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(word processor parameters LM=8, RM=75, TM=2, BM=2) Taken from KeelyNet BBS (214) 324-3501 Sponsored by Vangard Sciences PO BOX 1031 Mesquite, TX 75150 There are ABSOLUTELY NO RESTRICTIONS on duplicating, publishing or distributing the files on KeelyNet! December 29, 1990 REICH1.ASC -------------------------------------------------------------------- The Orgone Energy of Dr. Wilhelm Reich The concept of Orgone Energy evolved from a simple question. Reich noted that living organisms were able to release MORE energy than they take up in their food. The essence of the problem was almost solved towards the late 1930's. The Orgone Box which Reich devised and constructed consisted of a small box covered on all sides by an electrically conductive material, in this case aluminum foil. Under that foil were successive layers of organic and inorganic materials. (metal, then cotton/moss/wool/wood (anything organic) followed again by metal foil in as many layers as you wish) The number of layers in addition to the size of the box determines the amount of orgone energy which will be accumulated. Although the container could be placed in any location and be in a light or dark area, the air was found to become about 4 degrees Centigrade warmer than the surrounding room temperature. (this translates to about 12 degrees Fahrenheit) Reich based the design of his Orgone Box on the cell of a human organism. It was represented by a housing covered on all sides by an electrically charged membrane with double contortions. It is interesting to note that the phenomenon of "malignant hyperthermia" (spontaneous combustion in its worst form) can also result in a temperature increase to as high as 43 degrees Centigrade. It can further lead to cramps and contractions which can threaten life. Attempts at cooling the person by ingestion of large volumes of iced water only result in heating the water from the excess body temperature. The parallel of the increase in temperature of the Orgone Box and the heating of the body through this hyperthermia is quite fascinating. Persons suffering from this symptom have been found to have VERY HIGH CALCIUM CONCENTRATIONS in the cell membranes. This indicates a possible means of IMPROVING THE EFFICIENCY of the Orgone Box by using a calcium coated layer. In an attempt to gain the support of fellow scientists for his Page 1 research, Dr. Reich wrote a letter to Albert Einstein in December of 1940. Einstein agreed to consult with Reich which ended up lasting almost five hours. As Reich discussed the temperature differential surrounding his Orgone Box, Einstein told him that if the effect could be reproduced, it would represent "a bomb in physics." Later, Reich left an Orgone Accumlator with Einstein for study. It was set up in the basement and two thermometers clearly showed the temperature differential. One thermometer was located in a tube directly ABOVE the Orgone Box, the other one was freely suspended about one meter away. Einstein had to agree to the correctness of Reich's observations. He then exchanged the two thermometers and the OBSERVED DIFFERENTIAL remained the same (about 4 degrees Centigrade). Reich later developed an Orgone Motor based on the principle of coupling a small excitor dynamo having 0.5 voltage power, with an orgone energy accumulator of a special design. This prototype supplied a 25 volt motor with a PERMANENT ENERGY SUPPLY. In March 1954, Reich was officially requested to stop any additional research in the area of Orgone Energy and to suspend all his publications on the subject. Three years later, Reich died in an American prison. His books and writings were confiscated and burned on order of the U.S. government. From what we know of thermodynamics today, the Reich temperature differential would provide more than sufficient power to operate devices which could easily lead to generation of electricity or as a motive power. -------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have comments or other information relating to such topics as this paper covers, please upload to KeelyNet or send to the Vangard Sciences address as listed on the first page. Thank you for your consideration, interest and support. Jerry W. Decker.........Ron Barker...........Chuck Henderson Vangard Sciences/KeelyNet -------------------------------------------------------------------- If we can be of service, you may contact Jerry at (214) 324-8741 or Ron at (214) 242-9346 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 2


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