Date: 11-15-88 07:06 To: All Subj: Santeria, part 2 of 9 EID:71f9 116ab44c The Africans w

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Date: 11-15-88 07:06 From: Ammond Shadowcraft To: All Subj: Santeria, part 2 of 9 EID:71f9 116ab44c The Africans who were brought to (what is now) the Caribbean, Central and South America were in a sense, lucky. Here they found almost an identical weather, flora and similar fauna that enabled them to quickly adapt to their own ways of "thinking" and to some extent, of living. And it is at this point that the history of modern day "Cult of the Orichas" (cult of the saints) begins... Customs and traditions of the white men were forced on the new inhabitants; particularly, religious ones: Catholicism. They had no choice, it was submission or to face certain they yielded...aparently, for the similarities among the catholic way of worship and their own became quite obvious. When the catholic priest spoke of Jesus they saw "Olofin"; when they spoke of God they saw "Olordumare"; when they spoke of the Holy Spirit they saw "Baba Nkua" and so it was with the rest of the Catholic Saints... So it was that under a disguise of conversion they were able to sustain and even promote their ancestral religion:"The religion of the Orichas (Saints)". Another factor that contributed to the proliferation of their religious practise was that of "sympathetic" masters. These usually were slaves masters who owned their health (or the health of any other family member) to a "local" Santeria priest (they were expert herbalists). On other occasions, African sorcerers helped some of these owners get out of embarrassing situations with the help of their "magic" (namely, manufacturing of potions for poisoning, for inducing sleep, as stimulants, for inducing abortions, etc. etc.). These particular type of help was only given when the sorcerer was certain that the master who requested his services (Thru the intervention of a friendly slave who was the link between the sorcerer and the master) could be trusted; sorcerers didn't dare to take the initiative of using their magic against any of the white men, for the price if known was severely high: Death by torture; sometimes, "Blanching", that is, taking the skin off the live slave exposing the white portion underneath. In any case it was complete annihilation of his family, himself and any other slaves suspected of helping him. In Cuba and some portions of the Caribbean this religion is known as "Santeria" or The religion of the Saints. In Haiti it is known as "VooDoo", in Brazil is "Macumba" and in some portions of the lesser antilles "Candomble". The differences in naming this religion has its roots in history itself... Spain, Portugal and France were the commanding colonizing nations of these portions of the new world. Spain colonized Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Cuba, Mexico and some other countries --- * Origin: SMARTNet - Who says OPUS can't Fly? (Opus 1:128/23)


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