Date: 11-15-88 07:05 To: All Subj: Santeria. part 1 of 9 EID:71f9 116ab42d +quot;The Afro

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Date: 11-15-88 07:05 From: Ammond Shadowcraft To: All Subj: Santeria. part 1 of 9 EID:71f9 116ab42d "The Afro-Antillian Religion of the Lucumis..." by JSR:. On the history of Santeria... It was in the days of the conquest...manpower was needed to cultivate the land and to work hard, very hard. The native inhabitants of this newly discovered land enslaved by the conquerors were dying by the hundreds every day. The solution, to bring slaves from was the XVI century. Slaves were brought by the thousands during the XVI-XIX centuries to the new world, to what is today Central and south America, the Caribbean and the southern portion of North America. These slaves came mainly from the south western coastal region of Africa, region in were the nations of the Yorubas, Arara and Lucumi dwelled. These Africans were strong, clever, highly independent hard working beings who were also very religious. Among the many brought to the new world there were artisans, musicians and most important: priests, doctors and sorcerers who were three independent classes often confused as being the same thing. Priests were in charge of the religious life of the members of his nation or tribe; doctors took care of the physical health and sorcerers were a kind of "outlaw priests" who almost invariably lived outside of the villages. Doctors and priests worked in common accord: the doctor took care of the physical while the priest took care of the spiritual. Many times however, both functions were performed by the priest but not the other way around. The sorcerer offered his services for any purpose; that is, to perform good or evil, being to perform evil that his services were most often sought. Secret societies or Brotherhoods formed a very important part of the communal life. Men formed artisans brotherhoods, hunting and fishing brotherhoods in were the art of each was taught. Women also had their own "Sisterhoods" in were the arts and skills of becoming a good wife were taught. There were also religion oriented brotherhoods whose members had to belong to the "clergy". Even the sorcerers belonged and promoted their own versions of these brotherhoods. These nations lived very close to the coast, for fishing and hunting game was ample and also because they felt protected from the attacks of several other warrior nations that lived inland. As a matter of fact many of the slaves who were eventually brought to the new world were prisoners of war belonging to defeated tribes on wars with other African nations who sold them to the slave traders. But their security was short lived...because the white men came. --- * Origin: SMARTNet - Who says OPUS can't Fly? (Opus 1:128/23)


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