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THE RPSTOVAL REVIEW ISSUE #2 FEBRUARY\MARCH 1991 $1.50 U.S. ***************************************************************** THE WAR ON HYPE Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. "For the first time this century, a war is being fought on American soil." So goes the advertisement for a new television series about the War on Drugs. And they are right. The United States Government is literally waging a war against its own citizens, involving the military as well as the local police, complete with all the trappings. These include widespread civil rights abuses, financed by massive spending of taxpayer dollars and justified by patriotic fervor and moral fanaticism. The supposed "enemy" of the people is no more than an icon for everyone to rally against -- DRUGS (shudder). Mere mention of the word DRUGS now carries negative connotations, even though asprin and pennicilin are also drugs. It is interesting, however, that tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine, all highly addictive and arguably more dangerous than substances such as marijuana and LSD, are not counted as DRUGS in this war. The government has apparently succeeded in making DRUGS the convenient scapegoat to take notice away from the real domestic problems which they created in the first place. A good example of this is the increasing gang problem in the nation's cities. Every newscast is careful to mention that DRUGS are behind the gangs, and immediately the prejudices of the audience are brought to bear against anyone involved. They are now seen as just a bunch of addicts, junkies, pushers, etc. -- no longer human beings. The pervasive attitude is "there is nothing we can do while they are in the grip of the horrible evil DRUGS!" Chief Daryl Gates of the Los Angeles Police Department has gone so far as to describe gangs as widespread "significant organized crime units" comprising a nationwide drug distribution network (Los Angeles Times, 20 January 1990). We already know how unbiased and professional Gates' view of the problem really is (see "Little Napoleon Award" in this issue). Such conspiracy theories are eagerly seized upon by the media to create mass hysteria and prioritize the DRUG problem, diverting our attention from the real issues. Drugs are an effect of the gang phenomenon, not the cause. Nobody mentions the factors of extreme poverty, segregation, discrimination and oppression in the urban environment which alienates young people. Within the ghettos, there is not much hope for a kid to "become someone", gain any status in the white middle-class world. And so they begin to form cultural enclaves, miniature societies with their own power structures and status devices. The gang offers brotherhood and self-esteem, uniting the downtrodden against public oppression and police brutality. This fact is slowly becoming realized among a minority of law enforcement officials and politicians. Los Angeles County Sheriff Sherman Block recently stated that the commonly-held position that drugs are the primary motivator for gang violence is nothing more than a misconception (Los Angeles Times, 20 January 1990: article entitled "Drugs Not Main Cause for Gangs, Sheriff Says" is highly recommended). The gang outlaws, uneducated and unwanted by employers, must resort to underground economies in order to survive. In the time of prohibition, bootlegging moonshine became a profitable venture. Gambling and prostitution have also flourised where their suppression was heaviest. But today the government has made drugs into the most lucrative enterprise of all. The more severe the crackdown, the more scarce the drugs become, driving prices sky-high. More profits encourage the illicit drug business while increased risk breeds more violent crime. Although skirmishes are being fought in the streets and at the borders, clearly the main front of the War on Drugs is in the minds of the people. The battle lines have been drawn in the schools and on our television sets. The targets here are the impressionable young and captive audiences. Not only does every kid have to go to school, but every one wants to watch T.V. as well, and thus the "one-two punch" is delivered. These media presentations are often entirely false, unscientific, and illogical. For example, much is said about the dangers of "gateway" drugs. The argument is that although drugs such as marijuana are not very dangerous in themselves, experimentation with them always leads to the use of addicting drugs such as heroin. The evidence cited to support this claim are statements such as "the majority of addicts started out by using marijuana". They also started out by drinking mother's milk, but nobody's trying to ban breast-feeding! Attempting to prove a hypothesis in this manner is just plain stupid. Just because all pregnant women breathe, doesn't mean that breathing causes pregnancy! This fallacy is well-known to students of logic, and yet it is constantly used by scientists and teachers, then irresponsibly disseminated by the media, and commonly accepted by the vast majority of the population who never think to question what they've been told by the "experts" on T.V. Such false education only serves to contribute to serious drug problems. When children experiment for the first time with marijuana, they inevitably find out that it does not harm or derange them in the slightest, contrary to what their parents, teachers, and all of society (as perceived through television and other mass media) have told them. Now they learn not to trust any information they have been given about drugs, since most of it is lies. So the few bits of valuable advice, such as warnings about the dangers of addiction, are ignored. "Just Say No" is the latest slogan. It is hip, it is fashionable, it is cool, they would have us believe. The nature of it is limiting. "Don't ask for information, don't bother to get educated, don't consider science... Just Say No!" We must realize that we are constantly being manipulated and fed misinformation on issues ranging from the AIDS crisis to the Middle East conflict, through the news media and popular entertainment, in order to create a uniform American opinion controlled by the wealthy White Christian heterosexual males at the top of the corporate power structure. The motivation behind this control is pure commercialism. Enormous profit comes with the ability to excite the entire population into a marketable hysteria, as is evidenced by television programs such as "D.E.A.". The real danger is that we are being robbed of our freedom without even having the chance to struggle, due to this brainwashing. In suppressive countries such as the Soviet Union, Poland, South Africa, and the United States until recently, the citizens knew that the government was merely spouting propaganda, and we protested against it. The governments' only weapon was physical suppression, as if that would make the problem go away. Now they are far more subtle, as they realize the way to truly make the problem go away is to control then minds of the people. Don't be complacent and think that you are immune. The fight for freedom begins in your own mind. Love is the law, love under will. Semper Lucem Quaerebo *** THE RPSTOVAL REVIEW THE RPSTOVAL REVIEW is published 6 times a year by Rpstoval Camp in conjunction with L.V.X. Camp, Hooded Man Camp, Bagh-i-muattar Camp and other official bodies of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO). Our aim is to break down the walls which exist between Craft and Craft, and to provide a common forum where people of open minds can share ideas and participate in functions. If we are going to be effective in saving the World we had better come together! THE RPSTOVAL REVIEW is funded primarily by your subscriptions, advertising, and donations. Advertising rates depend on size; please write for details. Individual issues are $1.50 each. Yearly subscriptions are available for $6.00. All donations to the Rpstoval Review are tax-deductible. If you like what you see, help us keep it going by supporting it and/or by contributing to it. If you've got something to say, write. We'll publish it. The viewpoints and opinions expressed herein are the sole responsibility of the contributing authors. *** THE RPSTOVAL REVIEW IS: Frater Secundus Kerub, publisher & editor-in-chief Soror Alice, managing editor Frater Hagios, business manager Soror Abacus, systems coordinator Frater Semper Lucem Quaerebo, layout & copy editor Soror Astraea, contributing editor Soror Non Serviam, head of covert operations Frater Ehubi, minister of propaganda Moving? Please send your change of address to: THE RPSTOVAL REVIEW P.O. BOX 1029 ASHLAND, OR 97520 The RPSTOVAL REVIEW is printed on 100% post-consumption recycled paper. Entire Contents Copyright 1990ev Rpstoval Review *** A NEW THOUGHT FOR A NEW WORLD Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. At the present time the increase of crime and gang related crimes is rising at an incredible pace. The law enforcement agencies do not know how to handle this problem, and they are even less willing to do the things necessary to keep the problem from escalating. Instead they are creating job opportunities for criminals by outlawing drugs and guns. By outlawing abortions they will open up yet another lucrative business for the criminal while they turn decent women and doctors into delinquents. What is it that brings people together to form a gang? People are fraternal creatures. We seek to unite with others that share the same opinions, morals, religion, goals, etc. The reason gangs are formed is simple. The problem reflects the need to be accepted into a group of people who will make them feel worthy and needed, while at the same time punishing those they feel to be responsible for not having given them a chance to succeed in the world. We no longer depend on our neighbors for our well being. Instead, we pay several hundreds of government backed organizations millions of tax dollars a year to fulfill the function that the individuals of the community should be handling for themselves. And to make matters worse these organizations more often than not show poor results in their objectives. This is because tax dollars go to other causes which benefit those in power. The rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. It's an old story. This is not to say that the politician has done this without our approval. After much television campaigning and media brainwash we put them in office, where they dictate how we are to live, what we are to watch and listen to, and even how to love. What if this politician was not needed? We as a people have become somewhat lazy in our survival. The only thing we see anymore is the almighty dollar and the pursuit of the "American dream", thereby leaving very little time to the welfare of ourselves and of our neighbors. Instead, we depend on these organizations too much for our own good. As a result, we have lost our sense of self worth, and have left the work that the members of the community should do in the hands of those who do not have to live in them. The only way which I see that we can return the pride to the people is for the people to do their own work, thereby bringing that sense of brotherhood and belonging back to the people of the community. Of course this idea will be opposed by those in government. They don't want to be out of work, after all, as they are after the "American dream" also. This great country was built by those who understood that we had to work together to achieve our goals, not by overpaying some one else to do it. If this country ever readapts these methods of community participation we will see a decline in gang violence & crime; a decrease in homelessness, and an increase in American pride and brotherhood. But this will not happen so easily. First we must return to the basics. We must return the power to the people. The people must then realize that when one in their community has accomplished something they all have, and that they are all responsible for the evolution of their community. This solution will not only reduce gang related crime and violence, it will put to rest several problems which plague our society at the present time. The rest is up to us. For more on building a better society read Crowley's "Duty" and "Liber Oz". "Duty" will explain how to live a Thelemic lifestyle and how to help others also enjoy the fruits of Thelema. This will give you a great deal of insight on the proper way to live in harmony with Nature. "Liber Oz" is, for most people, a little hard to swallow unless you understand its implication. It is the rights of Man, plain and simple. Most who oppose this Law have very little background in history. All battles have been fought either because some one had been denied one or more of the rights listed in OZ, or because one or more of them had been violated. Man does kill those who thwart these rights. This is nothing new, but simply explains the nature of man and the reasons man goes to war. Liber Oz is the Law of Thelema, and those who do not accept it are not Thelemites. "If the people lead the leaders must follow." Love is the law, love under will. Secundus Kerub *** LITTLE NAPOLEON AWARD This award is dedicated to those whose vision of greatness and power has led them away from all that is just, right and good. Remember when your parents tried to make you believe that when you were in danger you should always seek a policeman? They made law enforcement agents look like angels who could do no wrong. I wonder how many children today look up at police officers waiting for the day that they too can "protect and serve". On Sept 6th 1990 Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl Gates announced before a congressional committee that he felt "casual drug users should be taken out and shot". He later declined the opportunity to retract his statement when a reporter asked him if he was serious. I wonder how many psycho vigilante right winger fundamentalist rednecks are cleaning their gun barrels now, waiting for the opportunity to snuff out their neighbor while he enjoys an after dinner joint with his wife. I wonder how many casual drug users he thinks are robbing or killing others for their grass. Maybe it's because he is loosing the make believe "drug war" that he has decided to turn the populace against the most nonresistant drug user, one who is docile, anti-violent, respected. I wonder if he is going to take responsibility for any repercussion he may cause to the innocent. I wonder if he thinks his son should be shot too, since he has been in and out of jail and detox centers for a decade. *** THELEMA WHAT? By Frater W.I.T. People in the Ordo Templi Orientis and others of like mind use the word "Thelema" in many different ways. We all call ourselves Thelemites. What the hell is Thelema? Well, I'll tell you. It is more than a religion, more than a philosophy. It's a whole new set of underlying assumptions about how the universe works and what is humanity's relationship to it. Many religions today view the universe as absolute and static. There is right and wrong with no gray areas. Human beings are viewed as helpless, essentially sinful creatures lost in darkness. Our only hope lies with the ministrations of religious institutions. To us Thelemites this is BULLSHIT! We view the universe as a free and elastic place. There is room for all sorts of things, all types of life. Reality is ultimately malleable with no absolutes. As The Book of the Law, our Holy Book, says: "Existence is pure joy." As humans we are gods, all of us! "Every man and every woman is a star." "There is no god but man (human)." We determine our destiny and we don't need a minister to tell us what to do. Every human being on the face of the earth is truly a source of Life and Light, being in essence a True Will which is one with Universal Will. This True Will can guide each of us in the way of life perfectly suited to our natures whether it be the way of material pursuits, spiritual enlightenment, homosexuality, worship of God or Goddess, whatever. Each person is the only one capable of discovering and doing his or her True Will and so everyone is worthy of respect. With this understanding, our favorite motto, Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law, becomes sensible. It is the declaration of human independence. It is the canon of righteousness and truth. The central concept of this statement is True Will as described above. It is universal in nature and specific to each human being. Nowhere does the word "want" appear in that sentence. "Will" has little to do with "want" although "want" may provide a clue to the nature of "Will". Each Thelemite is to discover exactly his or her own inner nature, in every detail, and express the patterns of that essence to the world: to do his or her True Will and nothing else. Anything else would only be a pain and a hindrance. If everyone consciously followed their own True Will then there would be paradise and perfection all over the world. I dream of the day when a Christian, a Moslem, a Jew, and a Thelemite can all live on the same street in peace and tolerance. It can happen. "Okay, so how the hell do I discover my True Will? My personality is damn confused!" There are many exalted and mystical practices around and mysterious systems of psychic development abound. Do any of them work? Maybe, but here's a simple start. Be honest with yourself. How do you truly feel deep down in your heart of hearts about this issue or that person, this religion or that event. Deep down is where your True Will lies and it's always trying to reach the surface. All you have to do is really listen to yourself. Only by respect and tolerance can we come to terms with ourselves and be able to heal the planet, end world hunger, end tyranny, etc. It can happen. *** THE SHIT LIST...REDEEMED! This space is usually reserved for a list of companies which have given in to tyranny and oppression from special interest groups who are opposed to freedom. Happily, however, there are a few corporations out there which stand up to this mistreatment and continue to support the cause of liberty. This month we honor the Dayton-Hudson Corporation, which owns the successful Hudson department store chain in the midwest and runs the following local stores: Target Mervyn's Walden Books Dayton-Hudson was under extreme pressure from Christian fundamentalist groups to cancel their financial support of Planned Parenthood's sex education and counseling programs. The ever-vigilant editors of the RPSTOVAL REVIEW watched this story carefully to see if yet another business would fall to the forces of ignorance and oppression. We are happy to report that they did not, and the funding of this important service continues. We find it ludicrous that fundamentalist groups are opposed to abortion and birth control while at the same time insisting that the population be kept in the dark about the dangers and responsibilities of sex. This kind of medieval thinking is socially detrimental and downright dangerous in these times of increasing teenage pregnancy and the epidemic spread of the AIDS virus. Apparently Dayton-Hudson agrees with us and we applaud their decision to encourage free choice. One way to show your support for such responsible corporate thinking is to patronize the stores listed above. While you are shopping, fill out a comment card expressing your approval of Dayton-Hudson's pro-choice stance and continued funding of Planned Parenthood. With our purchasing power, we can make a difference in the minds at the top. *** GO ASK ALICE It is our intent to use this column to answer personal, political, social, and Magickal questions as applied to a Thelemic viewpoint. Readers are encouraged to ask questions, but the policy of the RPSTOVAL REVIEW is to promote the exchange of ideas based on free thought. Letters to Alice can be addressed to: GO ASK ALICE c/o THE RPSTOVAL REVIEW P.O. BOX 1029 ASHLAND, OR 97520 This month's letter comes to us from Los Angeles, California: Dear Alice, I've been involved with the O.T.O. for some time now and feel that the time is now right to share that with my family. However, they are extremely religious (Catholic, what else?) and will not easily understand my decision. What would be a simple, clear way to explain the O.T.O. and Thelema to them? -- Self Misunderstood Dear Self Misunderstood, You have stated that you feel the time is right; however, your insecurities seem to indicate otherwise. I would start out by finding out why I was compelled to tell them in the first place, but since you've asked I will have to do better than that. Here are a few things to think about. Alot of people I personally know refrain from telling anyone they are in the O.T.O. because they feel that the Order's connection to Crowley will somehow damage their reputation or credibility. Start by assuring your family that you too are very religious and that your religious views have changed since you were a child. Then, describe Thelema. The connection to Crowley isn't as noticeable. They should be proud of the fact that their child has grown up to be such a self-reliant, free thinking, intelligent human being. If they act disappointed in you, neutralize the situation by acting as though you were SURE that they would have been proud of you. I hope that this has helped you...I remember being in your very same situation. -- Alice *** FOOD SECTION Our Holy Book tells us that eating and drinking are Sacraments unto the Goddess. Therefore, we have created this column to bring you exotic dishes and drinks from exotic places. This space is dedicated to making this form of worship a pleasant sensory experience. SAMOSA (an Indian dish) by Soror Alice If you like Eastern cuisine you'll love this recipe. It resembles a Mexican empanada, in that it has a crunchy shell. Serve over a rice pilaf. You'll need: 2 cups of cauliflower (cut into small pieces) 1 cup of peas vegetable shortening 1 cup white flower 1 cup whole wheat flower 1/3 cup of butter or margarine 1 minced green chili 1 1/2 teaspoon of salt 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds 1 teaspoon black mustard seeds 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric 1/4 teaspoon of hing (found in Indian Markets ONLY) 1 tablespoon garam masala (ground Coriander, Cumin, and Ginger) 1 teaspoon of coriander powder THE STUFFING: Put cauliflower and peas into the same pan and steam until VERY tender. In a frying pan put about 3 tablespoons of vegetable shortening and add to it the green chili, mustard seeds, and cumin seeds. When things start to crackle and pop add the turmeric and hing. Add the steamed vegetables and the rest of the spices on the list. Mash this mixture and cook over medium heat until its texture resembles mashed potatoes. This takes about 20 minutes. Put aside and allow to cool. THE DOUGH: Mix both flours with 1/3 cup of butter. Add about 1/2 cup of water, or enough to make a rollable dough. Roll dough into twelve balls and roll each one into a five inch circle. Cut circles in half. Fold the half-circle in half and seal the two ends together. Put 1 tablespoon of stuffing into each piece and seal opening tightly enough to endure frying. Heat shortening until it is medium hot and add samosas. Fry for 15 to 20 minutes, stirring and turning over occasionally. This will make 24 pieces. And remember: "A man's castle is in his stomach". *** BOOK REVIEW "Practical Sigil Magic" by Frater U.D. 1990 Llewellyn Publications While some Thelemites might find the author strongly opinionated, the dogmatic aspects of the "pragmatic" philosophy come so close to the Thelemic network that it demands respect and appreciation for the author as well as his work. Practical Sigil Magic is a comprehensive work explaining in a very easy to understand language the mechanics of the mind, and how Sigil Magick has become the preferred method by which Magicians do their work. Drawing on a work by Austin Osman Spare, Frater U.D. discloses the mysterious "Alphabet of Desire" and the methods by which the Magician can create a talisman, charge it, and banish within a few minutes. All without the use of correspondences or archaic languages which require memorization or reference. Although Practical Sigil Magic appears to have been written for the lackadaisical novice, it provides the experienced Magician with a very little known method by which to access the subconscious mind and execute specific commands. Frater U.D.'s command of the English language and the large easy-to-read type makes this a book worthy of applause. A MUST for every serious student of Magick, specially for those who use Sigils and Tantra in their Work. I wouldn't be surprised or disappointed if we saw many more works from this author in the future. -- Reviewed by Frater S.K. *** SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS We'd like to offer a warm welcome and a big 93 to our newest members Sis, Nek, Athena, and Mardin. They were initiated into our Holy Order October 6th in San Diego by members of RPSTOVAL and LVX CAMPS. We are quite happy to finally have a group of O.T.O. Initiates in San Diego! Keep your eyes on these guys folks, they're a enthusiastic bunch! *** YES FOLKS, YET ANOTHER RPSTOVAL WORD SEARCH! O T G R E E C E W X O M O R O C C O Y A R A A S E G Y P T P I B A N N E P A A S A U T I M H C L X K C C K J S I Y L A T I J I F A Y X A V M E S S U K I A T N E S B T M R D S L A I D N I A U J A R A P H L I T N Y R X E M A C D N A L G N E P L THE THEME IS "PLACES" There are 16 places. They are: EGYPT TIBET PERSIA ISRAEL PAKISTAN INDIA CAIRO ITALY GREECE ENGLAND MALAYSIA MOROCCO FIJI CHINA OMAN CUBA GOOD LUCK! SEE YA NEXT ISSUE!


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