Rock Seeing This is a bit of experience from my recent workshop, where we used rocks to an

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Rock Seeing ----------------------------------------------- This is a bit of experience from my recent workshop, where we used rocks to answer a question. But first, you need a question (have it in mind when you head out wherever you're going), and then you need a rock... The descriptive size is "2-fist sized" or "grapefruit" sized. It should not be a crystal, and does not have to be round. Best place to find one is to go out in the "wilderness" (anywhere not overly populated with cement products) and let one call to you. Ask the rock spirit for permission to remove it (if you intend to). Usually it's enough just to carry it to where you can sit comfortably. Place your rock on the ground in front of you, and ask it the question that you have on your mind. Be focused - one question per rock, please! Now, without moving the rock, look at the surface on top. What do you see there? (It helps to write down your question - so you won't forget or change it - and also write down the things you see.). There might be the pattern of a leaf on the rock. Or a face. Or an animal. Whatever it is, it is an ANSWER, somehow to your question. Write down what you see, and don't try to interpret it yet. You will take four "spirits" from this rock face. When you have four on side one, turn it over and do the same on side 2. Same question, and write down the things you see. If you're getting too many of one thing, or you REALLY want to get into it, do the other sides, if the rock will sit that way. When you have all the information written down. Go back to the first side, look at each symbol, at what you wrote down, and ask yourself how it is an answer to your question. Write down what you think. When you've written down the answer that each one of the things is, then try to put them all together (a side at a time, perhaps) into a summary of what the answer is to your question. When you're done with the rock, return it to its place with thanks (and an offering is a nice touch, too). My own experience was fairly typical. It is well known that recently my power animal guardians have done much for me that could be considered miraculous. My question was, "how can I honor my animal allies?" Side one of my rock (a mixture of fluorite, calcite, quartz, and who-knows-what), showed me an oak leaf, a waterfall, storm clouds, and an elephant. I felt the oak leaf symbolized forest habitat, as well as my own power interests; the waterfall, energy and motion; the storm clouds, anger and energy; and the elephant as a power needing protection. Side two showed me a kind of ape, a winged (headless) body, a duck head, and a rainbow. I interpreted the ape as an endangered species, the winged body as a fossil imprint - preservation of the past; the duck as something adaptive and prolific, and the rainbow as a meshing of ideas and approaches, united to form harmony and beauty. In summary, I believe my power animals would be best honored by my involvement in protecting the animals and habitats of this world. It is clear that the old approaches are not working (adapting), and that new blends of ideas and approaches will be needed to preserve the species we now have, and provide for their future. It is time to channel the anger and the energy I have, and that others have, into something concrete and focused. Something that will make a difference - small now, perhaps, but will move everyone it touches and cause them to both add their "small" difference, and pass along the urge to do so. --------------------------- As you can see, you can get a lot of information from a rock! Just be open to what comes, and let your feeling guide you. This is no place to rationalize the symbols on a rock's skin! This method can be used for any kind of question, except that yes/no questions really are harder to interpret. Too many symbols could mean yes AND no! How, why, where, and who questions are easiest for the rock to answer (and for other allies, as well). Time means very little to a rock, so avoiding "when" questions is wise unless you plan to live 900 years.... --------------------------- Give it a try. I'd love to hear how it works out. --++Satinka++--


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