und the country and in Australia. In the case Down Under, Walt Andrus reports that a lady

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===============ParaNet Alpha UFO Reports ===============The Mutual UFO Network is reporting several areas of increased UFO activity aro und the country and in Australia. In the case Down Under, Walt Andrus reports that a lady and her two sons were driving from Perth to Melbo u rne at about 2:45AM Wednesday when they spotted a craft shaped like an "egg-cup" through their rear window. The object overtook the car, an d according to the occupants, the entire vehicle was lifted into the air, shaken violently, then dropped back onto the road, causing damage a nd a blown tire. The claimants reported that their voices seemed oddly distorted and "slowed down" during the encounter. They also reported a residue of a powdery gray substance seemed to have been deposited on the car. There were several independent witnesses to a UFO in the sa m e general area in the same time frame, including two men on a fishing trawler 50 miles away. Initial news dispatches have it that the fishe r men experienced the same vocal distortion; however, Andrus was hesitant on that point, saying that its possible the news service was confus i ng its facts. He said that two MUFON investigators are on the case, Keith Basterfield and Bill Chalker. He confirmed that the grey powder i s being analyzed. [Hot tip from Your Administrator: We will be very interested if the stuff turns out to be Magnesium Oxide.]Back in this co u ntry, a UFO seems to be buzzing the town of Gulf Breezes in the Florida Panhandle. Andrus, who spent four days in the Pensacola suburb at t h e request of MUFON State Director Donald Ware, reports that a gentleman who wishes to remain anonymous has taken 16 "amazingly clear and de t ailed" polaroid photos of the object, as well as a Beta videotape. The object is reportedly of the classic disk variety. Adding to the myst e ry, another anonymous photographer sent his entire 35mm camera to a newspaper with undeveloped film inside. Whent developed, the film showe d the same object. Andrus says that efforts are being made to coax the photographer out of the closet. He acknowledged that it could be the s ame chap as the one who took the polaroids, but adds that there are several other independent witnesses to the sightings.Other hotspots whi c h seem to be flaring up include the Texarkana, Arkansas, area, and parts of Michigan, Georgia, and (shades of NIGHT SIEGE), the Hudson Vall e y. No one is declaring a UFO flap at this stage, however, that may be partially due to caution by local MUFON investigators not to muddy th e waters with "copycat" reports.ParaNet will continue to keep you apprised of developments. Watch this column for further information and up d ates.


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