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+AENCHAT +AENNEWS +SNET_CHANNELS +PRINT_MEDIA +CONSPIRE +CONTACTEES +DREAMING +EARTH_CHANGES +ALT_HEALTH +SNET_I_UFO +ON_THE_PATH +ORVOTRON_PUB +SEARCH_ADMIN +SEARCH_MODS +SEARCH_REG +SEARCH_SYS +SURVIVAL +WORLD_NEWS +SPACE_LINK +ALT_SCIENCE +NIGHTSHIFT +NIGHTSHIFTCP +SPACE_LINK %RESCAN --- I am using this RESCAN.TXT to help me turn on new echoes and get some of the messages that are already there. I have sent this message to addressed TO AREAMGR at 114:1/0 (or my Hub's SEARCHNET ADDRESS), with my AREAMGR PASSWORD as the SUBJECT, and I have sent this message FROM MY SEARCHNET ADDRESS. If I have not done the above, then my request will not be recognized by AREAMGR, so I doubled checked all this, and now I am confident my echoes will be turned on properly. Thanks, Your Name


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