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The following material is copyrighted 1993 by Nova Astrological Services San Diego, CA Provided NOTHING is changed in any way, this file may be uploaded to yourlocal BBS or national service such as Prodigy or Compuserve. I have uploaded this to the New Age/astrology BBS of Compuserve, but it may be distributed to other areas of Compuserve which might find it of interest. It is submitted by Nova Astrological Services of San Diego as a matter of general interest to Compuserve subscribers. It was written by the owner of Phoenix Four Enterprises AND Nova Astrological Services. This submission is there obviously by consent. It is for individual private use only. It may NOT be reproduced in part or whole for commercial use in any form whatsoever, without the express written consent of Phoenix Four Enterprises of San Diego, CA Compuserve #72604,2604 For many people there exists erroneous concepts and images associated with Astrology. This was written as a means of erasing those images and setting some facts into place in the mind of the reader. Astrology is not the answer to anyone's life, but it can be a very useful tool if a little common sense is applied. I have tried to lay some basics forth in this article for you to see some of the factors involved that make it FAR MORE than the toy of amusement that is often viewed as when introduced from sources such as the newspapers. copyright 1993 by Nova Astrological Services San Diego, CA ASTROLOGY IN REAL LIFE My own life is an example of astrology unfolding in step with the influences at work. At age 25 I had heard an astrologer on a radio talk show in Houston. He made some comments that caught my attention. At the end of the show I made a note of the phone number given out. At the time it was about January. I did not finally call till November and at that time I was in a job that required either being on call 24 hrs., or being off call. Having worked about 3 weeks straight through, I was given a few days off. I then decided to call. With information systems being rather advanced even in 1979, I was concerned that there might be some way for him to obtain information on my background. When an appointment was being made he wanted to do the reading in 3 days. With a bit of persuasion, he agreed to do it the next day. With that settled I felt there was no way that he could "tap in" to any information about me. Was I ever wrong. He had my birth date, time of birth and place of birth. That is all he used and all he needed. The session was recorded on audio tape. After he announced his name and identified he was doing my chart it took all of about 2 minutes for him to grab my undivided attention. I think it was the statement, "People with Scorpio Rising tend to be very shrewd and suspicious", that made me open my mind to what I was experiencing. He went on to identify things that had already taken place, and some that would take place. My interest in astrology drifted a bit for a few years, but as things in my chart continued to surface in my life, the interest began to return. I found myself reviewing the original reading and paying attention to things that previously had not seemed to fit. Suddenly I was witnessing new situations materializing in my life. So the following is a brief outline of some situations that had or would occur. 1. My natal chart states: Prone to injuries to the head and face. at age 4 I had a head injury the required 7 stitches at age 19 I fractured my skull on a construction site and nearly died in an accident from horseplay with my ex-wife I gashed my forehead and received ten stitches 2. My natal chart: Combinations in chart show a need to take care of the liver. at age six I was hospitalized with hepatitis (a liver disease) 3. My chart has Mercury in the fourth house he stated " Mercury in house four indicates there is a tendency to change the domicile a lot. For example, this is the sort of thing you might find in the horoscope of a traveling salesman." I was born in South Carolina. My father was a Marine Corp sergeant. From birth to age five I have lived in California three different times, Hawaii, Guam, Kwajalein and upon his military retirement also Arkansas. To date additional places I have lived have been Houston, Los Fresnos, Temple, Austin, and Harlingen all in Texas. Then in California (for the fourth time) Barstow and San Diego. As to work, I was an electrician in Houston till 1983 and was OFFERED a job at about 40% more pay which located me in the Austin area. With that company I work on military bases from Austin to Abilene (approx. 300 mile spread), Texas and later Barstow, California. Once in California I worked from San Diego to Monterey (approx. 500 mile spread), doing military construction. 4. Mercury was also in the sign Pisces he stated " On the positive side Mercury in Pisces will give prophetic dreams and intuitive flashes that will give lots of worthwhile information." I HAVE HAD PROPHETIC DREAMS. In one instance I dreamed that I was laid off from my job. THE NEXT DAY, it happened EXACTLY as I dreamed it. It is worthwhile to note that normally I do not remember my dreams. So for me to remember the dream at all is rather special. None the less all that I have stated above are true life experiences and there is NO exaggeration at all. More important there are considerably more parallels between my life and my natal chart, however the situations get either personal or to involved to explain here. So I will give some examples of things that have INTERACTED with my life through the charts of others. I did a chart for a person who worked at a newspaper. Later two others contacted me to do their charts also. As I was doing the chart for one of the ladies I noticed that she had Saturn in the 10th house. It was in the sign Taurus. Saturn placed in the tenth house is known as EXALTED and exemplifies and enhances the positive qualities symbolized by the planet. Placed in the sign of Taurus patience and deliberate hard work to achieve career goals is likely. Business management is a natural flow for the energies represented here. A Leo sun sign and Leo rising sign strongly underline this managerial nature. The double Leo influence shows natuaral leadership qualities. Other factors also support this about her. Never having met or heard anything about this person, I decided to add a note to her chart. In it I stated that due to several factors in her chart that I that it was highly probable that her position with the newspaper was a managerial position if not the top position for that office. The paper was the San Diego office of the L.A. Times. When I spoke with her a few days later she informed me she was HEAD of CLASSIFIEDS for the San Diego office. It should also be noted that she had Uranus in the tenth house. While career promotion was likely, Uranus in the tenth can mean sudden disruptions to the career. The L.A paper closed it's San Diego office about a year after I did her chart. This person has the skill, drive and originality of thought to adjust to this or any other obsticles life may produce. I wrote about upheavals in "Making Sense of Astrology". I hope that she has studied her chart some during this period, as I feel she is capable in many types of business environments. When I wrote the essay "Making Sense of Astrology" I mentioned looking for psychic ability in a chart. The example given of a situation of someone being "empathic" was taken from a real series of experiences with my ex-wife. When we were together there had been a number of times where she repeated my thoughts back to me "word for word". To say the least I was a bit annoyed. I never told her this. At the point we were about to separate, I went to my astrologer again to have her chart done. Half way through the reading he said to me " I guess you know she is very psychic don't you? " Of course I did. It was at a point of no return for our marriage however. She was psychic and ignorant to the subject. She has lived a very confused life, and in many ways tragic. She is a victim of being a psychic sponge, soaking up all the thoughts and emotions of those she encounters. Beset with no level of awareness of this "gift" that makes it of use to herself or anyone else. Since our divorce I made a specific effort to clearly define this to her. She rejected the gesture as nonsense. To my knowledge, to date, she has been married at least six times. She is a Gemini, the sun sign with a track record for the most multiple marriages. She is also Cancer Rising. Be aware that the water signs which are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces represent emotion. Human emotional nature is strongly linked to psychic ability. When planets fall in these signs one should study the positioning carefully. Planets such as Uranus, Pluto, Mercury and especially the Moon or Neptune placed in these signs are likely to indicate psychic potential. This potential can increase notably if placed in the 1st, 8th or 12th houses. I am going to give one more example of my own chart . In her book the "Rising Sign" author Jeanne Avery speaks of the fourth house relating to one's relationship with the parent of the opposite sex. For Scorpio rising the fourth house begins somewhere within the sign of Aquarius. The sign Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus which symbolizes several things such as original thought, creativity, and non conformist attitudes. It also can symbolize sudden change. Avery mentions in this explanation of the fourth house that " There is the possibility or unexpected or accidental death of that parent". When living in Harlingen, Texas in 1965, my mother at the age of 42 died of a heart attack. I was very close to her. The loss of my mother at that age undoubtly has had tremendous impact upon my life then as well as now. This loss has created in me a "need" to ask why. To seek answers not for the sake of having one, but to seek truth. In recent years my older sister said to me that I was my mother's favorite child. I don't believe that at all, I merely acknowledge that we were very close. However you should be aware that my mother's sun sign was Scorpio. With my Scorpio rising sign, astrologically speaking, this is a highly compatible blending. Also generally speaking, Pisces and Scorpio sun signs usually are also highly compatible. My brother and two sisters all have Saggitarius sun signs. The things that I have reviewed here for you are real life experiences. These situations bear witness to astrology in the lives of real every day people. Being a very private type person, I was hesitant to write about myself. Using the negative situations such as my former marriage or the death of my mother in this essay is my way of transforming it in to something positive, a lesson that others may benefit from. Life is about choices. Life is about learning. The choosing and the learning are your responsibility. So now I have stated my case, having put a portion of my life in front of you. At what point does a person say, "This is more than coincidence"? That is for you to decide. You have before you one of many doors that will be opened to you in you life. Do you pass through to another level of experience or do you turn away? All the knowledge in the world won't do you any good, if you don't have the desire, a little common sense and an awareness of practical application. Knowledge is power. Whatever you do with your life, keep your mind open to new experiences and levels of learning and you will gain power over your life and the unseen challenges that lie ahead. Notice I have recently aquired my own extension to a PSYCHIC HOTLINE. If you have or should discover through your natal chart,that you yourself have psychic ability, you may find it of use to call this line to perhaps discuss "learning to tune in" to your abilities. Whatever your reason, it is there if you are interested. 1-900-737-1818 Ext 706 calls are $2.98 per minute 24 hours a day must be 18 yrs. or older When calling mine or ANY psychic line remember these points 1. Have your questions SPECIFICALLY identified AND WRITTEN DOWN. this will keep you from drifting from the original purpose of the call. 2. Be conscious of time. Time is money. It is wise to have a watch or clock IN SIGHT. 3. Questions can surface during your conversation, deal with them but don't let it drift to far from your original purpose of the call. 4. If you like and/or feel comfortable with the person you speak with get THEIR SPECIFIC EXTENSION so you can contact them directly should you call again. This extension is used AFTER any extension listed with the 900#. 5. Just as I described astrology as a TOOL, you should consider a psychic's advice as such. It may clear up certain confusing issues but DON'T try and MOLD your life around that advice. Instead view it as a sign post on your journey through life. It is there when you NEED to get your bearing straight on what direction you are going. It CAN NOT make your journey FOR YOU. 6. in a place and frame of mind that is NOT RUSHED IN ANY WAY. If you are restless due to some environmental circumstance, you are not likely to get as good a response as you might like as you won't be giving off the "RIGHT VIBES". It could undermine the whole process. YOUR ENVIRONMENT SHOULD BE CALM AND QUIET. 7. Whether you are are calling or visiting a psychic in person, you should find these pointers useful. You will find that Nova's psychic line is much less expensive than other similar services. Calls are limited to 8 minutes. This will help keep it an affordable way to "tap in" to these sources. Nova Astrological Services 1380 Garnet Ave. Suite E-455 San Diego, CA 92109 Phone: (619) 260-2526 My next writing project will be on psychic abilites. I intend to cover common terms and various FORMS of psychic ability. If this interests you write to me at the address above. Your comments on this or other things I have written are welcome, if you write to the above address I will respond.


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