Date: 04-07-91 0:32: To: All Subj: Echo Rules Official Rules for RUNES AND ASATRU Echo - 1

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Date: 04-07-91 0:32: From: Grendel To: All Subj: Echo Rules Official Rules for RUNES_AND_ASATRU Echo =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 1. The topic of this echo is Runes and Asatru (Odinism). 2. The topic "Runes" covers all aspects of Runes and their uses, not just the standard divination used by most. Most discussion of Runes will be in the traditional uses as practiced by those who practice Asatru. Other aspects can be discussed but this is the main aspect. 3. The topic "Asatru" covers all aspects of Norse/Scandenavian/Teutonic/German paganism, both the ancient and traditional practices and beliefs, as well as modern recreations. This is the other main topic of this Echo along with Runes. The purpose in this is to give an area to discuss Asatru such as the Wiccans have in the Wicca echo. 4. No Swearing as it upsets some sysops. No fighting, as it upsets everyone. Stick to the first two topics and listen to me, Grendel, the moderator when I make announcements, and the echo should be a frienly and happy place. Grendel 04/07/1991


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