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THE RPSTOVAL REVIEW ISSUE #4 JUNE\JULY 1991 $1.50 U.S. ***************************************************************** NOT ALL OF US ARE PROUD OF THIS Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. A poll taken in October states that 90% of the American population opposed the U.S. starting a war in The Gulf. By March 90% were in support of the extermination. With 45% of the Iraqi population being children it is no wonder the media has avoided mentioning the number of dead since the "liberation" of Kuwait. It also comes as no surprise that the Pentagon division of news manipulation tried (and, according to the toll mentioned above; succeeded) to make the American masses believe that the U.S. bombing of a baby formula factory was in reality a chemical warfare plant in disguise: It wasn't. The pentagon also denied the fact that one of the bridges it bombed was filled to capacity with Iraqi civilians trying to escape the butchery: It was. The CIA estimated that the sanctions had reduced Iraq's GNP 40%. Oil exports were cut by 95% (oil made up 90% of Iraq's exports). The Bush administration insisted that sanctions would not have worked: They did. The Pentagon assured us that only militarily significant targets were being destroyed. The Pentagon considered the water supply, warehouses of medical supplies and food "militarily significant". Doctors operated by candle light, without pain killer or anti- biotics, nurses and doctors were unable to scrub from lack of water; mortality rate went from 6% to 20% as a result of poor sanitary conditions. Bush said the war was a moral one: It wasn't. Before the crisis Iraq made several peace proposals, all of which Bush denied. By the time the Soviets attempted to find a peaceful solution the issue was not whether Iraq would withdraw from Kuwait, but how fast. They proposed three weeks; we demanded one. The Bush administration said that there was no peaceful solution: There was. Marine Reservist Erik Larsen is facing court marshals for refusing to go to the war. He say's he was trained to think of Iraqi's as "ragheads", "sand niggers", and "gooks". Bush tell's us he wants a kinder, gentler nation: He doesn't. We initiated the biggest air offensive in all human history opposing a Third World country of 17 million people. We dropped ten times the payload capacity in six weeks than was used on Japan during the last fourteen months of W.W.II; including the nuclear devastation of Hiroshima AND Nagasaki. America lost 200 soldiers to the Gulf war. Iraq lost 200,000 men women and children; thousand of which were mowed down by the war machine while trying to run away. This figure does not reflect the hundreds of thousands which will die from poor medical treatment and viral diseases. If Mr. Bush is so concerned with "Freedom", then why did he not interfere with the execution of hundreds of Chinese students who were being tortured for "democracy"? The answer is simple: we would have lost. It would not have been good for American moral. He felt Americans needed a "sure thing" to cure us from the "Vietnam Syndrome"; a disease which makes one oppose war. Bush needs the support of the American people in order to justify spending obscene amounts of money on the defense budget. It looks as though he has succeeded. If you think you can trust him remember this: "Read my lips, no new taxes". No, I'm not proud of this...Are you? Love is the law, love under will. Secundus Kerub (There is a group called OUT NOW, they have an incredible newsletter filled with factual data about the Gulf War called "WAR WATCH". I highly recommend it to those who want to know story without the Pentagon induced propaganda. Their address follows) OUT NOW 6 W. Gabilan, Suite 16 Salinas, CA 93901 *** MOST FAVORED TRADE STATUS?!?!?!? Historical Amnesia is a disease spread by crooked government by the news media which allows us to forget just how hard we were screwed in the past in hopes that they can screw us a little harder in the future. Two years ago today Chinese students demanded their freedom and protested for democracy in Tienamen Square. It was one of the bloodiest most talked about massacres in this decade. Students were collected and executed randomly; the students pleaded for the U.S. to help, but it chose to sit back and do nothing. The Bush administration didn't even threaten them by ceasing all trade with China. It could have started a "coalition" against China, but just like the bully in the school playground, Bush only picks fights with those he knows he can beat. This time Bush has either overestimated the media's ability to brainwash; or the American's people's ability to remember. Only a couple of years have gone by and he has declared that he wants to renew "most favored trade status" to a country who has imposed a TOTAL news blackout concerning the Tienamen Square anniversary. A country who sentenced student union newspaper writers to 15 years in prison and the student organizers and protesters it didn't execute to a 7 to 10 year imprisonment; they got off easy. If we are the world's prototype for "democracy" you gotta wonder if it's worth giving your life for it. Our Founding Fathers would be ashamed. *** NOTES FORM THE EDITOR Welcome to the fourth issue of the RPSTOVAL Review! As we continue to grow, it looks like we are going to be around for a while. We are pleased to bring you a variety of news and reviews, including regular features such as ECOTIPS, THE LITTLE NAPOLEON AWARD, THE SHIT LIST, BOOK REVIEWS, and THE FOOD SECTION. And beginning this issue with "IMAGE OF THE WORD", we proudly present Phantom Fantasies featuring the creative writings of RB Phantom. Our main goal continues to focus on awareness of current issues affecting your freedom (hopefully leading to action) while striving to entertain at the same time. For our next issue we will be moving production to a new format, using Laser Post-Script desktop publishing. Submissions are welcome on diskettes (3.5" or 5.25") and most major word processing formats can be converted, although ASCII is preferred. Whether electronically or the "old fashioned" way, we need your submissions! Also, our practice of sending free issues is about to expire due to shortage of funds. If you want to be assured of receiving your next RPSTOVAL Review, please subscribe! Rates are a very reasonable $6.00 for six issues a year, including U.S. Postage. Advertising is also available, reaching the OTO and others throughout the world! Finally, we would like to commend our brothers and sisters in Yugoslavia for their efforts in the continuing fight for freedom. This is the REAL battle-front against oppression, when lives are on the line. Is it any wonder that Yugoslavia has the largest OTO membership outside the USA? To our fellow Knights we Will The Might of Horus behind them in their struggle. We hope to bring you news of their progress in our next issue. *** A QABALISTIC VIEW OF DEATH by Secundus Kerub "Think not, o king, upon that lie: That Thou Must Die: Verily thou shalt not die, but live!" LIBER AL II.21 As if it wasn't enough to justify one's own existence, we have this uncanny desire to discover what lies ahead after the physical body seizes to cooperate in this thing we call "life". Alot of superstition, and fear has been placed upon this natural phenomena by the "repent before it's too late" club. Since I am not dead, and my recollection of past existences are (for the moment) as the flickers of a candle in a dark room, it would be impossible (as well as pretentious) for me to speak as though I had some authority on the subject. My intention here is to share some of my thoughts and experiences which I discovered while practicing Liber H.H.H. in Magick in Theory and Practice. I acknowledge that at best, should there be any Truth in the opinion which follows, it is, at this point, only Truth to me. The deity within us all constantly plays the game of "hide and go seek". And we, being the jolly good sports that we are, play the endless game knowing that we will probably not find It. After all, its not the kill, but the thrill of the chase. Hunters we are all. Perhaps this fascination with this after-life comes from the subconscious knowledge that we are immortal. Perhaps it is one of the necessary steps in self-discovery. Alot of maybes. We have heard countless of stories from people who have been dead, and for one reason or another; have returned. Most experienced visions which were very similar in nature. The typical "white light". We know that light is a reflection which changes color according to the speed of its vibration. We see the Tree of Life as a glyph containing 10 colored Spheres (which have been called "the 10 faces of God") and the 22 Paths which connect them. Look at the uppermost Sphere which we know as Kether and let's call that "Light", fluid, moving, etc. The whole of the Universe concentrated and focused within one minuscule dot. Now let's look at the bottom Sphere, Malkuth, the Kingdom, the material plane, the place where all Souls experience Life in human bodies. Let's call this "Physical Existence". Let's suppose that the pure Light which emanates from Kether slows down as it moves away from its nucleus, changing color and becoming more "solid" as it moves away from its source, we thus have the other Spheres on the Tree to display the different stages of this transmutation. It has been said by the ancients: "Kether is in Malkuth, and Malkuth is in Kether but after another manner", or "as above so below". This could indicate that Kether WAS Malkuth, Light WAS Darkness, Fluidness WAS Solid, after each had been transformed by a separation which occurred within itself, a division, much like that of a cell. Malkuth is solidified Light. We are that Light made solid. Our Holy Book says:" For I am divided for love's sake, for the chance of union". The Great Work is the Path of return. The return to the source. Also; "There is no bond that can unite the divided but love", which tells us that the driving force of the journey back is love. The journey ends when we reach that Light from whence we came: Kether, Union with Nuit. Our mission must be to accomplish this Union consciously. It has been said that Death is the friend of the weary traveler who has lost his way, the initiating officer to the mysteries of immortality. It is not to be feared, but welcomed as a ally and respected as the teacher that will one day provide us all with the opportunity of looking at Our Lady of the Stars face to face. *** SHIT LIST SHIT LIST SHIT LIST SHIT LIST SHIT LIST SHIT LIST SHIT This issue's honor goes out to yet another greedy industry. In some states the billboard industry is lobbying to pass legislation which would enable the cutting of trees that may happen to be blocking the view of the signs from the roads. They claim that it is too cost intensive to move the billboards to areas which are barren; apparently it is cheaper to just chop trees down. I guess they have decided that they would protect us from having to look at those awful green and brown things. If it is of any comfort, government does not quite know how to deal with this strange request. There are two factors which motivate politicians to vote one way or the other: The first is money, and you can bet the billboard industry will do their share with "campaign donations". The other is VOTES. Communicate with your representatives and let them know that you will not stand for corporate diversion of environmental concerns. YOUR VOTING POWER IS IMPORTANT: USE IT OR LOSE IT. *** ECOTIP: COMPOSTING Next Year Method Another hassle-free of composting is to collect your kitchen waste in a bucket with a lid until it is full. Then, dig a hole about 12 inches in diameter and 12 inches deep next to a tree. Put your kitchen wastes into the hole and cover it up when it is full. The material will decompose and the tree will absorb all of the nutrients from it. If you plan on composting in a big way, you can dig trenches in your yard in an area not presently being used, fill the trenches with grass clippings, leaves, and kitchen waste, and cover it up as it fills. Remember to keep the area moist. When the trench is filled up start another trench. Use this area for gardening next year. You can actually get away with composting meats and fats with this method, however, you must bury it right away under at least 12 inches of soil in order to keep animals from trying to dig it up. *** FOOD SECTION by Soror Alice TEMPURA FLOWERS If you are "organically inclined" and really want to do something different next time you entertain friends try this recipe. However, don't assume that ALL flowers are edible; most look good enough to eat but are poisonous, as in the case of the Lily of the Valley. ANOTHER WORD OF WARNING: Avoid flowers which have been sprayed with ANY kind of pesticide, fungicide, or herbicide. The most accumulation of these harmful and sometimes deadly chemicals is found on\in the flowers. Wash and drain well any kind of blooms and leaves you use for garnish. REMEMBER: USE ONLY ORGANICALLY GROWN FLOWERS!!!! Batter: 1 1/3 cups all-purpose flour or rice flour 1 teaspoon salt 1 to 2 tablespoons sugar 1 tablespoon melted butter or vegetable oil 2 beaten egg yolks 3/4 cup flat beer Mix all the ingredients (except the beer) well. Add gradually, stirring constantly the flat beer. Allow the batter to rest covered and refrigerated 3 to 12 hours. (The batter must rest AT LEAST 2 hours). Flowers: UNSPRAYED Elderberry, Squash, Pumpkin, Lilac, Yucca or Hemerocallis blooms. Pick with the dew on them and dry well and dip them in the batter. Fry them in vegetable shortening heated to 350 degrees. Fry until golden. Drain on paper towel. Then enjoy! *** LITTLE NAPOLEON AWARD Last issue's award went out to Saddam Hussein for having spilt thousands of gallons of oil into The Gulf. We, at The RPSTOVAL Review, feel it would be unfair AND unpatriotic to deny this prestigious award to one of our own country's respected leaders. Therefore, without any further ado, we officially join General Norman Schwarzkopf to the likes of Saddam Hussein. You know what they say: "Birds of a feather flock together". It seems that General Schwarzkopf (displaying the highest form of "military intelligence" he could muster) decided that the most effective way to halt the flow of crude oil was to bomb pipes which connect oil fields with a tanker loading buoy. Environmental officials are calling this single act "largest oil spill in history", and it was done intentionally. Congratulations General. *** C.I.A. = Cocaine Import Agency Put the C.I.A. on trial. In July 1990, 6 men associated with the Bank of Credit & Commerce and the Colombian Medellin cartel were sentenced to 20-30 years in prison. The charges were based on conspiracy involving the laundering of $14 million in cocaine profits to 6 U.S. cities. After a two year investigation that 'uncovered' an undercover U.S. government agent involved in the conspiracy, the U.S. admitted to helping this same cartel launder $32 million in cocaine profits. Could it be that The War on Drugs is a scheme designed to protect the drug profits of the United States Government? Watch this space! *** CONSUMER BEWARE Well folks, as if it wasn't enough that the Savings and Loans scandals are going to cost tax payers in the billions, the S&Ls are legislating to screw us out of what little we have left. The savings and loan industry want Congress to regulate credit unions out of existence. Should they become successful the consumer will no longer have an alternative to banking. Because of the FSLIC crisis, the S&Ls have been eliminated as a separate competing industry. They now come under the bank regulators and will probably become banks or go out of existence, and credit unions will be the only remaining independent alternative to the banking system. It's like they are saying: "if we can't have you no one else will"; this takes alot of nerve considering what they have done to the numerous people who trusted them with their money. The ultimate goal of the bankers is to place the credit union movement under the control of bank regulators. They would like to see credit union capital taxed. This would turn credit unions into S&Ls and would disable a credit union's ability to offer better, less costly services. This has already been advocated by the bankers to members of the Federal Reserve Board through the Federal Advisory Council. You see, while banks make their money from service charges (see "101 Ways To Beat The System, RPSTOVAL Review #3) most credit unions make their money on interest and investments. This is the reason credit unions can offer most services free of charge and require a small amount of starting capital to open an account; usually about $25.00, instead of the $100.00 minimum most banks demand. In most cases, if they can't make you money they will at least save you some in service fees. They also are more willing to invest in the individual than banks who want a sure thing. For YOUR financial security Credit unions must be allowed to maintain a separate and nonpartisan network and a total guarantee as to their immunity and soundness. Without them our only choice will be to submit to the will of an extremely deceitful and corrupt industry. Here is what you can do: 1. Check out your local credit union. I think you will be surprised by the services they offer. Patronize them, your money is safer there than at the bank who has been rapping you. 2. Write a letter to your representatives telling them why you like your credit union and that you don't want them to change it. Be specific about what you like about your credit union. 3. Spread the word! Most things of this nature happen under our nose, with very little regard of what you as an individual think or believe. Make yourself heard, tell your friends and tell your friends to tell their friends. This is an attack on our finances as well as an insult to our intelligence. They think they can get away with this because they know most people wont do anything until it effects them personally. Write letters, be accounted for; VOTE. *** THE RPSTOVAL AWARD We have dedicated this honorable title to those few principled individuals in our society who, risking persecution and mistreatment, have done the honorable thing for the sake of Truth. On September 30th, reporter Mike Wallace of the news show "60 Minutes" implied that the Bush administration and U.S. Army had concealed the fact that 4,000 civilians had died during the invasion of Panama in 1989. In the same breath he exposed the expulsion of an air-force general; Michael Dugan, for publicly admitting that the pentagon's plan called for the destruction of Baghdad and other civilian targets during the war with Iraq. The RPSTOVAL Review tips its proverbial hat to Mr. Mike Wallace for reporting things "as they are", AND to Mr. Michael Dugan for putting his career on the line that others may know the Truth. *** FLASH: DISCOVERY OF NEW ELEMENT The heaviest element known to science was recently discovered by physicist. The element, tentatively named Administratium, has no protons or electrons, and thus has an atomic number of 0. However, it does have one neutron, 125 assistant neutrons, 75 vice neutrons, and 111 assistant vice neutrons. This gives it an atomic mass of 312. These 312 particles are held together by a force that involves the continuous exchange of meson-like particles called morons. Since it has no electrons, Administratium is inert. However, it can be detected chemically, as it impedes every reaction it comes in contact with. According to the discoverers, a minute amount of Administratium causes one reaction to take over four days to complete, when it would normally have occurred in less than one second. Administratium has a normal half-life of approximately three years, at which time it does not actually decay, but instead undergoes a reorganization in which assistant neutrons, vice neutrons, and assistant vice neutrons exchange places. Some studies have shown that the atomic mass actually increases after each reorganization. Research at other laboratories indicate that Administratium occurs naturally in the atmosphere. It tends to concentrate at certain points such as government agencies, large corporations, and universities; and it can usually be found in the newest, best appointed and best maintained buildings. Scientists point out that Administratium is known to be toxic at any level of concentration and can easily destroy any productive reaction where it is allowed to accumulate. Attempts are being made to determine how Administratium can be controlled to prevent irreversible damage, but results to date are not promising. *** FORMER HOSTAGES DEMAND ANSWERS Eight of the individuals who were held hostage in Teheran, Iran during the Carter\Reagan presidential elections are demanding a bipartisan congressional investigation with full subpoena power to explore allegations that the Reagan\Bush administration delayed their release in order to manipulate the election. Although Bush flatly denies these allegations, the suspicions Bush now faces are greatly magnified by two important facts: 1. The reality that there are two crucial days for which Bush is unaccounted. 2. The fact that THE DAY Reagan was sworn in as President of The United States of America the hostages were released and the weapons shipments began. When questioned, the Secret Service stated that it could not reveal Bush's whereabouts by reason of the Privacy act. The primary witness to both, the alleged and proven affair is the late William J. Casey; who was Reagan's campaign director and later became head of the C.I.A. According to Bani-Sadr, Iran's president during most of the hostage negotiations, the Reagan\Bush regime were responsible for delaying the hostage's release. It is possible that the truth may come out before we are faced with another four years of "read my lips...". Even if he is found guilty, it is more likely that most people would rather live in a "kinder, gentler nation", than admit to having been duped. *** THE HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL vs. GOD by Secundus Kerub "Be strong, o man, lust, enjoy all things of sense and rapture: fear not that any God shall deny thee for this". LIBER AL II.22 You and I can both look at a pencil and agree that it is a pencil because our senses have sent our brains similar information. However, since two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time our perceptions will vary because our position to the pencil will differ. This illustrates the great fall of conventional Religion. Every Sect has a perspective of God which differs from other sects, they will not allow any deviance from what their experience with God has been. They have failed to realize that the experience of the Knowledge of God is different to every one depending on where they are in relation to the rest of the Universe, as it has been illustrated above. "God" is a word which attempts to describe an entity which admittedly can not be described, yet everyone who uses the word while preaching claims to know what "God" wants you to do. If "God" wants to tell you something, God will tell you Him or Herself. God wanted men and women to think independently, it is for this reason that God disguised Itself as a Serpent and "tempted" the pair. As Gnostics we strive to develop a personal relationship with God, without the middle man. All that is needed to accomplish the Union of Man and God is within our hearts, this is the mystery of the Christ. Conventional Religions Cults will go through a great deal to contradict this. They want people to be dependent of them (just like the crack dealer who likes for his customers to be addicted), this way they can continue selling you real estate in heaven. Imagine what would happen if everybody suddenly realized that they did not need ANYONE to show them the way anymore. What would these Cults do for money, power, and political pull? Every man and woman should strive to create their own religions according to their own Wills and evolutionary development. It is a good idea to study all religions so that one can understand the Inner Mysteries hidden therein. Only by this Knowledge can one come to the Understanding which is necessary in creating one's own Myth. Religion has alot to offer and one can learn much about the culture and lives of the people who follow the religion that you are studying. Remember that since Truth is beyond speech it cannot be communicated. Therefore, when reading any Holy Book do not take the literary meaning as the Truth, or you will fall into the trap that the Fundamentalist has fallen into. Also, don't trust anyone who claims to know the Truth. Truth is protected from the vulgar because it is written in a language that only the Initiated will understand. One must become a vehicle of Truth, and it will find you. Peoples experience of "God" will differ because God will manifest Herself to the individual according to their race, culture, education, and previous experience. Because the Thelemic Magician understands this basic principle of philosophy he uses the term HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL when referring to his or her "God". The Magician knows that the image in which God has manifested Itself to the individual is only one in an infinite at Its disposal. Conventional philosophies go to great lengths to make one believe that their God is the only one. They boast about Its Omnipotence and Omnipresence, yet, they fail to recognize their own God as manifested in other cultures. In essence, they blaspheme the same God that they claim to serve. The image which your Angel has given you is uniquely yours. Remember to show others the benefit of knowing their own God, as the sages of time tell us: "In true religion there is no sect, therefore take heed that thou blaspheme not the name by which another knoweth his God; for if you do this thing in Jupiter thou will blaspheme IHVH and in Osiris IHShVH. Ask and ye shall have! Seek, and ye shall find! Knock, and it shall be opened unto you!" And remember: Perception is nine tenths of the Law. *** BOOK REVIEW Golden Dawn Enochian Magic by Pat Zalewski Well, I always figured that if some one attempted to cram all of the information pertaining to Golden Dawn Enochian Magic in one book it would be the biggest piece of New Age crap on the bookstore shelves. And it might have been, if anyone else would have done it. Unlike previous authors who have attempted the same task, Pat Zalewski explains the material from a practical point of view, and clarifies in great detail the mechanics involved without the superstitious rederic which seems to follow this doctrine. Practically written, Golden Dawn Enochian Magic is a thorough and scholarly look into a much talked about, but little understood subject. There is something in this book for everybody; the historian types will enjoy it for its in-depth historical data. The curious types will be pleased by the way it thoroughly explains the methods of use. The experienced Magician will savor the text as an "Enochian Encyclopedia" to be used as a reference for many years. In short, anyone interested in Magick will see this book as one of the most valuable, informative texts available on the market today. If you want to understand the Enochian system, buy it. Reviewed by Secundus Kerub *** IMAGE OF THE WORD (A Phantom Fantasy) by RB Phantom There are two ways to view a word. The heathen hears a word and says - "This word is empty." and then turns it upside down. The believer hears it and says - "This word is full of love!" and then sips some of its invisible liquid - and says - "Ah! nectar so sweet - I can hardly distinguish it from my own." Is this not the same thing that we feel when we feel when we drink in the liquid dreams of the written word brought to life on paper? Yea! Are not true words like little cups filled with love that sparkle in our eyes and nourish our soul with their delights? Yea! I propose a toast to you, my dear reader, "drink freely from my words - for the essential love that they reek of, is not only mine - but also, thine!" *** To whom it may concern, Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. There exist a Magickal Order of Sages dedicated to the liberation and evolution of the Human Spirit by means of finding one's true direction within the Universe. Many have not heard of Our Holy Order, and many of those who have believe it to have vanished, lost within the problems that our World now faces. This is not so. Due to the persecution by fanatical sanctimonious groups the Order has been forced to keep a low profile in order to protect the jobs, property, and families of our members. Never before has the world been in such urgent need of such an Order. Obstacles such as the environmental after-math which awaits us, political corruption, apartheid, corporate greed, are but a few of the problems which have manifested in our world as a result of ignorance pertaining to the laws of nature, and a complete disregard to the nature of man. No longer can we afford to walk about aimlessly being oblivious of who we are, and what we need to do. We believe that the first responsibility to the Self is discovery, this is a necessary step in ascertaining our True Path. Once this is concluded humanity will find itself in harmony with the rest of the Universe. Our goal is to bring about this universal accord, that men and women may live their lives in a world free from oppression. If you would like more information, or would like to communicate with Our Holy Order write to: RPSTOVAL OASIS L.V.X. CAMP ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTIS or ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTIS P.O. BOX 1029 P.O. BOX 5614 ASHLAND, OR 97520 PLAYA DEL REY, CA 90296 Love is the law, love under will. *****************************************************************


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