CUFON Computer UFO Network Report #: 220 Date Sent: 01-24-1987 Location: GIGHARBOR, WA CAS

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CUFON Computer UFO Network Report #: 220 From: UFO INFO SERVICE Date Sent: 01-24-1987 Location: GIGHARBOR, WA CASE TYPE: CE I DATE: 23 JANUARY 1987 TIME: 21:30 HOURS CFN#: 0334 DURATION: 3:MINUTES WITNESSES: THREE SOURCE: UFO INFORMATION SERVICE ---------------------------------------- At 9:45 P.M. the UFO Information Service in Seattle Washington received a report of a UFO sighting that took place at Gig Harbor, which is in the State of Wash. Three Witnesses reported observing a UFO Unidentified Flying Object. They Stated that they first noticed the object hovering over some houses. The witnesses said the ufo or object was oval shaped and said the color of the object was blue. They stated when the ufo left the area it went straight up and out of sight from them. They also stated that there was "no sequence to any movement that the object made". This could be the same object that was reported in Arnold, city,PA case number CFN#:0333 because the object in both cases was oval shaped and in both cases the object was blue. Interesting also is the duration in both cases of 3 minutes. ---------------------- ParaNet Rating: S3/P3 ---------------------- Report #: 221 From: UFO INFO SERVICE Date Sent: 01-28-1987 Location: ANCHORAGE, AK CASE TYPE: CE II - RV * DATE: 17 NOVEMBER 1986 TIME: 07:35 HOURS CFN#: 0335 DURATION: 30:MINUTES WITNESSES: THREE SOURCE: AP - ASSOCIATED PRESS, NEW YORK --------------------------------------------- NEW YORK A Japan Air Liner pilot who claimed to have seen an Unidentified Flying Object over Alaska last Novenber was probably seeing an unusually bright image of the planet Jupiter, an investigator said yesterday. Philip Klass said astronomical calculations show that on Nov. 17, when the UFO, Jupiter was extremely bright and was visible precisely where the pilot reported that he saw the UFO. Mars was just below and to the right of Jupiter, and may explain the pilot's initial report that he saw two lights, Klass said. Klass, an editor with the magazine Aviation Week and Space - Technology and a longtime investigator of UFO sightings, said the pilot's claims that the object followed him as he made a 360 degree turn are contradicted by what he told fight controllers. John Leyden, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration in Washington, quoted from a summary of conversations between the pilot's and ground controllers in which the pilot reported losing sight of the object after completing his turn. The object then reppeared in a few monents, according to the summary. The pilot, Capt. Kenjyu Terauchi, was over Alaska en route from Europe, via Iceland, to Tokyo when he claimed to have sighted the object. ParaNet Rating: S2/P2. Witness probably not reporting reliably. CUFON Computer UFO Network Report #: 222 From: UFO INFO SERVICE Date Sent: 01-31-1987 Location: BELLEVILLE, WI CASE TYPE: LRS - POSSIBLE - RV DATE: 15 JANUARY 1987 TIME: 21:OO HOURS CFN#: 0336 DURATION: 06:HOURS WITNESSES: MANY SOURCE: AP - BELLEVILLE, WI ---------------------------------------------------- A Belleville patrolman's sighting of strange lights in the night sky is under investigation by a ufo study group, the police chief said monday. officer Glen Kazmar reported the red, white and blue lights to sheriff's dispatchers who relayed the sighting to the Federal Aviation Administration Control Tower on Jan 15, police Chief Jack Pace said. He couldn't see what the lights were attached to, Pace said. He couldn't hear any sound. Kazmar was off duty Monday and did not answer his home telephone, but he told the Monroe Evening Times: when it was just stayed in the same place, and the bright lights, then I knew it was something that wasn't normal. Kazmar first sighted the lights about 9 P.M. and he and a passenger, Jeff Furseth, began studying them more closely about 3 A.M., Kazmar told the Times. They watched them untill nearly daybreak, when the lights disappeared on the horizon. The officer estimated he got within a mile of the lights, Pace said. Other reports of lights were received that night by sheriff's deputies in Dane and Green counties. The FAA tower in Chicago also said it was tracking a slowly moving object in the area, but made no radio contact with it. Actually, we're not sure if what they were looking at on the their radar was what officer Kazmar saw, but it's possible, Pace said. Happenings in Dane County very closely correspond to a number of sightings in the Waukesha area and Kenosha County. Since Kazmar's sighting and news of it spread the six-officer department has received several calls about UFO's sightings, Pace said. None of the calls of other sightings resemble what Kazmar reported and Pace added he expects the reports to taper off. Other reports of sightings in near by counties have been reported to a study group. ParaNet Rating: S3/P5. Possible Astronomical Body. CUFON Computer UFO Network Report #: 224 From: UFO INFO SERVICE Date Sent: 02-08-1987 Location: SELMA, IN. CASE TYPE: CE I - NL DATE: 6 FEBRUARY 1987 TIME: 2145 HOURS CFN#: 0338 DURATION: 30: MINUTES WITNESSES: TWO SOURCE: NATIONAL UFO REPORTING CENTER ----------------------------------------- Two witnesses observed an oval shaped object 30 feet in diameter at an altitude of 50 feet for 30 minutes with no sound. The dogs in the area were very disturbed. The only color seen was a bright white light. ParaNet Rating: S4/P3 CUFON Computer UFO Network Report #: 225 From: UFO INFO SERVICE Date Sent: 02-11-1987 Location: JOLIET, IL CASE TYPE: CE I DATE: 9 FEBRUARY 1987 TIME: 21:45 HOURS CFN#: 0339 DURATION: UNKNOWN WITNESSES: TWO SOURCE: NATIONAL UFO REPORTING CENTER ------------------------------------------------ Two witnesses reported observing a Unidentified Flying Object. The witnesses said the object looked like a big egg or oval shaped object and stated it was as big as a small car. The witnesses stated that the object followed them for a long time going in front of them at times and then going back behind again. They said the object then followed them all the way home at which time they stop the car and ran in the house, the object then stop and hovered for a while before it left the area. the distance the object followed them was approximately or about 7 miles. The witnesses stated the colors coming from the object appeared to look to them like gold and white. The total duration is unknown. This case could be related to CFN#:0338 because the objects in both of theses cases were shaped like an oval or egg shaped. If anyone knows of any other cases like this please call the UFO Information Service in Seattle Washington at (206) 721-5035 Thank You !! ParaNet Rating: S2/P3. Probable Astronomical Body. CUFON Computer UFO Network Report #: 226 From: UFO INFO SERVICE Date Sent: 02-15-1987 Location: MEXICO CITY, MEXICO CASE TYPE: LRS * - POSSIBLE RV DATE: 16 DECEMBER 1986 TIME: DAYTIME CFN#: 0340 DURATION: UNKNOWN WITNESSES: MANY SOURCE: POST, HOUSTON, TX - Dec, 18 1986 ------------------------------------------------ SEVERAL REPORT SPOTTING UFO IN MEXICO CITY Mexico City ( Reuter ) - Mexico City International Airport receiced dozens of call reporting an UFO Unidentifird Flying Object over the Capital Tuesday, the official Notimex News Agency reported Wednesday. The multi-colored object was making a faint buzzing noise as it rapidly circled the city before shooting off at high speed, witnesses said. There was no word on the object's shape or on how long it was visible. Notimex said the crew of a Pan American Airways jet also reported having seen the object briefly. The agency said there have been other sightings over Mexico City of unidentified flying objects in the past few years, one sighting in the same place Nov. 2, 1973 over the capital. ParaNet Rating: S4/P4. CUFON Computer UFO Network Report #: 227 From: UFO INFO SERVICE Date Sent: 02-15-1987 Location: FT.MYERS, FL CASE TYPE: LRS - NL DATE: 27 NOVEMBER 1986 TIME: 22:00 HOURS CFN#: 0341 DURATION: 15:MINUTES WITNESSES: MANY SOURCE: NEWS PRESS, FT MYERS, FL ---------------------------------------------- GREEN FLASH LIGHTS SKY ACROSS FLORIDA From News-Press Staff and Wire Services Residents from Southwest Florida to the East Coast of the state Thursday reported seeing a green flash in the sky that lasted approximately 15 minutes, officials said. Callers reported the sighting between 10 and 10:30 P.M. to the Collier County Sheriff's office, an official their said. The sighting was also reported in Charlotte County, a Lee Sheriff's Department spokesman said. A short time after the west coast sighting, residents of the east coast of Florida saw a flare and then heard an explosion, according to a spokesman for the U.S. Coast Guard office in Fort Pierce. Some people even reported a loud sound similiar to thunder that shook houses, the Coast Guard office reported. Unconfirmed reports from across the state said the green streak across the sky was a meteorite which may have landed in the Atantic Ocean. Officials from Patrick Air Force Base in Cape Canaveral could not confirm that the sighting was a meteorite, but said the matter would be investigated today. It was the second time in a week that residents along Florida's Atlantic Coast reported seeing a flash of bright colored light streak across the late night sky. Last Friday, a streak of light seen in the night sky from Tampa to Jamaica produced a similar effect and was apparently produced by debris from a Soviet rocket passing through the Earth's atmosphere. A resident in the West Palm Beach area described the Thursday night light as bright yellow, while another in the area said the light started out red, turned to blue, then pink and yellow. Mike Palmeriti, an astronomer in Malabar, saw the light between 9:30 and 10:00 p.m. He believed it was a "very strong flash of lightning." But Harold Povenmire, a professor at Brevard Community College and director of the Florida Fire Bill Patrol, said he is certain the flash of light was caused by a meteorite entering the atmosphere at 10:03 p.m.. He also stated the light was preceded by a sonic boom that "rattled things around quite a bit." ParaNet Rating: S1 - Low Atmosphere Bolide


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