Csango- God of virility and strength, also of thunder and lightning. Above all, is represe

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Csango- God of virility and strength, also of thunder and lightning. Above all, is representative of unbridled sexuality. There is no deity more vehement nor energetic. Could also be described as the god of "all". (In Cuba called by the Catholic saint name: Santa Barbara). Babalu aye- God of illnesses. According to myth, he was quite a rake and in time, contractec leprosy. Later, as an old man on crutches, he became a seer who could look into the future, and is now highly venerated. (In Cuba called by the Catholic saint name: San Lazaro) Yemaya- Queen of the Seas, and "goddess of motherhood, though not of love" ( in contrast to Ochun) She is depicted as a virtuous mother, prudent, intelligent, and a t the same time, warm, human and happy. (In Cuba called by the Catholic saint name: La Virgen de Regla) Ochun- Goddess of love and lust. She is depicted as being very attractive ( if not sensuous, wittty and wicked. She is said to be the daughter of mountains, since she was born there. She is also the goddess of river and lagoons, and of gold. Ochun represents all things sweet, beautiful and/voluptuous.( in Cuba called by the Catholic saint name:Virgen de la Caridad) Obatala- seems to be depicted as a bisexual deity depending on the occasion. In Africa, Obatala is considered creator of the world. Among the AfroCubans, the female counterpart is the personification of all things feminine, maternal, creative. (In Cuba called by the Catholic saint name :Virgen de las Mercedes) Eleggua- God(guardian) of the crossroads. All rituals are first begun by invoking Eleggua (also known as Echu). He is known to punish thos4e who do not respect him. He is a restles god, and for his won amusement, causes much annoyance to mortals. It seems that even among the other deities, he is a bit of a practical joker, though at times not very funny. It is said that some Christians regard Eleggua as the very devil-- though in this mythology `, there is no personage as completely evil as Satan. Ogun- The god of all things iron and mineral, also god of the mountains. A war-like god. He is symbolized by machetes, picks, shovels, hammers, chains, and in this modern age, by automobiles, airplanes, tanks, all articles made of iron or steel, etc. Ochosi- God of the hunt (wildlife). Symmbolized t`by the bow and arrow. ref: Dr. Cristobal Diaz Ayala-- Musica Cubana del Areyto a la nueva trova.book


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