HISTORY OF THE RECONSTRUCTION APPLICATIONS This information is being supplied in order tha

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HISTORY OF THE RECONSTRUCTION APPLICATIONS This information is being supplied in order that you may understand how our financial situation has got in the situation we are in now. This will tell you how the lending institutions have duped us of much of our money, a lot of property and a good way of life. Much of the fraud and deceit involved was set up by money people to try to keep, we the people, in servitude and have to depend on the government to survive. You may, after you read this, decide you want to put in a claim to recover assets you have lost because of fraudulent and illegal practices inflicted on you by our lending institutions and judicial system. If you do, contact the appropriate people for assistance. Background information for reconstruction claims applica- tions. The amount of claim is not taxable. A class action effort is under way in Denver, Colorado which is in the 10th U.S. District Court in the Baskerville and Foster case. This case is the foundation on which all the reconstruc- tion claims will be filed. More about this later. There's a group of people who banded together to accomplish all that has been done thus far. It is composed of both active and inactive military who have been brought back on active duty, national manufacturers and the medical profession. The following is a brief history of events that brought us to our present situation. It began in the 11th century in France. The nobles were the ruling class. They were both the kings and the judges. The bailiffs were the tax collectors. The working class were kept poor and in deplorable conditions because that made them easier to rule and control. These conditions finally brought about a revolution. Because there had been so many intermarriages between the ruling families of Europe, those of the ruling families in France escaped to England and were accepted and protected. Those who did not flee France were beheaded. Those that fled to England became Wigs or the lawyers and judges which was the basis of the English Bar. The wealthiest family on the whole European continent was the Rothchilds. The Rothchilds made a deal with the monarchs to supply all of the paper money to subvert the economies if they were paid back in gold. Under our Constitution, our monetary system was established on the basis of gold and silver as the standard. In the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Preamble to the Constitution several references are made to "Titles of Nobility". Our forefathers never wanted to have "Titles of Nobility" included in our government. In the period prior to the Civil War the entities described above tried to intervene and get a foothold in our booming economy. Just before the Civil War, 16 states ratified the original 13th Amendment prohibiting the granting of "Titles of Nobility" as well as prohibiting anyone who accepted, from retaining their citizenship or holding public office. (The ratification of the 13th Amendment by Virginia, the last state needed to make it an amendment, was suppressed partly by taking advantage of the poor communication of the period.) A fire occurred in Washington, D.C. in which a lot of records were destroyed. The fire was believed to be set as part of the cover-up of the ratification by the 16th state, but the fact that it had been ratified by 16 states, was published and printed in the other 15 states as well as in some of the areas that were territories at the time. The "Title of Nobility" amendment was hidden from the public by the group that it would have the greatest effect on, which is law- yers. After the Civil War, the 14th Amendment was passed which was referred to as the Slavery Amendment. It said that "All" people born or naturalized citizens are subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. The term subject means slave. The term subject inferred that there was an inequality among citizens. When our forefathers created the Constitution they said "All men were created equal with certain inalienable rights". The 14th Amendment took them all away in 1868. In 1913, the Federal Reserve Act was passed which was both unlawful and unconstitutional. The Rothchilds came in and subverted our economy. The deal was made that they would put a billion dollars into our economy in exchange for the establishment of the Federal Reserve which they would own. There was included a buy-out clause which will become important and will be discussed later on. This was forced on us. Through this control they manipulated our money and caused the stock market crash of 1929-1933. In the Jackson era we were taken off the gold standard several times, but we couldn't stand the inflation. In 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt was forced to sign an executive order to allow the Federal Reserve to take us off the gold standard. This removed the basis for our money. We still had silver, but it was over inflated. That worked until 1937. The act that FDR used to justify signing that executive order was the War Powers Act, ratified in 1916. This is legislation that was designed during the war to allow decisions to be made rapidly by bypassing Congress, but was used as an emergency act to allow the Federal Reserve to take over the monetary system. Our nation went bankrupt in 1933. It was motioned in the Congressional record in 1933, 1934, 1935 and 1937. One man, Clom Mospaden, lost his life because he mentioned it. In 1967, we went off the silver standard. In 1982, a new Constitution was invoked on us called the District of Columbia. This needed only two people in each state to ratify it. To take effect, that was done by two congressmen from each state. It was really designed to be only for a 10 mile square area for the seat of our government. It allowed the banks and judicial system to have total control over us. In January of 1990, there was a plan that was thwarted to install a new constitution in place of our original constitution. This would have placed everyone who is in office now, in office for 25 years and removed our rights to hold elections to elect new officials. We already had another constitution that was instituted in 1982 called the District of Columbia. In 1916, the Federal Land Bank originally submitted its charter. These papers were returned to them 4 days later for corrections. They were never resubmitted. For 6 years, there were repeated demands to have the papers resubmitted by the Bureau of Records. In 1932, it was investigated as to whether the Federal Land Bank was legal and had filed with the Bureau of Records. It was found that they were not. They have since tried to file, but have been denied because of the original foul-up. They tried to change their name to Farm Credit Services and were denied because their official name and charter was the Federal Land Bank. They then tried as simply Farm Credit. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Federal Land Bank is a misnomer because it never existed legally. The National Banking Act required them to register with either the State or Federal Bureaus. State banks registered with the State and Federal Banks with the Feder- al Reserve, neither one registered with both. The Federal Re- serve is not filed or registered with the Federal Bureau of Registry or with any of the states. The Farm Credit Act mentions the District of Columbia juris- diction. In law week 6-LW-3233. There is a Supreme Court case, Williams vs. Federal Land Bank of Jackson, Oct. 6, 1992, 12 USC 2278 (A) - 1 (B). All Federal Agencies have a rate as Federal instrumentalities. Federal judicial power extends to all Federal instrumentalities. All Federal instrumentalities are subject to the jurisdiction of the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia. When the Federal Agencies and instrumentalities moved against us in foreclosures and other actions, they took us to state district courts which assumed jurisdiction which they did not legally have. They took people into a court that was displaying a flag with a golden fringe on it. The golden fringe on the flag indicated this was a court under military maritime law. In a court displaying this type flag you have no Constitu- tional rights and your civil rights are violated. How can you receive a fair trial when you are in a court where you have no rights? The class action case referred to on page 1 was filed by the following plaintiffs: William G. Baskerville Shirley A. Baskerville J. B. Foster, Lorraine Foster aka LaVanda Foster The defendants are as follows: Federal Land Bank Farm Credit Services Credit Bank of Wichita Federal Land Bank of Wichita, A Corporation First Interstate Bank of Fort Collins Earnest L. Wilmer, an individual Fisher, Brown, Muddleston, Gunn, Sackston, Shibley, Struman and Holts. Hill, Hill and Mangiee William F. Dressail, an individual Charles E. Mathison, an individual Stephn J. Jord J. A. Simplot, doing business as Simplot Builders All defendants were fined $50,000 which became $1,000,000. All were ordered to pay. All licenses were suspended and they were not allowed to practice their professions. When you got a loan you were sold a credit life policy or you were told to get one to get your loan with the lender as beneficiary so in case you died the loan would be paid off. It was a default policy. If they could force you into default so you couldn't pay your note, they were paid off by the policy you bought, plus they got the property back. The following institutions and agencies are all fraudulent: World Bank Interntional Monetary Fund Federal Reserve Banks There are two governments in the United States. The Consti- tutional government of the 50 republic states aligned under the Constitution. The other is the Legislative Democracy which is the District of Columbia. The federal states (Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam, The Virgin Islands, and the Mariannas) and territories. On December 11, 1992, President Bush was to sign an executive order allowing the banks to close, forcing us into an economic chaos. He was to sign another then, to put us into the new Constitution and the One World Order. The 1936 National Banking Act required all lending institutions to register their original charters with the Federal and State Bureau of Records. None of them complied. NO lending institutions are properly registered and are therefore not legal- ly able to operate as a lending institution. Janet Reno, the new U.S. Attorney General has agreed to do everything she can to bring us back under the umbrella of the Constitution. An announcement will be made that all corporations are null and void. There will be a new banking system and banks will register with the new system. Those that don't will be taken over by the government and controlled by the government. New money will be issued and it will be backed by gold and silver. The 13th Amendment is to be implemented and enforced. At that time, all elected and appointed officials who are lawyers will be sent home, except those that will be tried for treason. This will include Clinton and all past living presidents. Delta Force, a special group of the military group that banded together under Constitutional Law, confiscated the assets of everyone who owned stock in the Federal Reserve, foreign countries, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. This was done under a Supreme Court order. They went into foreign countries and brought it all back. It was placed in a special account that these claims will be paid out of. Over 800 trillion dollars was collected, enough to back every dollar in circulation and more. It is deposited in various places all over the country. This started over 18 years ago, but only in the last 1 1/2 years have these groups been reclaiming our assets. Cosmos, a former CIA organization, broke banking codes and rerouted transfers to bring the money back into the continental United States. Less than one year ago, the Joint Chiefs of Staff met with President Bush and told him they had a signed order given to them by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933. This executive order gave them the power in an economic emergency to declare martial law. They did not want to invoke it, but they threatened him with it. They ordered Bush to take the necessary steps to take us back to the Constitution. When Bush was campaigning, he kept talking about the New World Order. During the Iraq War he kept talking about NWO. Less than one year ago, Bush changed his physical appearances and never spoke of the New World Order. After this, he always ended debates or speeches with "May God bless the United States of America". He never repeated the words "New World Order" ever again. Bush was ordered by the military to quit using the term "New World Order" and this shows the influence of the military. This also is the reason Clinton has backed off Bosnia. Everything with Clinton is a smoke screen. He was not elected legally. First of all, he is a lawyer. Secondly, he was not elected by the majority vote. Thirdly, without a majority vote, it should have been decided in the House of Representa- tives. Three other requirements for the president to be official are: 1) He must have a complete cabinet appointed within 100 days of taking office. Clinton still does not have a complete and confirmed cabinet. 2) He must give a state of the union address. Clinton simply gave an economics address. 3) He must be ratified by Congress. Since most (90%) of Congress are lawyers, who cannot hold office because of the 13th Amendment, Clinton cannot be properly ratified. The people who are not lawyers are the only legal Congress. When Roy Schwasinger began in October, 1992, he said he was under mandate from Congress. If all Congress refused to recognize him, there is only one reason, only true members of Congress gave him the mandate. Those who were not lawyers. There are less than 12. There used to be 20, some have died. Joseph Byden and Sam Nunn are 2 of the 12. Secretary of FDIC is dead - unexplainably. All Greenspan attempted suicide. On life support? Uncon- firmed. A rumor concerning the deaths of officers of the Federal Land Bank of Wichita was brought up. It was stated that this office used to have 60 people working there, but now has only 4. This was confirmed by someone who had been there. They also noted that the bank had a new name, did not have a new seal and that it was not insured by the FDIC. Someone at the office told them that they do not have, never had, nor ever will have any accounts that will need to be insured by anyone. No judges are legal. According to state law, judges must file an oath of office every 6 years. If they do not, they are not legal. Any oaths of office they administer are not legal either. The New Bank of the United States of America, will not have any stockholders because there won't be any stocks to own. They will only own the actual physical structure (the building) the bank is housed in. There will be new arbitrage like loan agree- ments that will be hard to arrange. When you borrow an amount, another amount is set aside to liquidate that loan over a period of time. This is done through buying stocks that will be managed by that bank. The borrower will never have to pay anything. Loans at banks now are null and void because institutions were not properly registered, the same with credit cards. Any loans made from 1933 to present are void. An announcement is to be made soon that we won't have to pay back any loans. There will also be an announcement about the IRS very soon. The IRS is a privately owned corporation to collect taxes for the government. (All corporations are to be made null and void.) Under Constitutional Law, only goods and services can be taxed, not income. It is illegal. Tax forms are voluntary. It is a voluntary act. Money will be exchanged dollar for dollar. Any money from overseas will go through a checkpoint. Old money with a strip in it can be counted when you go through sensors at the airports. There will be a bluish and pink tint to the new money. There was a show on PBS that talked about the new money information. The total transition period was to take 2 years, but it is moving faster than expected. The Judicial system is changing fast. Janet Reno has fired all the U.S. attorneys. This was documented in the Tulsa World Paper. All of the U.S. attorneys in every state were fired because they would not agree to hold accountable all the state elected officials for their wrong doings. New attorneys have been appointed. Claims we submit will become indictments against these individuals. They will then be prosecuted by the new U.S. attorneys. State Attorney Generals agreed to prosecute or were fired. Lawyers and judges had protection knowing they would not be prosecuted for their action. They are personally accountable now since President Bush signed an order in 1992 removing their immunity. You should file a claim on everything you have paid in income taxes whether sent in or taken from you since 1933. Husbands and wives can both count everything and file separately. Private contracts, such as divorces, will not be readjudi- cated. White collar criminals (income tax evasion, etc., no hard criminals) will be released. Tax system - excise taxes on goods and services - government can't exist on excise tax - hasn't been determined what will be done about this. The National debt does not exist and any debt to foreign countries is paid off. This occurred when the military group confiscated the foreign wealth of the Federal Reserve, the Inter- national Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank and their owners. The Trilateral Commission owned these institutions. The foreign countries agreed to allow the military group to do this with the understanding that their national debts were paid off and that it would be a one time thing. Do it, get it done and don't come back. These foreign countries wanted these people picked up because they were subverting these countries economies also. There is no more International Debt in the U.S. and no debt to the Federal Reserve. In 1913, there was a contract made between the Federal Government and the Trilateral Commission. In exchange for the Trilateral Commission putting one billion dollars into our economy to give it a boost, we would pass the legislation known as the Federal Reserve Act which would give them control over our monetary system by printing money and setting interest rates. There as a buy-out clause in the contract that allowed us to pay back the billion dollars and we would own the Federal Reserve. We recently bought it back with assets that were confiscated. We made them an offer they couldn't refuse and bout it back with their own money we confis- cated. Actually, it took 4 1/2 months of real legal pressure. It almost came to a real war, a civil war, a blood war with guns. There was a show of force and we won. They gave up control of the Federal Reserve and the Trilateral Commission backed off. There was an agreement made that we can get rid of all congressmen and senators who are not legally holding office up there representing us. We can then elect new people in their places who will be legal. Then they can vote out the name of the Federal Reserve and replace it with the Bank of the United States of America. When we go back to the Constitution and we are again under the Republic, then the Districts of Canada want to become new states of the United States. Only legal ownership of property is through land patents. Some searching will have to be done to determine who really owns parcels of land and land patents will be issued and recorded. Information has been received that the following statement is in effect by order of the U. S. District Court in Denver, Colorado. Under Case Number CV-92-C-1781, that the entire Farm Credit System, Federal Land Bank, Production Credit Association, Farmers Home Administration, National Banking Association, the City of Ft. Collins, Colorado, and the County of Larimor, Colora- do are hereby placed into receivership by order of the U.S. District Court of Denver, Colorado. Darrell Sturgess and Scott Hildebrand have been appointed by the court to act as receivers for entities mentioned above, with the authority to activate the National Guard to insure National Security. These entities are hereby placed on notice that the assets of those placed in re- ceivership are to be turned over to the receivers Darrell Stur- gess and Scott Hildebrand immediately to be recorded with the court and to be disbursed against affidavits of damages submitted by the receivers. These assets include, but are not limited to the assets of the agents, officers, directors, and employees of the above mentioned entities for civil rights violations and fraud which they were a part of and/or perpetrated. The National Banking Associations will be closed and their affairs would be up for their non-compliance with the National Bank Act and their failure to comply with various state laws. The National Guard is hereby notified and given the authori- ty to assist in arresting the perpetrators of fraud as specified in the arrest warrants which were filed in the U.S. District Court of Denver, Colorado under Case Number(s) CV-92=C-1781 because the Federal Marshals have failed to perform their sworn duties to uphold the Constitution of the United States of Ameri- ca. They are on call by Mr. Hildebrand and Mr. Sturgess at their direction. Any individual who wishes to file a claim should contact their state officers for specific details and procedures. Eligibility to file a claim: If you have borrowed money from the banking system, farm credit system, credit cards, etc. and can document the amounts, you are eligible to file a claim.


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