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}PPANASONI}.OJ OFF User's Book Reviews __________________________________ Review by: Bill Witt Sysop of NU ATLANTIS 301-632-2671 Book Title: Pyramid Power author: Max Toth && Gregg Nielsen ublisher: Destiny Books One Park Street Rochester, Vermont 05767 Cost: $4.95 Local Avalability: B. Dalton Salisbury Mall This is the original, popular work on pyramid power and it's possible uses in everyday life. The open ing page carries the following statement: "Pyramid Power - A comprehensive and fascinating guide to pyramids their origins, secret purposes, and the many incredible uses to which the mysteri ous energies they generate can be put." Chapters contained in the book cover topics which include the pyramids of Peru, the Mayans, the Egyptians, the hows and whys of pyramid construction, how to use pyramid power for personal research and trans formation. You will find sections on the mystic mathmatics and design of the great pyramid. The book also instructs you on how to build your own pyramids,that range in size from small paper models to larger ones for meditation. Ever wanted to try the razor blade experiment? Well this book will tell you how. did you ever wonder how organic matter becomes mummified in a pyramid? This book will give you ideas on how experiments into to this subject can be conducted.Overall I think you'll find this book both interesting and fun. I also reccommend it to any of you in The Atlantian Society, who may wish to take in our Spring project. We hope to construct a meditaion pyramid and conduct a set of experiments into it's effects on the mind and body. You will find the 201 pages of this book, most enjoyable. Note from the magician "crystal Cave" 719-391-1092 If you like this subject you may want to explore the other books written by Sir E. A. Wallis budge: he was the late keeper of the Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities in the British Musum. Titles include: --------------- Egyptian Magic The Egyptian Book of the dead The Gods of the Egyptians Osiris and the Egyptian Resurrection o73


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