Dear Brother(s), These are instructions for you to start using one of the simplist Hyperte

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Dear Brother(s), These are instructions for you to start using one of the simplist Hypertext Type programs. I have included in this zip-file. After you read this go to prompt> Type the words: you will then be in it will say: new file: You type the name of file: In this case sbc.txt This looks like new You then use [enter] [pge up] [pge down] [up arrow] [down arrow] to navagate around the text. x will exit It will display a list of commands. See bottom of screen when your in It is designed to be extremely simple to understand & user friendly. Just one more thing; This project has taken almost 2 (two) months of my time and all of my Christmas holiday was spent trying not to let the material involved get me angry or upset & so more prone to unwanted errors. This is not a "bootleg" copy, near the begining of the SBC.TXT file you will discover that a release from the author is included allowing reproduction of his work. (This wasn't intended to be ludicrous, just doing things on the level, & in a square manner) Please consider this effort as you would any *SHAREWARE* piece of PC-Software. Your donations (after you evaluate the project, of course) are badly needed, so we can attempt to send a copy to the 100+ F.& A.M. Grand Lodges in the U.S. (including the Prince Hall of course) then an additional 50 A.F. & A.M. Grand Lodges. It is our hope that *SOMEWHERE* somebody or organization will file a proper *LAWSUIT* to try & recover from the damage that this booklet has done to Freemasonry, including the loss of new Candidates, who may have been affected should they be part of the Southern Baptist Faith. It is difficult to imagine this kind of vicious attack upon any group today without any fears of *LEGAL RECOURSE* or protracted litigation; but the Masonic Fraternity is so decentralized, that it is obvious the we may have benifitted by adopting Br. George Washington's idea of someone acting as sort of National Grandmaster General who could act in the interests of the Fraternity in general when something like this, that affects us all comes up. At least we will try & make the various "Grand Master's Conventions" aware of this, as well as the various branches of the Masonic Family. Everyone should read this, as many people are talking about it, but other than myself, and you, dear BBS user, but very few people outside of the Southern Baptist Convention have actually had the opportunity to see this for themselves. So please send a donation of $5.00 or $7.00 and we will put you on our mailing list & inform you of updates in this situation. You might also think about calling our BBS at (510)-644-9307 andbecoming a registered member. In all of last year we only had about 1/2 dozen people who sent in their registration dues, & it's costly to run a good board. fraternally, L.C. Stevenson 32~ 1-15-93 P.O. Box 2141-C Berkeley, CA 94702


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