This that we are about to read was sent from the U.S. embassy in Tehran, Iran in September of 1976. Copies of this teletype were directed to, this is the actual routing of the message, beginning at the top the.. :: JCS : (Joint Cheifs of Staff who are the heads of the military services received a copy. Reading one line at a time..) : Sec State : (That is to say Secretary of State Henry Kissinger received a copy) : CIA, National Security Council, White House, Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Chief of Naval Operations, : (Navy operations) : Chief of Staff of the Army : (further along) : Sec Def : (which is to say, Secretary of Defense Harold Brown received a copy) :: In short, the creme of the creme of the intelligence community and national security apparatus in this nation received a copies of what we are about to read. Now, before we actually look at this I have to give you a little background. In September of 1976 when this memorandum or teletype message was sent from our embassy in Iran to Washington, the Shaw was still in power, this is prior to the embassy hostage crisis, and the Ayatollah Khomeni's regime. At that time our government had what were called MAGs.. military assistance and advisory groups in Iran training the Shaw's military forces. This incident involved two American trained Iranian Air Force pilots flying two American built F-4 Phantom aircraft and describes what occurred when they attempted to intercept an unidentified flying object north of the nation's capitol of Tehran. Now, the actual transmission of this teletype begins at the bottom of the first page, there were only two lines on that first page so I did not devote a slide to it. It indicates that persons at a place called [Cheroke?] Air Force Base had received calls from citizens in the [Chemaron?] district of Tehran reporting that they had seen strange objects in the sky. Some reported a kind of bird like object while others reported a helicopter with a light on. There were no helicopters airborne at that time. The black gap in the next paragraph was a reference to one of these Iranians at [Cheroke] Air Force base. This individuals name was censored by the U.S. state department when this document was released through the freedom of information act. In any event this individual told the citizen it was only stars and had talked to the [Miribad] air traffic control tower. He decided to look for himself. He noticed an object in the sky similar to a star but bigger and brighter. He decided to scramble, that is launch an F-4 from [Cheroke] Air Force base to investigate. :: B) At 01:30 (hours) on the 19th the F-4 took off and preceded to a point about 40 nautical miles north of Tehran. Due to it's brilliance the object was clearly visible from 70 miles away. As the F-4 approached a range of 25 nautical miles he lost all instrumentation and communications. He broke off the intercept and headed back to [Cheroke]. When the F-4 turned away from the object and apparently was no longer a threat to it the aircraft regained all instrumentation and communications. :: :: At 01:40 (hours) a second F-4 was launched. :: There are then some lines devoted to navigational jargon. Next slide please. Picking up a paragraph C which is two lines below the top white dot. :: C) The size of the radar return was comparable to that of a 707 tanker. : (thats the military version of a Boeing 707 jetliner.. quite large) : the visual size of the object was difficult to discern because of its intense brilliance. The light that it gave off was that of flashing strobe lights arranged in a rectangular pattern and alternating blue, green, red, and orange in color. The sequence of the lights was so fast that all the colors could be seen at once. :: And now the action intensifies significantly... :: The object and pursuing F-4 continued on a course to the south of Tehran when another object brightly lighted object estimated to be one half to one third the apparent size of the moon came out of the original object. This second object headed straight toward the F-4 at a very fast rate of speed. The pilot attempted to fire an A9 (that is, air to air missile) at the object but at that instant his weapons control panel went off and he lost all communications. At this point the pilot initiated a turn and negative G (or gravity dive) to get away. As he turned the object fell in trail at what appeared to be about 3-4 nautical miles. As he continued in his turn away from the primary object the second object went to the inside of his turn and then returned to the primary object for a perfect rejoin. :: :: D) Shortly after the second object joined up with the primary object another object appeared to come out of : (next slide please) : the other side of the primary object going straight down at a great rate of speed. The F-4 crew had regained communications and the weapons control panel and watched the object approach the ground anticipating a large explosion. This object appeared to come to rest gently on the Earth and cast a very bright light over an area of 2-3 kilometers. :: There are then some lines devoted to the pilot returning to [Cheroke] Air force base. Upon debriefing it was determined that this pilot and indeed the pilot who had returned to base earlier had to land their aircraft by instruments because their night vision was severely impaired by the brilliance of the UFO. But the aerial encounter wasnt over yet. Picking up 3 lines above the lower white dot. :: While the F-4 was on a long final approach the crew noticed another cylinder shaped object about the size of a T-Bird at 10 meters : (A TBird is a small military jet training aircraft) : with bright steady lights on each end and a flasher in the middle. :: Again, upon debriefing it was determined that this reference to a T-Bird at 10 meters was based on the pilot and the backseater, as hes called, radarman on this aircraft, stating to their debriefers that as they were approaching the base for a final touchdown this object, cylinder shaped object, in effect buzzed their aircraft narrowly missing it at an estimated distance of 10 meters or some 30 feet. Next slide please. And finally this teletype concludes with paragraph E which is about 5 lines below the top white dot. :: E) During daylight, the F-4 crew was taken out to the area in a helicopter where the object apparently had landed. Nothing was noticed at the spot where they thought the object landed : (a dry lakebed) : but as they circled off to the west of the area they picked up a very noticeable beeper signal. At the point where the return was loudest was a small house with a garden. They landed and asked the people within if they had noticed anything strange last night the people talked about a loud noise and a very bright light like lightning. The aircraft and area where the object is believed to have landed are being checked for possible radiation. :: And then finally, this last gap in the final paragraph is a reference to the defense attache' at the U.S. embassy indicating he will forward more information to Washington as it becomes available. Again, the U.S. State department censored this individual's identity at the time this was released. Now, it has been determined that the defense intelligence agencies, the military CIA, did conduct a exhaustive analysis of this case. They have admitted that they did issue a report relating to their investigation. They maintain however in response to freedom of information requests by researchers that information in this report is exempt from provisions of the freedom of information act and to my knowledge have these many years thus far refused to release this particular report to the public. And so we as researchers and you the public cannot know much more about this case then what I have presented here. Interestingly, the FOX program Sightings which does UFO segments actually had taped for the first time to my knowledge a number of the military personnel at [Cheroke] Air Force Base including some pilots who were involved in this incident. Theyve all fled Iran and the Ayatollah regime. They now live in Western Europe or the United States. And the individuals corroborated in this program precisely the events that were presented here. And one of the individuals were asked by the interviewer 'Could this have been a spy plane?' and his response was "Perhaps a spy plane from outer space." Next slide please. ------- One last document. I noted earlier that the reproduction quality of some of the documents in the public domain was rather poor. This one wins a prize in that regard I think. But what it has to say is rather interesting. This FBI memo was sent to the then director J. Edgar Hoover on March 22, 1950. It was written by one Guy [Ontel?] who was the special agent in charge of the Washington FBI office. The subject of this memo is quote: :: Flying Saucers Information Concerning :: The first sentence and other parts of the memo have been censored by the FBI when this was released in 1976 through the freedom of information act. As much of it as we can read, as is, is as follows: :: The following information was furnished especially for : (whoever) : by : (whoever) : An investigator for the Air Force stated that that three so-called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico. They were described as being circular in shape with raised centers. Approximately 50 feet in diameter. Each one was occupied by 3 bodies of human shape but only 3 feet tall. Dressed in metallic cloth of a very fine texture. Each body was bandaged in a manner similar to the blackout suits used by speed flyers and test pilots. According to Mr. : (whoevers) : informant the saucers were found in New Mexico due to the fact that the government has a very high power radar setup in that area and it is believed that the radar interferes with the control mechanism of the saucers. No further evaluation was attempted by special agent : (whoever) : concerning the above. :: Now, at first glance this is very intriguing stuff. Some have called this the smoking gun document, the document that proves that the government has in its possession craft and bodies confirming the extra-terrestrial nature of the UFOs. In my opinion, however, it falls far short of that. In the first instance the name of the original source of the information and the FBI special agent to whom the information was given; those individual's identities remain unknown. Assuming optimistically that they are still alive 44 years after the writing of this document, researchers cannot approach them to attempt to illicit additional information that would either tend to confirm or refute the statements made in this memorandum. Beyond that very fundamental problem the document is very vaguely worded. It does not for example identify the specific location of this radar installation in New Mexico, it does not indicate clearly whether these alleged crashes occurred simultaneously or over some period of time, it does identify what component or components of the military or the government were involved in the recovery of these alleged craft, crashed craft, and it gives no hint whatsoever as to what became of these craft and bodies if indeed they were recovered. So, if one is to be conservative all one can say is that in March of 1950, J. Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI, was privately informed that the government had secretly recovered crashed flying saucers and if you read this I think the inference is that we are dealing with craft piloted by beings whos origin is not of this planet. Let me assure you this is absolutely authentic, any one of you could write to the FBI tomorrow, direct your letter to the freedom of information officer at the bureau, mention the date of this memorandum, you can get a copy directly from Washington if you wish. This may or may not relate to the so-called Roswell incident which occurred some 3 years earlier. Now Ive covered that briefly in my slide show, this particular episode has gotten quite a bit of national attention in recent years through programs such as Unsolved Mysteries. I would only add at this juncture that two researchers; one named Kevin Randall, the other Don Schmidt have interviewed and gotten on record over 200 former and retired military personnel including two retired Air Force generals making statements finally for the first time as to what really occurred in southeastern New Mexico in July of 1947. I mentioned General Thomas [DuBoughes ?] who stated he knew for a fact that the weather balloon story was a cover story designed to get media attention and public attention away from the recovery operation back in New Mexico. The second person worth mentioning I believe is retired Air Force brigadier general Arthur Exxon. In 1990 researcher Kevin Randall got general Exxon to state in a recorded interview that he, Exxon, was at Wright Field, later Wright Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton Ohio, when according to later General Exxon stated literally planeloads of debris from this object arrived at the base for analysis. There are at that base even to this day components of aeronautical engineering teams which are engaged in various technology assessments of foreign aircraft. According to general Exxon in the months that he was at Wright field before being transferred elsewhere he was told by persons involved in these attempts to analyze this recovered debris, that no headway could be made, they could not determine its origin or of method of manufacture; that it was extraordinary to say the least and uny, uhh.. unlike anything that either we or the then Soviet Union was known to have. At one point during this taped interview with Kevin Randall, general Exxon refers to the object recovered at Roswell as quote: :: A craft from space :: endquote. For those of you who may have seen the Larry King UFO special that aired this past October 1st, you may have seen a brief taped segment with former U.S. senator Barry Goldwater. Goldwater, for those of you too young to remember was the republican presidential candidate in 1964 running against Lyndon Johnson. He was in the senate for many many years, had very many high level positions involved with the senate, oversight operations of the intelligence community, this individual was also the [?] general in the Air Force reserves for decades. Goldwater for years has stated that he had heard from persons within our government whom he considered reliable that at Wright Patterson Air Force base there was a facility commonly known as Hanger 18, Senator Goldwater refers to it as The Blue Room, in which Goldwater sources told him was physical evidence confirming the existence of alien spacecraft. General, or excuse me, Senator Goldwater in this taped segment with Larry King uh.. acknowledged on tape for the first time that indeed he had asked every chief of staff of the Air Force for 20 some years to gain access to the Blue Room in that he was U.S. senator, he was a general in the Air Force reserve.. Goldwater states in this taped interview that every chief of staff he asked rebuffed him and he quotes a man named general Curtis [Lamey ? (sounds like La Mey) ] in the early 60s as saying "Hell no, you cant go, I cant go, and dont ask me again." When the interview concludes the interviewer asks Goldwater 'Do you think our government knows that UFOs are real and are keeping this fact from the American public?' His response was: "Yes." [Local: Ping, 'stop it', ping, 'stop it'] Now what I emphasize to my audience is even though finally we have on the public record persons of the stature of Goldwater, the two generals I mentioned, and literally dozens of other former high ranking military people testifying as to what actually occurred at Roswell, it sure wasnt a weather balloon, it wasnt a spy balloon as is the Pentagons latest version of the events, but something quite extraordinary. This is all still circumstantial evidence, this is not physical proof that the object recovered at Roswell was indeed a craft from space as Exxon has stated. But at the very least I think one has to ask onesself why persons of these stature ..uh.. would now come forward and make what seem to be, on their face, rather bizarre claims. My opinion based on what I know about the Roswell case is that indeed it will be found in time, at some point in the future, that our government has had in its possession absolute proof, physical evidence, that indeed UFOs are craft from another world. [Local whisper: Steven Speilburg might do the movie. (laugh) No, Im serious.] Next slide please. ----------------- For those of you who would like to acquire up to 600 pages of these now unclassified documents on UFOs.. [I talk overtop of him: Fund for UFO Research P.O. Box 277 Mt. Reiner, Maryland 20712 ] .. The fund for UFO research is a registered non-profit research organization in the state of Maryland. This group currently sells sets of documents, 3 sets.. 200 pages each, the funds generated by the sales of the documents go to fund various research projects into the UFO phenomenon. If you wish to acquire these documents simply write to the fund and ask for their list of publications. Now I am not affiliated with the fund, Ive not made a nickel off the sales of these documents, but Ive publicized this because in my estimate this is the most direct, efficient, way for the average person to acquire these now declassified documents. And now a very brief conclusion. [Local babble: ..'very brief'..] ---------- At this point in time... [I repeated the address at this point overtop of Mr. Hastings statements..] .. wealth of evidence proving the existence of an official, high level, ongoing, policy of secrecy on UFOs on the part of the U.S. military and intelligence community. Whether or not this deception of the public was and is justifiable, I believe, is open to debate. The fact that it has occurred now, however, is irrefutable. In my opinion it is simply a question of time, whether it be tomorrow or twenty years from now, before all of this will be officially acknowledged. Probably not only in this country, but all over the world. And in my estimate, the best thing that we all can do in the meantime is to set aside our prejudices, our preconceived notions, about UFOs, our tabloid mentality concept of what they are and are not, and begin to consult credible sources of information as to what the U.S. government has had to confront, in secrecy, for the past 4 decades. In short I think we are all in for a very rude awakening. And finally Ill say this: On the subject of UFOs noone has all the answers, I sure dont. But I guarantee what you have seen and heard here tonight is far closer to the truth than anything the U.S. government has told you about UFOs. Could we have the house lights up please.. -------------- Thus ends Part 2.. There was also a question and answer period following that will also be transcribed and posted for your reading enjoyment - Brooke GS> I dont have the next part....yet


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