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To: All Message #: 4165 From: Don Allen Submitted: 05 Apr 92 05:21:00 Subject: Rainbow 1/11 Status: Public Received: No Group: INFO.PARANET (1) MSGID: 1:363/29 3085cad9 This was emailed to me recently on Usenet. It's a mix of Philadelphia Experiment,Alternative 3, Tesla,FEMA and in general your Anti-Constitution Global-Control "Secret Government". You may or may not find it interesting. You most likely will be amused and moreover, parts of it just might be worth investigating. I must tell you right up FRONT here..this was emailed to me by one of the JASON group who is listed IN the file here. He has also provided some names of other JASON members and this is the *ONLY* reason I personally entertained notions of "there might just BE something to all of this" rather than just offhand dismissing it as the typical loony tune fodder of this genre of UFOlogy. He has requested anonymity for employment reasons as he is still involved with some of this and does NOT wish to lose his job. I have the original email header with this person's name and milnet addressing. I read his job description and it's impressive. Definately not a "lightweight". BE FOREWARNED that some of this info is pretty wild, and it DOES contain some references to Bill Cooper, and is presented as-is. Please do NOT accept any of this at face value. Investigate it to your satifaction. I'm presenting to ALL so others who might be interested in this and have access to information, might be able to do some FOLLOW-UP on the JASON list and get to the real TRUTH. This might also put to rest the controversy over the alleged "Alternative 3" and "Phoenix Projects". cc: Alt.Alien.Visitors Bama UFO Echo Contact UFO Echo Mufonet UFO Echo Paranet UFO Echo ============================================================================ Started: October 1, 1990; Updated: 01/22/91,02/23/91,04/02/92; FR:Rainbow Traveler Residence: Sentient Human Beings c/o Global Communications Media Planet Earth, Milky Way Zip Code: 2020-1984, Phone: (202) 898-8000, (800) 982-0748 TO: `Policy Committee' c/o: Department Seven, Geneva, Switzerland; MJ12; NSA; NSC; ITAC; The Order; Alien races; CC:To any known concerned persons enmasse; In the future( after 01/01/91?), to enlist THEIR genuine attentive compliance, you may wish, after reading, to send personal compassionate but very stern concern statement copies, signed "Your Friend Eternally, Rainbow Traveler", along with retyped or legible duplicated copies of this open letter enmasse. Use the return address "Rainbow Traveler, Residence: Sentient Human Beings, c/o Global Communications Media, Planet Earth, Milky Way Zip Code: 2020-1984; Phone: < nearest `United Press International' branch number or (202) 898-8000, (800) 982-0748 > ". Use the mail systems, even with partial addresses(The very AMERICAN veteran staffed postal system that delivers `come rain, shine, or national plight.' Creed of its under appreciated fighters ). Send to known or discovered EMPLOYEES and offices or departments of local: representatives, administrators, government(city/county/ state/ federal-military), companies(banking-finance/ insurance/ hospitals/ telephone/ investigators/ gas & electric/ government contractors/ etc.), action/election groups, enlisted personnel, media employees/ departments( radio/ TV/ papers-publications). Use department phone numbers listed in directories or call 1-(xxx)-555-1212, etc. Get employee NAME(s), as through recalling who you last spoke with. Address copies to them as well. Also, after 01/01/91 > 06/01/90(or would this be too late to save lives?) include local and worldwide EMPLOYEES/ offices/ branches of international companies and others: `Policy Committee' c/o: Department Seven, Geneva, Switzerland; N.S.C., USA; any bases hosting aliens; Chapter 322 and Inner Core in `The Order' c/o: Yale, USA; Winston Lord c/o: C.F.R., `The Order'; William Putnam Bundy c/o:`Foreign Affairs' publication, CIA, `The Order': Committee of 300, `Policy Committee(?)';McGeorge Bundy c/o: `Policy Committee(?)', `The Order': Inner Core(?), N.S.A; George Bush c/o: The White House or `The Order'; Bartlett's, and especially the Thacher Family c/o: Parliament in England, Bilderbergers(?), `The Order', `The Group': c/o `Lord of The Crowns' in Great Britain; Henry Luce c/o: `Time-Life' publications, `The Order'; Federal Reserve, USA; Congress/Senate; State Legislatures; AIDS/Bio group, N.C.I., Fort Dietrich, Maryland; More contacts/pointers:(01/01/92; Rainbow Traveler, University of California - San Diego, USA, Earth, Phone:(619)299-3131, (619)534- 6126): Some (stodgy?) DOD advisory members, UCSD's finest(?), covert treasonous Sion stylized (Illuminati/Club of Rome)withholders of crucial substantial facts needed for informed decisions by the, at times superficially minded, public?... Please, Gentlemen, will you genuinely tell us about: G. Bush's(Order of '49) "New World Order" cosmopolitan dictatorship? Global subterranean tunnel networks (Bechtel/Rand Corp.), Director Nikola Tesla's Project Rainbow for the Navy, Project Phoenix, Project Pluto, Dulce alien genetics facilities, super atomic-powered antigravity-type alien technologies at Groom Lake/Area 51 above Las Vegas by 375, off of 93? The REAL trips to Mars, and other planets? What of the Belgian crafts and global super-computer center there? The joint Moon base Luna in the NASA photographs? Alternative 3? The 39 (3 thirteen member committees) members of the executive committee of the Bilderberg Group and it's most powerful third, the "Policy Committee" in Geneva, Switzerland? CIA experiments with the drug PROZAC, electronic brain implants, microwave & E.L.F. intrusion >> mass murder, ending in every case with the suicide of the perpetrator!!!? Planned concentration camp roundups, slave labor, "batch consignments"?? ... Give the REAL truthful answers, NOW! ! ! ! : Dr. Henry D. I. Abarbanel, JASON Group, Res Phycist MPL, A-013 415 POSS Bldg, Dir INS, R-002, 115 CMRR, 1110 Crest Rd, Del Mar, (619)481-2749,(619)534-3094; (note Abarbanel is real, spoke voice with him on the phone, denies knowledge of this file, admits there is a JASON group but will not speak on it, accesses Internet but wont give an address, seemed genuinely(?) surprised his phone number was in this file) Prof. Russ E. Davis, JASON Group, ORD I, A-030, 407 POSS Bldg, 13611 Mercado Dr, Del Mar, (619)259-3833, (619)534-4415; Dr. Frederick H. Fisher, Assoc. Dir. MPL & Scripps Institute of Oceanography, Naval Research Advisory Committee, P-001, 128 Bldg 106 Pt Loma, 3726 Charles(?), San Diego(?), (619)223-6623(?), (619)534-1796; Dr. Michael H. Freedman, JASON Group, Prof. Mathmatics,C-012, 7256 AP&M, 2178 Pinar Pl, Del Mar, (619)792-7871, (619)534-2647; * Dr. Edward A. Frieman, JASON Group via MITRE Corp., Dir/Dn/VC Marsci, Dir. Scripps I.O., A-010, SIO Dir Ofc, Science Applications Inc., 6425 Muirlands Dr, La Jolla, CA 92037, (619)454-4864, (619)534-2826; Dr. Walter H. Munk, Prof. IGPP, JASON Group, A-025, 221 IGPP Bldg, 9530 La Jolla Shores Dr, La Jolla, (619)453-2452, (619)534- 2877; * Prof. William A. Nierenberg, Dir Emeritus/Scripps Institute of Oceanography, JASON Group via MITRE Corp. & Def.Sci.Board & S.D.I.< Benevolent UFO/Alien influence suppression? > Advisory Committee, A-021, 400 POSS Bldg, 8148 Avenida Navidad, La Jolla, CA 92037, (619)455-5330, (619)534-6126; Dr. Harold W. Sorenson, Air Force Sci. Advisory Board, Prof. AMES, B-010, 5206 Urey Hall, (619)534-6525; Dr. Fred Noel Spiess, Dir. Marine Res., Naval Research Advisory Committee, Prof MPL, A-028, Bldg 4 Pt Loma, 9450 La Jolla Shores Dr, La Jolla, (619)453-0373, (619)534-1737; Dr. Kenneth M. Watson, JASON Group, Dir/Prof MPL, A-013, 447 POSS Bldg, (619)534-6620; *) These can reveal insider details and point to top international figures/chains of influence! (if given a little pentothal like compound to help improve their memory?) SU: Open letter: A concerned thought about likely Paradox in human perpetuation efforts NOTE:Please distribute enmasse, copies/file(PCyymmdd[.ext]) by any means, including personal computer networks. Refrain from massive petitioning/circulation to covert establishmentarian connections. 1. (10/01/90; Rainbow Traveler[, ][, ][, ], Earth[, Phone:]...) I would very much like to be a peace loving gentle Designated Mover again if I felt that the present day Mars colony population in the millions could succeed. Our foundation colonizing methodologies in relation to the societies/sentient life forms on planet Earth and in the colony are compromised. At the very least, they lead to an accidental premature Paradox condition where the Mars colony timelines as well as earths timeline will come to a closure/terminus at a point possibly before NOW. It is in view of this factor that I express my present concern about current efforts. They appear disastrously compromised due to a misunderstanding of interdimensional physics, which needs immediate consideration and correction. 1.1. The principle compromise factor relates to an inherent electrodynamics physics property of associativity. It was overlooked on more than one occasion, resulting in past destructions of societies. At a future point, if not already discovered, these aberrations will cross-link during future time travel experiments if not in some other way sooner and will result in the apparent end of the offending group members timeline up to the beginning where that aberration occurred. 1.1.1. The past and possibly current methods of `Component' processing for the `Batch Consignments' used to support the `Designated Movers' is likely a serious accidental aberration. It violates a physics based form of non-interference rule for this time/space envelope. Conscious beings are being `consciously/willfully' deprived of their opportunities to `Be' and `Care' without their personal fully informed consent. Such are untenable life avenue methods, as other such history timelines ended in decimation. This immediate timeline of earth appears to parallel other timelines associated with a planet enterprise in the continuum matrix like Maldek. It had a similar form of monetary structure. It condoned willful deception and forced unconsentual subjugation of the masses and planetary resources for what the `Policy Committee' of that era thought was good. They discovered Hyperspace factors with which they possibly generated/incurred a destruction related derailment of the home planet through misunderstanding and misuse. It is presently taking place on earths timeline segment after attempts to develop resilient hybridized life form shells. Consciousness vessels for their perpetuity which have now again been attracted to our present reality envelope associatively. We may now be seeing an example of where we again headed and the problems we will be having, in that THEY are US in the future trying to alter their past which is US right now. It is preliminary to a very possible terminal Paradox condition where through potential war they indirectly destroy themselves in the destruction of US. Some of their race appear to be our deceitful desperate hybrid progeny returning from their dying planet(earth?) in our future. They are cannibalisticly trying to survive and restore their bio-connection body gene-pool structures with bio-materials forcefully taken from humans and animals on our Earth planet. The `component' batch procurement needs are separate and additional to the procurement needs of these malevolent forms. `Components' were/are human beings that are pitilessly shanghaied from their families and reduced to sub-humans. They now labor as mindless beasts of burden or are decomposed into biological cell structure supplies. And their only escape from degradation lies in death. That is/was the true and untenable misunderstanding of `Alternative 3' as enacted. Some of these other associated entities may even pose a threat to the Mars effort, if the past misalignment is ignored in the present frame of reference. Some of them carry over those very same uncorrected low value traits from their/our collective interdimensionally linked past actions based on deception, and disregard for life back then as now. They can not all be expected to live up to any agreements to protect any special interest group. They will betray the current Policy Committee as surely as the Policy Committee itself betrayed the trust of the populace of earth. This present value set being practiced is a deadly ingrained terminal loop cycle SEED, in essence from Orion and OUR Mars colonization related efforts in THEIR past. Mars colonists will come under immediate timeline pressures both physically and biologically as a result of associative predilectivly induced contaminant precipitations unless corrections are undertaken. 1.1.2. Special universal `Noninterference' policies, when followed to the letter in regards to majority deterministic intent, will largely prevent constructive associations from helping those who turn down the virtual surreptitious road. Until the down-bound connect with their multiple complicities in present and past events. Followed by full genuinely remorseful public disclosure/recognition of all such covert actions. In full detail without reservations, to all those whom they effected by the creation of their respective associative links. They must also genuinely make themselves available to help in implementing all corrective measures after their initial disclosure, utilizing all means at their disposal. 1.1.3. A course of action incorporating openness, `value of life', and frank compassionate honesty characterized by a form of altruism appears to be the only tenable route for an individual or collective conscious timeline transition out of this perpetual and potential misunderstanding loop. 1.2. Much seems to revolve around a lesson, if you will, about compromise of certain principles which have corollary functional factors in baseline interdimensional advanced physics. This lesson appears to be that: 1.2.1. If any effort in any way incorporates abuse or deceit of other sentient life forms, then a terminal bias towards a future reassociation with that series of actions is compiled into that dependent situations timeline field structure(program) as well as those most deeply involved. Like those associating themselves indirectly or directly in support of the endeavor, as in the case of the New Territory effort on Mars, etc. That future bias will, in Colony efforts, result at the very least in sustained subliminal ties to the local matrix field structures of planet earth, the Old Territory, or wherever the predominant related activity might move to in the event of its home planets destruction, which need not absolutely happen in the near future. Because of bias background effects, the life form associations to Mars based life forms/bodies for these Colony inhabitants will necessarily deteriorate. The colony conscious structures are drawn back to future rebirth/reassociation with origin point life forms, where ever they might go. This is to restore symmetry to the field structures associated with the beginning of the initial seedling colony. The enterprise's million+ Designated Movers as relates to their initially conditioned `cold objective genetic researcher' type of LIFE values in relation to their initially supporting expendable processed human `Component' Batch Consignments. Such deterioration will show as an increasing mortality rate among colonists characterized by `apparent' biosphere problems and failures to adapt to the presence of various microbes, among other forms of problems attracted associatively to their reality. They will in OUR future have to return in that future to OUR future-time earth or through time-space into our present-time, or near past-time earth. Their options during any future-time earth returns to an abandoned cesspool mess, from our present misunderstood actions as presently projected in Global 2000, are quite mute. So as soon as they can travel back in time they would be compelled for the APPARENT sake of survival of their species to show up here in some hybrid or mutated and DESPERATE form of body. With even LESS regard for life than we their sires had/have for other life! With the advanced technological developments on their part, that could spell real danger, especially when considering the disenfranchised desperate insect like collective condition of the groups which regressed the furthest! Therefore, the only possible tenable cure of all our problems lie in the present actions as they WILL later become our future(which returned to our present index reference or time, a manner as slightly hinted at in the movie `Baron Von Munchausen') and present consequence. Which until we change our actions NOW will continue to APPEAR terminal in the future as viewed in various devices by the Policy Committee, N.S.C., ET aliens, and/or the Walt Disney people if they were present at such a viewing! Please note that THEY (EBEs, many Greys, MIB, etc. ) may not have properly informed US about the true nature of their coming from OUR future/past associations through an event-horizon time tunnel type of hyperspace virtual worm-hole projection. They may not be fully aware of that point themselves as a function of that transition to this time-space timeline from our past/present (Orion Constellation area Mars-like propagation colony remnants) or future (Mars related). Or they are purposefully withholding some information for good reason. We can literally translate THEM into the good aliens timeline or APPARENT self extinction timeline, with only a single personal shift of mental thought. By correcting OUR mistakes in the Colonization efforts related to respect-for-sentient-life self-determinance values that were THEIR past and OUR immediate ACCESSIBLE correctable future! 1.2.2. These are similar to various factors not yet clearly understood or incorporated in medicine as practiced today. Some clearer sense of the relationship is seen in consciousness connection/personality transfers from one physical body to another in secret labs. Such activities and knowledge is cleared for A-3 or other classes of top security labs. 1.2.3. These strong forces precipitate cross linked problems in many close proximity parallel timelines simultaneously. Forces can present themselves in virtual sequential time indexed reality perceptions, or our physical reality as future aberrations and abnormalities. This takes on many forms during `apparent' sequential lifetimes of an virtual personality being, or human being form of instantiation. The varied effects are dependant on the initializing event- timeline-action structure(s), sometimes referred to as `previous life(s)' on this side of the inside-out reality virtual precipitation. 1.2.4. Such factors and features are but one principle interdimensional characterization of real-time based opportunities for life. Only one more of the many ways to integrate the experience of `being' and `caring' in many forms throughout apparently countless dimensions of compounded reality yet to be explored. No `good' or `bad', as thought of in Earthly terms, apply beyond the real-time dimension. Only aggregate experiences exist. 1.2.5. Even though certain features appear in one timeline, there are other timelines where those degenerative features disappear or never occurred. All complementary corollary variants may be said to exist in the integrated continuum-matrix. Even though things SEEM to develop through an increasing temporal based degree of appearance in real-time, as though by chance, such is not the genuine case in time-space as associated with hyperspace. Appearances are strictly a virtual function of each and every individual conscious entities unique hyperspace index. Index referencing functions sometimes arrange into allusions of collective groups/societies for exploring more complex consciousness configurations in the interdimensional life force interplays. Interplays perceived mostly as temporal life for its own sake. It more correctly is a simultaneous coexistence. The side-by-side existence of things in a living continuum in which time-space timelines and hyperspace are integrated. Thus conscious deterministic actions in the NOW instantaneously SELECT a possible semi-determined or probablistic set of new possible future timelines, which is not absolutely set in our individual or even compound collective hyperspace mind structure indexes. The selection can still be further modified to correct for any bias or imbalances, although sometimes now with ever increasing difficulty, if we consciously know of it and ACT to change it. Not unlike a large heavy motorcycle starting to lean over to far, it becomes harder, the longer we wait! I am not aware of any absolute point of no-return, but in the case of aberrant choices/acts as they are sometimes referred to, I just sense an ever increasing degree of apparent difficulty/pain in the virtual real-time successive aspect experiences of any person or group. Experiences as contained in the new consciousness indexed resultant set of nearby associatively adjoining moments/timelines/slices of time-space. Further, space and time appears to exist only in relation to our particularizing consciousness; strictly nothing but a mode of particularization with no real existence of its own beyond a particular state of consciousness. Strangely enough at first, our minds can actually pass through the apparent barrier of time and space at will. Either through apparent death, or temporarily through moments of what are sometimes referred to as certain forms of meditation or by translation teleportation under certain balanced circumstances. Some oppressive interests would that this not become commonly known to the masses of Earth for good reasons. It is an attitude or misunderstanding that needs correction, before any collective transitions into a progressive future can succeed. Students studying General Relativity are beginning to already suspect these things. Most who understood hyperspace physics too well are very likely picked/recruited as well as many other exceptionally brilliant scholars with a low `spiritual life force value' threshold. They are selected in large part through facilities similar to Britain's: Special Branches `closely guarded secret, shrouded in mystery' [Alternative 3, Policy Committee controlled] classified computer. It is connected to the global Earth networks at this very moment. A virtual computerized multi/all-source `voracious-officialdom- form-filing' driven cross-checked/cross-indexed database structure. It contains mountainous volumes of personal intimate data on every person from every conceivable institutional source. The collection/selection database/list is globally linked both directly or indirectly, as a distributed worldwide network. Present undisclosed benign looking electronic paths, known only to a select few, lead to all major world universities, militaries, governments, businesses, health systems, banking, credit data banks through both public and private links. In various large organizations and communications companies some channels are arranged under the disguise of small remote offices and executive terminals which go completely unnoticed by the general work force, etc. For Example: I can at present with my little computer at home, call a university network node with a simple off campus access account approved by any of a number of persons. And then in a moment I am at the front door of any one of all the systems in nearly every military, business, educational complex worldwide. Further, I can send securely encrypted uu-encoded files, anywhere. The Policy Committee simply automates my procedures, and bingo, automatic transfers at night of all sorts of academic, medical, financial info for the picking! All it takes is a routine official government agency reporting/access order based on some seemingly common contrived problem or legal mandate, and rarely, a little pep-talk in the office, opulent reward, green grease, or tough muscle in the right places if someone starts to question. Most collaborators gain no idea as to real use of ongoing data queries. It is just presented to M.I.S. as routine new legally mandated interagency statistical/reporting/financial data bookkeeping requirements. In the near future every bank, if they want to keep their jobs, will be required to collect even more detailed intimate records of all account holders to be put on in computer files. #$%^& Because of money crimes? One `Alternative 3' Policy Committee operation was/is centralized in the Geneva based operations center master computer complex. Among other things, it has full unpublicized satellite, data, modem, and voice/modem telephone system central office(+) style net-wide outgoing/incoming ( remotely controlled automatic conference-call-generation forwarding of an ID packet< GMT-time- stamp:sender #:receiver #> with optional remote listening voice tap connection forwarding ) operator call-monitoring access as well. That complex may still be running an `Illiac 4' or else some Cray's for controlling, among others, 6 major systems in America [ Fed. Government funded, owned and maintained by a company in Detroit(?)]-Britain-Germany-Japan-Poland[Academy of Sciences in Warsaw's Plac Defilad]-Russia. It serves the ongoing `Brain Drain' well in careful selection of Designated Mover candidates who subsequently will mysteriously completely disappear from face of planet Earth along with numerous desexed subservient Component helper humans with their wills having been forcibly removed[1]. I sense that problematic Movers minds are Bio-processed, or scientifically molded into the approved pattern of expendable sub- human Components where possible. It is safer than their being risked in a return to Earth(`the old territory') from the Colony. So acts the Committee in Residence and its Chairman in response to Policy Committee initiated directives. 1.2.6. Any society which does not insist upon Constitutionally mandated respect for all life and truthful disclosure of all actions to it's constituency must necessarily decay. 1.3. As incredibly hard as it may seem, the public must somehow become willingly and responsibly informed of the full truth to ever bring a closure to this vicious cycle of seeming self betrayal. The public must except full responsibility for their very big part in allowing all this to happen by their aberrant apathetic `to get along you have to go along' complacency. All individuals who undertake a path of prudent truth as regards themselves and acts in that direction of discretely putting aside the old forms of deceitful and fearful behavior will at the very least experience a virtual exit from this weighted loop in their individual timeline/lives. If the aggregate populace wishes, it may do likewise under sincere circumstances. Both cases involve excepting full responsibility for sanctioning or having done what today's oppressors are presently doing to us without reservation. Whether in another timeline/`the past', or the present associations, or both. 1.3.1. At present there are some who, with or without top Committee approval in connection with various activities both private and government, would use various social elements as `cheese bait'. Bait to generate/acquire phone system generated computer location/ address rosters for future apprehension/detention/processing of all undesirable principles. Principles who are expounding elements of the unsanctioned truth to the public forum. Although the Policy Committee in their American/Russian Mars colony action management meetings 35 fathoms under the Arctic ice has in the past agreed to allow these citizens to speak out on various mediums such as TV or like the Satellite/AM<1 am:PST, 840&1560khz>`The Billy Goodman Happening' or the `Sun Radio Network's Tom Valentine 7-9 PM(PST) 7.435MHz shortwave/ Spacenet III Trans 5 Audio 6.8 satellite show, there is concern whether it will stop the planned `REX84 Alpha' style action. An action planned to soon take place some unsuspecting weekend night by FEMA( until F.E.M.A.'s unpublicized S.S. forces steps in with BIG MUSCLE , secret 1 square mile CONCENTRATION CAMPS, and martial law GUNS to suppress the: POSTAL SERVICE creed, REAL facts, and US Constitution![2]) related armed forces reinforced in action by the `Order', C.F.R., N.S.A., and related interests. The stage is already VERY nearly set for H.R. 4079 or some other similar basis with which to declare a state of Nation Emergency, as basis for the suspension of the Constitution of the United States of America. This will either be preceded by a secret REX84 style name roster based evening roundup, or non-secret one shortly afterwards by their plans. **** Such an action if successful and unchecked by the main Committee will most likely spell death for Earth and all its colonies present and future as far as its adherents go! The Policy Committee, MJ-12, N.S.C., I.T.A.C., and other agencies have been notified of these dangers through other avenues also, although not in this same exact language. Some physicists wonder why nuclear bombs end in self closure of the hyperspace rip which they in essence appear to create for that brief moment where the atom mass-cycle field timeline recloses by going full cycle and catching up through hyperspace to its own beginning. Suffice to say: that is where Earth relations are headed on this timeline if we do not mend our misunderstandings about the very same advanced fundamental electrodynamic physics principle. It applies in a nearly identical fashion to historical life force existence timelines- ----- End of the beginning: Paradox(?)! ----- 1.3.2. Any activity which seeks to deter present day moderated growing exposure to the public of the actual truth about Mars/Moon activities, Time/Space travel advances, Advanced Physics/Energy, Government, and most importantly the dangerous complacent `indifference' based time-bomb predicaments, would be nothing short of suicide for the earth planets illicit progeny. With species suicide, what then could be said for the many millions of honorable people dedicated to Constitutional democracy, past and present. Are they/we to have any meaning. Was it all just a simple power/greed driven `lower class house cleaning' war style population reduction campaign with forms of modern day nuclear urban renewals as depicted in Japan. And of the other things to sustain the illusion of man made lies in behalf of its need for the `component' spawning grounds and Anglophile human genetic labs in communist countries, along with the intellectual spawning grounds of America and the so- called free world. What was gleaned from giant secret `Policy Committee' sponsored human studies labs? Russia and Hitler's concentration camp experiments were a resounding success. They proved that fostered apathy allows THEM latitude to carry out genocidal genetic plans for Earth[3], if acts are kept from public scrutiny with opulent rewards to senior keepers. A lesson put to good use by the Policy Committee and The Order's Hegelian based Dialectic process[4] of today, with ~175 Fort Dietrich(in Maryland) made macabre agents, agents including MK-ultra[5] mind control work and AIDS[6] for CIA/Military/W.H.O. international `Global 2000' population reduction in African, America, etc. What do we hope to do or learn from the Mars venture? Is it just an effort to prepare for the arrival of WORMWOOD(sp?) ? Are we being or going to be traded as Goyim[7] to serve/feed some malevolent aliens at secret bases[]/ships as depicted in the TV movie series `V' etc.? Nostradamus' "Black Prophecies"[8]? How bad is IT? What were Tesla's environmental machines for? Is it for averting an otherwise pending `Big Bang' atmosphere depletion/contamination disaster? What's the `Earth-Air' thing that is becoming irretrievably lethal from standard science points of view? What doesn't the public know about the `greenhouse armageddon' effect caused in part by the 400+ billion tons of carbon dioxide plus a half million or so metric tons of fluorocarbons we've increasingly thrown into the upper atmosphere where it stays once up there, causing the most serious global concerns which led to SECRET joint Russian-American international `Alternative 3' activity initiation in the 1950's? WHY are the MAFIA, and other willing underhanded servants needed by the Ultra- secret Shadow Government? What pertinent discoveries have been suppressed from public scrutiny? Rife's works? What of possibly deadly `Orgone' energy and it's emission from sources including some alien craft, among other things? Is LIFE most precious? ... Lets not sell out the World as an expendable? Stop the lie NOW, and ALL, even with AIDS can be rescued! The world HAS conscious choices that the Policy Committee has possibly inadvertently hidden, overlooked, or misunderstood!! The populace MUST be presented with the full truth in all regards, they should no longer be waylaid from it by misintentioned influentials of the world, as the very Advanced Physics rules of nature will not allow life in its present state to move forward. All the conspiring influentials WILL unfortunately be completely locked into this situation until they each and every one unload their burden of associative secret complicities everywhere. "The Global 2000 Report to the President" shows a terminal climate condition by 2000 A.D. BUT the real TRUTH can avert this condition. Public condoning of `The Order' and The Illuminati: `Protocols' styled wanton methods of greed, killing, destruction, and lying methodologies[9] BACKFIRED, cutting us off from any known `status quo' way to save Earth. NO PROGRESSIVE BEING CAN FIND A SAFE WAY UNDER PRESENT INFLUENCE VALUE SYSTEMS to give genuine public assistance to the WHOLE world! Too few listened and now the atmosphere/population is near terminal. Our home is on fire, and there is no progressively minded help being allowed in, by the scared Shadow Government, for that would necessarily expose it's misdeeds and illegitimate power to the world! (12/03/90; Rainbow Traveler, U.S.A., Earth) It appears that many great conflicts of the last several hundred years began in the manner as Iraq[10], where circumstances are forced to draw the great public into war by some shadow government arm with the use of taxpayer funds while they tell lies. Much like what appears to now be a setup as in the WWII `Pearl Harbor' arrangement used to excite/unite the blind mass public into convenient impassioned war fever! Many other wars before followed such a pattern with guidance from various world financiers belonging to a small international group with VERY questionable allegiances pulling strings to undermine American[11] as well as WORLD dreams and leadership with their Mega- influences from behind their government sanctioned information secrecy[12] curtains in places like the Crowns[13] of London and later also in New York Cities financial district. In two cases NOT started in this fashion, Korea and North Vietnam, we APPEARED to fail to win the wars. Methods employing U.S. equipment knowingly provided to communist suppliers of war materials DURING the Vietnam conflict by U.S. firms killed many of our own faithful solder sons and daughters! Who REALLY profits from such backstage back- stabbing government sanctioned TREASONOUS slaughter, surely not the general unsuspecting numbed world public? Now those in league with George `Poppy' Bush (and other families members, including the Bundy brothers, initiated into `The Order': `Chapter 322' at Yale, founded in ~1832 as the 2nd chapter of German origins during the days of D.C.Gilman of D. 50.) appear to be seriously considering the start of another conflict to further manipulate the world structure towards their cold hearted bloody death strewn ends, with OUR successors blood, in a manner quite possibly allowing for the accomplishing of several goals simultaneously under just the right conditions, if they continue to play their hand correctly. The hand where they put ALL our able bodied TRUE defenders with ALL our accessible potent and useful weapons overseas for a gassing, and enter H.R.4079 type laws[14] to very possibly activate a REX-84 style martial law state WITHOUT TANGIBLE OPPOSITION, in response to the APPARENT drug related problems fostered through their international corrupting influence, among other things! All this, while pretending to be sweet constitutional freedom loving home grown American do-gooders in the public eye through their careful control of the media and their carefully selected and preened visible puppets of `The Order' bearing THEIR MARK. Members deemed most fit and unconditionally preferred over ALL OTHER PERSONS otherwise of equal merit, for ANY position which THEY might seek! Yes, they envision a New Order based direction for the middle east oil cleanup, but it is very likely not what most envision, as they will control and slice up the pie in a way not benefiting the MANY, but instead yielding a `New World Order'(G.Bush version)[15] of more abundantly oppressive proportions well suited to their controls, if their computers do not suddenly FADE in their bunkers at their Iron Castles. 1.3.3. The global population down to every last individual including myself, seriously needs to take responsibility and instigate concrete healing ACTIONS worldwide. Actions in response to the many problems we/I have directly or indirectly helped to precipitate. Problems incurred by desires for past indiscretions without the exercise of circumspect responsibility for the action's consequences. Consequences as evidenced by past indifference towards oppression and human suffering caused by misunderstandings in that imperious pursuit of easily insulated pleasures. 1.3.4. Lists of many genuine truth exposing materials and people must be issued[16]. Lists of truthfully accurate books, disinformational book lists, nearly correct book lists with amendments, and all suppression bills/laws. A listing of all Policy Committee endorsed/authorized `Expediencies' and transcripts of all American/Russian/? meetings, including those in the modified `Permit' nuclear submarine wardroom under the polar ice cap. Lists of the names of all known people recruited, abducted, or killed by any agencies. Lists of reasonably accurate movie pictures. Such as `The Philadelphia Experiment' depicting the tragic project `Rainbow' accident with emending explanations. Explanations as to how Nikola Tesla detuned the intended cloaking field system making the test fail followed by his resignation as project director, after which he was found dead several months later in the hotel room. The Navy refused to let him update the field system equipments galactic time-space index sync hardware to safely accommodate the on-deck-external presence of human beings in near hyperspace invisibility mode. The Navy had Von Niemann continue the experiments, against earnest warnings from some extraterrestrials present in their two flying saucers. On that fateful day where many outside, on the ship, time-space shifted slightly out of sync with this reality, some being fused into the steel alive, and others lived longer only to fade in and out of this reality. One of the two saucers likely materialized just below the ground surface, killing its occupants, at the 1980's project `Phoenix' time travel facility. That was 40 years into the future and the saucer may have been excavated from that spot since then. The navy tried yet another time in the 1940's, but while the unmanned ship was in transition the machinery was deliberately smashed beyond repair, probably by aliens, to put a final stop to this tragedy. It seems Tesla was the only person who really understood such matters satisfactorily to safely forge ahead back then. What is the `big bang... about the earth-air thing being cracked' problem? Was it addressed in this, or Tesla's other works? 1.3.5. Disclosure of World Psychiatric organization and Hollywood involvement in precipitating current levels of mass complacency, and apathy inducing methods employed, including psychological, chemical, mechanistic, electronic, electromagnetic, telepathic, and others. 1.3.6. Complete disclosure about the many methods of and reasoning for the need to siphon monetary funds from the public domain into `no audit trail' private account structures in support of all undisclosed Policy Committee related activities, including clarification of all coincidental side effects benefiting other hidden agenda type objectives. Invisible manipulations through any banks or related systems. Drug based systems, Mafia relationships, including their inherent value as a basis to declare a state of National Emergency, etc. Oil based excessive profit taking systems with high yields, used secretly. How the funds are privately moved and ultimately the reason for them being put to use for secret activities, including among other things secret advanced craft systems, Moon/Mars developments and operational extraterrestrial Earth host bases. I know the thought of possible retaliatory action from these same potentially hostile aliens is by no means welcomed, but we would not be alone in any sincere effort put forward. 1.3.7. Disclose all actual known truth and reasoning about weather and environment related activities world wide. Include suppressed knowledge from and preceding Nikola Tesla's time as project Rainbow director, up to his death, and subsequent secret activities or experiments. 1.3.8. The truth of this planets true tentatively serious terminal conditions. Include truth as discovered both by time window/travel through event-horizons in association with the Phoenix/Rainbow related derivatives and other means. It must be disclosed to the world populace soon through global media, even if it is hard for people to accept. Much of the fear to do so is exaggerated. A sincere introductory production, tying to all the present efforts already instigated by way of the Hollywood movies related to these difficult subjects, can now be attempted by many respected government officials. A public introduction in one of those P.B.S. style roundtable discussions set up for a perpetual multi-day session. It must be attended by the U.S. President, the ultra- secretive Lord Maitreya person from the Malta super-powers meeting on the Navy ship, Policy Committee[ behind a curtain with voice scramblers or by remote link if needed ], and other such key figures. All this should be covered by the main C-SPAN channel(s) and one station in each city as well as some others playing undistorted repeats of the events which are all to be uncensored. Any and all alien representation should also be present at the meeting(s), along with crafts for public display with several landed and secured for tours and short demonstration trips. I will be present at your meeting in some form if you allow it, to help moderate this most historical and important moment in the twentieth century. I only ask that you put your prides aside, and allow me in. You would all be surprised at the power of truth, and how the masses will find the incredible strength to forgive in humble self recognition at the presentation of such deeply penetrating eye opening undeniable understanding truth as I have in mind. I and many of my friends will help in all ways possible if you so elect to allow it, otherwise many of you will likely end your earthly existence through your present applications of blind misunderstandings. The choice is yours, and you have heard these words from other sources. Many of us have come past and present to speak to your world leaders as ONE on these matters. Please note, that not even I or my friends will attempt to change the laws of Advanced Electrodynamic Physics which we are sworn to protect and live by. 1.3.9. Genuine intent followed by action towards a full initiation of activities exposing the total UNRESERVED knowledge to the very best of all collective (including extraterrestrials) abilities to the world, of this series of situations and events, is the prerequisite for peace and obtaining more substantive help from the more progressive extraterrestrial and interdimensional forces. The many are bound to their hard earned time tested spiritually integrated perception of the `universal articulate interdimensional understanding of science' non-interference principles. Principles which they learned to base their more progressive life values on, when many of them separated from the Earth group at various points in time both long before and after our reaching Earth. Many on Earth go back to the Orion human/genetic debacle association of long long ago far away; many EGOs were just more stubborn than the rest? Many on earth were likely well portrayed by the Dark forces in the `Star Wars' movies portrayal of the TRILATERAL Insignia's and malevolent dying aliens values. Those migrating to earth now, who gave our Shadow government potential instruments of devastating global oppression, in trade for a harvest of humans. Many of us in selfish stubbornness just couldn't except good sound advice from the very very advanced elders or benevolent aliens[17], and consequently just simply had to find out in the virtual school of hard rock block knocks. Most of us cut ourselves off from our higher birthright selves as well as the very advanced inner technical knowledge for intergalactic/interdimensional star ship travels. A result of our ever continuing abuses and ego based conquest driven irreverent warring actions. Many of the progressive extraterrestrials of today where once effected by, or a part of our relatively downward bound spiral cycle. A cycle related group association from when it was on an interplanetary scale long before we came to earth where we had to take up residence. We lost our last space travel abilities, coming to rest in Lemuria and Atlantis, along side the indigenous races that already existed on earth before our arrival. And we then blew those civilizations up also. All you can find now are the remnant underground secret transport tunnels and bases[18] that some of the more progressive ONEs made back then. Some of which they later continued to use into the present. Some other present day tunnels may have come under hostile control. After the hard core bad bunch, which had control of the master planetary power generating unit, went up in a very big fusion bomb styled thermonuclear explosion. In one or more of the civilizations in Orion and on Earth some technologist had disabled and bypassed many of the initially very conservative multiple redundancy safety systems servo loop settings in order to draw ever increasing levels of power outputs for use in supplying high energy weapon systems and force field shield related demands. Well, someone finally slipped up while working on a servo loop regulating system reference field modulation generator, which went into regenerative runaway, causing megawatt+/CC energy densities to form, inducing fusion heat levels in all the imperfect crystal lattice anomaly locations that were thermally very tolerable under normal intended use. This caused subsequent thermally induced lattice breaches which propagated into stable unimpaired crystal lattice areas which finally lost sufficient nuclear resonance integrity to where this whole crystal volume occupying the top ~500ft half of the massive generator tower section created one giant fused super heated avalanching homogenous hyperspace rip of incredible proportions. That explosion resulted in an immense cloud following the curvature of the earth as far as the eye could see from a hundred thousand feet up, with a very large bulging yellow/orange/red/grey persistent plasma blister over where the central generator/continent once was located. I suspect it sent a very large ripple through the local time-space which was felt by many in our area of the continuum. Some artifacts should have been found by now if this vision has any Earthly basis in fact, or are they being kept secret, like some of the presently existing seemingly perpetual suppressed NONPOLLUTING energy sources? WHY? There had developed several ambitious dissenting unabated greedy factions( just like today?) which in the end were fighting amongst themselves for a greater share of the control in the big decaying empire pie controlled by the tyranicle overlord of that time. His name might be Tyrantus in the old vernacular. The present day progressive life respecting extraterrestrials, some of which are our cousins that escaped the inevitable disaster because of their ability to see into the future thanks to their more progressive integration at that time. They escaped by going to their secretly constructed giant underground civilization/bases. Bases with suspended artificial sunlight generators timed to give synthetic day/night periods. And to other remote locations before the final debacle. They continue to see us as their blood brothers and sisters which they altruisticly LOVE very dearly. While trying to the best of their ability to fully respect everyone's free will to choose at any moment, sometimes one of them trips up and joins us on the Earths surface while resolving their balancing lesson. I prefer to view Earth from a safe distance, disassociated from its ways and self imposed hardships sometimes. 1.4. In my apparently inalienable deterministic choice of my reality, I see a timeline. One where my truth precipitates, associatively in conjunction with my responsible recognition of past actions projecting into the present, an explosion of revealing penetrating truth. A truth resounding from all corners before a `compassionate and just' reborn world population resoundingly rededicated to expanding the deepest responsibilities and life respecting tenants of the Constitution to new frontiers of expanding undreamt realities. Does anyone wish to join me into one of my many futures? I will be waiting there, for you to join use, always! Let me know if I can help, I promise that one of my very capable sisters, brothers, or I myself will always be only a thought away, and WE can bring everything to bear for a progressive cause. Now, what is your cause? My life promise to all: `I promise with all that I AM, that the choice shall eternally be yours, and yours alone, even if it is to kill US, but abuse of any sentient being by another will never be tolerated here!' 1.4.1. (10/02/90; Rainbow Traveler[, ][, ][, ], Earth[, Phone:]...) The road, for all who take it, appears to entail a very high regard for life in ALL forms, based on truthfully bearing witness to all that one experiences, devoid of any and all intent towards deceit or pretense. 1.4.2. All humanity/beings, MUST collectively/INDIVIDUALLY take full unconditional responsibility for all that appears to have transpired. NO lynch-mob hangings of anyone for past indiscretions belong here. All participants either ALLOWED themselves to be edged along or they were PUSHING. All the things were done with indifference to the truth signs everywhere. HAD just ONE million gone to Washington with their sincerest unrelenting action in step with their honest thinking caps, then suffering WOULD have been stopped, all know this in their hearts. It was the most selfish act for anyone to turn their back on themselves by doing anything less for US. This does not exclude indifferent alien ET races that were drawn into this experience reality! OUT of sight, OUT of mind? Afraid not. <- Therein lies the true blame, MY APATHY... 1.4.3. It appears that somewhere down the road everyone at any moment of their own choosing will have the opportunity to shed the skin of self-centered isolated divisional self by replacing it with the recognition of themselves as one and the same; both the person across the way and in the mirror. They will come to recognize all of humanity, including all races here and from seemingly distant space as being the one and same. The one they see upon looking deeply into the center of their being in a vast mirror. A mirror where all can see what they have precipitated as a consequence of actions and links to their virtual past parallel timeline experiences/lives. Likewise, what they can participate in, by choice, during the virtual future. A future which they select at this every `now' instant moderated through interdimensional probabilistic electrodynamicly bounded physics principles. A choice moderately guided by the instantaneous total associativity balance sheet of their virtual being, this every indexed moment! This the force of interdimensional LIFE in action! It appears that in accord with our integration and balance we shall all find new insights, freedoms, responsibilities, and vistas to experience into eternity from this moment infinitely onward! -------------------------------- Your Sincerest Friend Eternally, Rainbow Traveler ---- [1]: `Alternative 3' by Leslie Watkins and David Ambrose : ISBN 0- 7221-1126-6, from a most credible `Science Report' documentary by the same name although it started initially as the `Brian Drain' investigation, aired in Great Britain on ITV 9.0. It was immediately banned from viewing worldwide, and the principal censor Leonard Harman, Assistant Controller of Programmes (Administration), was later Expedited by either a `hot job' or a `telepathic sleep job', for his carelessness in letting such a potentially damaging ultra-top-secret revealing credible report slip out. A document:" November 24, 1971, FR: The Chairman, Policy Committee, [ Department Seven ], TO: National Chief Executive Officers, SU:" adopted `The Smoother Plan', a procedure which was consequently designed with multiple manned cover addresses/appropriate handwritten letters/more authentic looking pre- embarkation photographs, to allay fears or suspicions in the immediate 6 month post-movement `break-off period's of Designated Movers supposedly moved abroad. It is only employed selectively to reassure those few, whose MORE than usual scrutinizing anxiety might constitute a security risk. Physically and mentally mutilated `Components' are very seldom missed. Also addressed are the suppressed environmental heating problems, kept from the public in regards to it's extreme seriousness. A MUST HAVE book, ~70% accurate? ---- [2]: See in a Law Library,`The Federal Register': Executive Orders: 10995-11005, 11051, 11490. Reagan's "REX 84", a highly classified National Security Decision Directive (NSDD) #84, is a "secret appendix" to a SERIES of Executive Orders. Some such orders are E.O. 12148 & E.O. 12356 enacted by Reagan. The "emergency" has already been secretly called! Another element of "REX 84" officially called "Directive 84" orders a secret all agency track down of so- called "terrorists" [, actually TRILATERAL/ Global 2000/ New World Order/ One-World Government's "Newstates Constitution" subjugation/genocide resistance movements, and anyone that speaks out against the IRS, administration policies, or other unconstitutional activities being conducted by our U,S. Administration] worldwide. The 10 federal districts being used illegally by various government agencies( Post Office, IRS, SSA, and banking ), are to become the "Newstates" under E.O. #11490. Please note, any public official supportive of these plans IS committing a bona-fide act of TREASON against the Constitution and against the People. "Directive 84" [NSDD- 84] is also provisioned with secret "Citizens' Concentration Camp" plans and no less than 12 giant regional 15,000 - 25,000 person facilities at various key defense commands across the U.S., including a very big `Alaska-Siberian Asylum' 1-million acre government [must-not- Expedite ] opponent brainwashing "mental health" complex. Where bizarre and tortuous experiments are conducted in the search for effective methods to control essential political prisoners. It can hold many more than 25,000, out of view from prying eyes. It can however be indirectly located as "restricted area" airspace on the general aviation pilot maps of Alaska. Others are: Vandenberg AFB, CA; Same for airspace maps above other secret activities, like Groom Lake Complex and S-4 near Las Vegas airspace. And check H.R.4079, etc. also in Law Libraries. Much goes back to the beginnings of the secret unconstitutionally functioning National Security State as characterized by the National Security Act(see N.S.C.'s NSC-68 tax structure) with the easily envisioned purpose of keeping the population docile. Citizens coming to know too much met with harsh treatment. The highway system of today was also initially set up by forces other than the highway lobby to play a military urban deployment role in quick movement/deployment of forces for purposes of population control/suppression if needed! ...... The list goes on... ---- [3]: `MASS MURDERERS IN WHITE COATS' PSYCHIATRIC GENOCIDE IN NAZI GERMANY AND THE UNITED STATES by Lenny Lapon, Pub: P.G.R.I., P.O.BOX 80071, Springfield, MA 01138-0071, accurate insiders chronology of psychiatry and eugenics. ---- [4]: "America's Secret Establishment"by Antony C. Sutton, ISBN 0- 937765-02-3, fresh VERY revealing look at a shadow government main center stage invisible force, `The Order' by meticulous researcher. A MUST HAVE book! ---- [5]: `UNITED STATES IN SEARCH OF ENEMIES' by John Stockwell, pub: WECAN Publishers, 504 W. 24th, #79, Austin, TX 78705, Annotated National Security Reading List plus history/present info from insider CIA whistle blower. This list is a good annotated review of many works also, and therefor of value. ---- [6]: `THE STRECKER MEMORANDUM' by Dr. Robert B. Strecker, Pub: THE STRECKER GROUP, 1216 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90017. Actual AIDS origins and serious suppressed dangers. ---- [7]: "Descent Into Slavery" by Des Griffin, ISBN:-0-941380-01-7, Emissary Pub., 9205 SE Clackamas Rd, OR 97015; Contains early history behind world events, and largely defines role/relationship of Goyim. ---- [8]: "Nostradamus' Untold Story: His Unpublished Prophecies" from Inner Light Pub., Box 753, New Brunswick, NJ 08903; ---- [9]: "BEHOLD A PALE HORSE" by William Cooper, Pub. 1991, 500pgs, ISBN 0-929385-22-5; see section `Protocols of the Elders of Zion'. MUST HAVE `all insider areas/laws/activities under one cover' blockbuster #1 [as of 2/23/91] reference book of the 90's, w/ rare official reproductions of top level documents, available from: William Cooper, 19744 Beach Blvd, Ste. 301, Huntington Beach, CA 92648. This `first to be had book' in any collection requires a stout constitution of mind, extremely needed and revealing core blueprint of their plans for us, if they get the chance for FEMA: "REX 84":(Directive 84). Document based objectivity and discernment as taught in schools and universities is a fraud, when THEY commission abundant fraudulent writings of prevarications designated as honest and authentic proof at the highest levels! An earlier outdated alternative "Fourth Reich of the Rich" by Des Griffin ISBN:0-941-380-00-9, see section `Master Plan' Illuminati: Protocols. ---- [10]: White paper: >>"Bush/Hussein": If you are tired of the news not telling you anything except what Bush wants you to know and believe, then this report will give an answer to most of your questions. Use the facts to stop the WAR PR on your radio talk shows. Bush wants a WAR,Why? It's not Hussein! From: KC&ass. ---- [11]: White papers:>>"The CIA's New Role in DOMESTIC LAW ENFORCEMENT": (200Pgs) Since 1979 & 1982 the CIA has been authorized to collect intelligence on the domestic population to be used in criminal and civil cases by other agencies of government. How?and Why has been documented by KC&ass. in over 200 pages of U.S.Law. A White Hat on the CIA? Worse yet, HR 4079 still sits in the sub-com. on crime while much of it has been passed/&more in 3 other crime bills. The people are losing all their rights this year[1991]. >>"The Anti- Abortion Agenda for 1990's": What is behind the latest anti-abortion fever that has swept the nation and legal system? How far will it go? These questions are the subject of this study and may be uglier than anyone knows. If this government has its way abortions will be part of a eugenics program targeted for the year 2000. Women should be outraged by the agenda and the reasons for it. Rep's from KC&ass. have already done radio talk interviews on this topic. No-one has any rights! >>ALL THREE PAPERS ABOVE AVAILABLE: KC&associates, 13510-A Aurora Ave. North Suite 108, Seattle, WA 98133; It is getting harder than ever to get Mr. Hulet(KC depass) on any Radio Talk programs on the above due to the Hosts going Mainstream for ratings and popularity. Controversial topics are being well oiled and softened. You may have to rely on these papers along with other sources and make your own voice heard. Bush wants a WAR? Why? ---- [12]: To quote Samuel P. Huntington, American Politics-pg81: "Secrecy is (thus) necessary to hide the facts of power, and deception is necessary to make those facts appear different from what they are. The latter is the natural extension of the former: secrecy is the shield of power and deception the cloak of secrecy. Deception becomes an inherent aspect of the relationship between the government and the public, between political leaders and followers. The hypocrisy that seizes all of the people some of the time is common coin for some of the people-their leaders-all of the time. Government institutions are made to appear more open and responsive to public opinion than they are. Political leaders also must appear to reflect the will of the people more than is actually the case. They have no choice but to Kowtow to the appearances of democracy....The demands for democracy in government produced both more democracy and more deception. Because people in the United States expect government to be more democratic than it can be, the government must make itself appear more democratic than it is." page 82. ---- [13]: `The Empire of "THE CITY"', by E.C. Knuth. A well researched study of influence connection from the British octopus over the last 130 years. 1983; Avail: C.B.C.A., Box 638, Hawthorne, CA 90250; ---- [14]: (02/23/91) H.R. 4079 may have been secretly passed just as S.B.2834 was passed and H.R.4079 may be Public Law 101-647 signed into law by President Bush on November 29,1990. If this has occurred, then we are ALREADY subject to a FEMA takeover. This info by a Congressional staff member has not been verified as of January 8,1991. ---- [15]: `Say "NO!" to the New World Order' by Gary Allen; Concord Press, Box 2686, Seal Beach, CA 90740; a summary of general facets behind the shadows. ---- [16]: `ARCTURUS BOOK SERVICE'(POB 831383, Stone Mountain, Georga 30083-0023, ph:(404) 297-4624 ), `Emissary Publications'(9205 SE Clackamas Road, Clackamas, Oregon 97015, ph:(503) 824-2050), `American Opinion Bookstore'(4306 Utah, San Diego, CA 92104, ph:(619) 281-1338), `Loompanics Unlimited'(pob 1197, Port Townsend, WA 98368, USA, < A very good collection of the most unusual/censored/controversial books not to be found in even the biggest libraries on public viewing shelves.> ), and others also may be such examples of sources for some censored books if you can find them by making specific requests at your regular book stores. ---- [17]: Just as in ~1953 when some benevolent supportive aliens OFFERED to help America and the world under conditions that we actively seek to stop our `path of self destruction': Bilderberger `Protocol' style human abuse plans, wanton killing, greed driven environmental pollution and resource rape, nuclear armaments, etc. in favor of life respecting truth based ways of harmony. `The Order' said NO WAY, and in spite of warnings to the contrary followed up on the project Plato radio contact, made just before the malevolent contact at Hollowman AFB. Followed with the secret unconsentual treasonous sell-out "exclusive contact and technology transfer rights for secret joint/private bases and HUMAN procurement rights to the [soon to be TRILATERAL enslaved(?)] human race" treaty at Edwards AFB in ~1954 by Eisenhower(supposedly visiting the dentist) with the alien `Krlll' and his ship with the "Trilateral Insignia". I think that Disney made films, or copies, of the historical planned event where `The Order' screwed the World People, still exist today, along with others. Project Rainbow was active in 1954. Relevant penetrating: "The Secret Government" by Milton William Cooper. ---- [18]: N.A.R.Group, POB 81407, Las Vegas, NV 89180-1407| Feb 90, pg 36. ** End of File ** Don --- RemoteAccess 0.03+ * Origin: PARANET//UFINET//BAMA//UFO_LINK (407)649-4136 (1:363/29) =-=-=-=-=


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