Resources by Mail Here's a list of current places that I've received catalogs from, and th

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Resources by Mail -------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a list of current places that I've received catalogs from, and think you might be interested in. If I've used them, I've tried to say so. Catalogs are often fun reading in themselves - the ones like Joan Teresa or Papa Jim will be useful to Ceremonial Magickians as well as the other folks. Lady Bountiful and Moonscents are, obviously, wiccan in nature. Many fall inbetween. This is by no means a complete list - just what I happen to have at the moment. If you get a catalog from somewhere you like, let me know! -=Satinka -------------------------------------------------------------------- Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Co. 100% pure tobacco! Besides ritual P.O. Box 1840 use, it smokes great and is far Santa Fe, NM 87501 less harmful to you. They have (The tobacco products cigarettes, filter cigarettes and trademark is American Spirit) pipe tobacco. Tell 'em you saw it in Shaman's Drum, & send $1 for any one or $2 for all 3. Lakota Pottery While not cheap, this is beautiful SJL Development Council stuff in sunrise colors, and done Chamberlain, SD 57326 by a Lakota family. SASE for info. Moscow Hide & Fur Skins and parts of certified "legal P.O. Box 8918 harvest" animals: regardless of my Moscow, ID 83843 disagreement with the policy that allows "harvesting," this organ- If, like me, you don't know ization assures that they do not much about furs, this can go to waste, and are treated with boggle your mind! respect. Unless you know what to do with raw furs and hides, get the catalog for dressed hides and buckskin! Papa Jim Company A riot of a catalog, even if you Box 14128 don't agree with everything they 5630 S. Flores sell. Lots of information too. San Antonio, TX 78214 Lady Bountiful This catalog cost $5, but you get 1513 Aviation Blvd. a $5 coupon for your 1st order. Redondo Beach, CA 90278 And they sent 4 sticks of excellent incense with it. One of the few places to sell Mistletoe oil. The Medicine Woman Catalog Run by Carol Bridges, who created Earth Nation the tarot deck I use. They sell P.O. Box 929 lots of tapes, smudge sticks, etc. Nashville, IN 47448 Joan Teresa Power Products I tried not like this catalog, but P.O. Box 442 I do! The only source of black Mars Hill, NC 28754 lotus oil and incense I've found in 20 years. Herbs & etc, too. Native Scents Traditional native herbs for Box 5763 smudging (and some new ones). Also Taos NM 87571 drums/rattles, blue corn meal, etc. (P&D carries some of this) Moonscents Laurie Cabot has something to do P.O. Box 1588 with this, but their wicca supplies Cambridge MA 02238 are good - especially the bags & pouches. Marah I've bought several things from her P.O. Box 948 and the quality is excellent. Madison NJ 07940 She sends samples, too! Tarwater Native Crafts One of Sun Bear's communities right P.O. Box 11 over the border in Alabama - and a Valley Head, AL 35989 source of classes, etc. as well. (Drums, shields, leather bags) Prairie Edge I love their catalogs, although P.O. Box 8303 much is out of my pricerange! 9th & St. Joseph If you want to see what traditional Rapid City, SD 57709-8303 native artifacts look like, the photos are good and informative! The Bear Tribe Undoubtedly one of the best sources P.O. Box 9167 of books on native life and self- Spokane, WA 99209 reliance/survival skills. Sun Bear also does workshops and stuff. Pacific Western Traders Books on West Coast tribes, native P.O. Box 95 costuming, rattles, drums, pipes, 305 Wool Street etc. Also supplies (hair pipes, quills, beads) to make your own. --8/1990--


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