ncourage groups and individuals to republish each issue for the purpose of distribution to

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ncourage groups and individuals to republish each issue for the purpose of distribution to police and community organizations and the media, but would ask that you coordinate with us before doing so to prevent over-saturation of an area. We welcome articles, reviews, etc. We reserve the right to correct obvious mistakes in spelling, syntax, and grammar (and to make our own), and to edit where necessary to fit available space; any edited material will be returned for the author's approval prior to publication. We do ask that you not UNFAIRLY promote any race, cultural group, either sex, or any magickal group or tradition above another. Articles with careful research and a positive emphasis will be considered ahead of all others. We would prefer that you use your real name if you feel comfortable doing so, but this preference will not be a major factor in our decision to publish your article. The above policies have been agreed to by the current staff of CultWatch Response. We gratefully acknowledge the groundwork set by the Rocky Mountain Pagan Journal and its parent corporation, High Plains Arts and Sciences, in the fields of Public Domain Copyright and editorial policies. **NEW** SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION Subscriptions to CultWatch Response are $20 per year (8 issues). Discounts are available to those people who help distribute CultWatch Response. Subscription fees are due no later than January 15th, with the subscription beginning with Issue #3. CultWatch Response, Inc. is neither funded nor endorsed by any religious or political organization. Please subscribe and contrubute; all donations are tax-deductible and very welcome. Please make your check or money order out to CultWatch Response, Inc., and mail it to us at P.O. Box 1842, Colorado Springs, CO 80901. ============================================================================== Please enter my subscription to CultWatch Response. I enclose $20 for Issues 3 through 10. Name:___________________________________________________________ Address:________________________________________________________ City:___________________________________________________________ State or Province:______________________________________________ Zip Code or Postal Code:____________________ Mail to: CultWatch Response, Inc. P.O. Box 1842 Colorado Springs, CO 80901 (U.S.A.) Canadian subscribers please send $20.40 in U.S. funds; the 40 cents covers the difference in postage rates.


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