Date: 03-04-89 12:40 To: David Rice Subj: Re: Wicca EID:62b2 12646514 > DR: But seriously

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Date: 03-04-89 12:40 From: George Stanislav To: David Rice Subj: Re: Wicca EID:62b2 12646514 > DR: But seriously, folks, what does "repent" mean? Well, since you used the word "seriously".... The word "repent" has to do doing penance. The prefeix "re-" suggest ongoing activity as opposed to a one-time act. The word "penance" comes from the Latin word "penitentia". As this thread has something to do with the biblical meaning of penance (your complaint no fundamentalist asked you to repent ), we have to go much further than that. The biblical Latin translated the word penitentia from the Greek word "metanoia" which means turnover, conversion. Final the biblical Greek "metanoia" is a Greek translation of the Hebrew concept of "shuv" (pronnounced shoov, or shoob, more or less). There is an unfortunate shift of meaning in EACH one of these translations. The English word "repent" has quite a negative connotation, while "shuv" is definitely a very positive word. Fundamentalists who tell you to repent usually do mean it in a rather negative sense of "repent or go to hell", or better yet "repent or to hell with you". That of course is a TOTAL distortion of the original Hebrew and biblical meaning of penance. The original intent of biblical authors was the "shuv" concept. The idea is that of turning away from sin and turning to God. Again, the word "sin" is often misunderstood, so perhaps I should say turning away from things that attach us to this world alone and concentrate more on our spiritual nature. I am sure you would not mind repenting in that sense. As a matter of fact, I am quite sure you have been repenting that way all along. Maybe that is why no one ever asked you to repent? -George- --- Opus-CBCS 1.10.11 * Origin: Astral Board * OPUS Rising * (1:129/39.1)


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