Speculations by Hurn Today: Interplanetary Pagan Ideals or Space-Craft A strange thought s

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Speculations by Hurn Today: Interplanetary Pagan Ideals or Space-Craft A strange thought struck me the other day. I don't know what made me think of it, but for some reason, while at work, I suddenly thought of the "Welcome Message" which had been affixed to the side of a couple of Voyager space-craft... you remember... a Gold Plaque which had a drawing of our solar system, a diagram of a Carbon Atom (to show that we are a carbon based lifeform), some binary code which showed that we use a base 10 system of mathematics, but most importantly (for the purpose of this article), an etching depicting a Man and a Woman. This drawing, which shows a man and a woman, standing naked (or, more correctly in this case, nude), side by side. The man is holding his hand up in what NASA's PR release called "a universal sign of friendship". Now, I admit that I may be somewhat biased, but something about this strikes me as typically Pagan... the pair's poses remind me of Statues of the Lord and Lady (God and Goddess/ dual Godhead/ call Them what you will) that I have seen, minus the symbolic trappings, of course (most representations include such things as the Crescent Moon, and a Cup for the Lady; The Sun, and Horns for the Lord). As the similarities struck me, I did find some humor in the situation: The traditional Christian view of God and Heaven always put them "Out There", or up, beyond this world; whereas the Pagan Tradition generally referred to the divinity as being very much a part of the Earth.. (or the Earth being a part of the Divinity). And here we are, with a space-craft on a trajectory which will take it out of our Solar-System, which has no markings characteristic of the Christian Religions, but a picture which could easily be interpreted as being representative of the Pagan Religions. Just thought you might want to know... Blessed Be... Hurn {forgive the pun in the subtitle...I couldn't help myself} H.


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