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DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT TITLE OF WORK: Sesshin Guidelines FILENAME: SESS_GDE.ZIP (Internet: sesshin-conduct-guidelines.txt) AUTHOR: unknown AUTHOR'S ADDRESS: unknown PUBLISHER'S ADDRESS: Sydney Zen Center, 251 Young St. Annandale, Sydney, NSW 2038, Australia DATE OF PUBLICATION: 1992 ORIGIN SITE: coombs.anu.edu.au The author retains all rights to this work and hereby grants electronic distribution rights to DharmaNet International. This work may be freely copied and redistributed, provided that it is accompanied by this Agreement and is distributed at no cost to the recipient. If this work is used by a teacher in a class, or is quoted in a review, the author shall be notified of such use. It is the spirit of dana, freely offered generosity, which has kept the entire Buddhist tradition alive for more than 2,500 years. If you find this work of value, please consider sending a donation to the author or publisher, so that these works may continue to be made available. May your generosity contribute to the happiness of all beings everywhere. DharmaNet International, P.O. Box 4951, Berkeley, CA 94704-4951


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