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浜様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様融 P S Y C H I C Q U E S T 藩様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様様夕 June, 1994 Volume 1.1 1 Editorial Masthead 2 How To Subscribe to PSYCHIC QUEST 3 How To Contact Us 4 Exclusive! Why Psychics Can't Predict Elections 5 FREE Psychic Quest "Voice" Bulletin Board! 6 Psychic World News: Sweet Dreams Are Made Of... 7 True Psychic Stories: A Near Death Experience 8 Enlightening Books And Videos 9 Circle of Light: The Power Of Healing 10 Call For Writers 敖賃陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳朕 1 EDITORIAL MASTHEAD 青珍陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳潰 Published monthly by: SPECTRUM UNIVERSAL, Los Angeles CA Editor: Richard De A'Morelli Associate Editor: Amber Lawrence Contributing Editors: Paul Leighton Sharana Reavis Feature Writers/Reporters Lisa Fleming David Broookhurst Rita West Copyright (c) 1994 by Spectrum Universal. All Rights Reserved. No portion of this publication may be reproduced in any manner without the publisher's prior knowledge and written consent. Address permission requests via email to: spectrum@kaiwan.com Or write Spectrum Universal, Box 6457, Burbank Calif 91510 USA 敖賃陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳朕 2 HOW TO SUBSCRIBE 青珍陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳潰 PSYCHIC QUEST is distributed free via e-mail on the Internet. Anyone with a sincere interest in Psychic/New Age subjects is welcome to subscribe. Please tell your friends and co-workers about PSYCHIC QUEST and encourage them to subscribe! To subscribe, send a message to: spectrum@kaiwan.com Use the "Subject" header: SUBSCRIBE PSYCHIC QUEST 敖賃陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳朕 3 HOW TO CONTACT US 青珍陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳潰 Address ALL e-mail correspondence to: spectrum@kaiwan.com Use the appropriate "Subject" heading to expedite delivery of your correspondence to the proper staff member or department: To send a "Letter to the Editor" SUBJECT: PSYCHIC QUEST EDITOR To give feedback on a story SUBJECT: PSYCHIC QUEST FEEDBACK To submit a manuscript: SUBJECT: PSYCHIC QUEST SUBMISSION To query us on a story proposal SUBJECT: PSYCHIC QUEST QUERY For other correspondence SUBJECT: PSYCHIC QUEST EDITORIAL To contact a Staff Member SUBJECT: MESSAGE TO To obtain an Archive Index SUBJECT: PSYCHIC QUEST INDEX To request an archived item SUBJECT: REQUEST 陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 敖賃陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳朕 4 EXCLUSIVE! Why Psychics Can't Predict Elections A Special Report by Rita West 青珍陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳潰 In the month's before the 1992 presidential election, one of the widely circulated supermaket tabloids ran a story under the headline "World Famous Psychics Predict The '92 Election." Now that history is written, an examination of those prophecies in retrospect yields some interesting results. Of the 14 psychics interviewed, only a handful correctly predicted that Bill Clinton would be the next occupant of the White House. Eight seers predicted a win for George Bush; two psychics said that a dark horse candidate would seize victory at the last moment. Only four of the seers accurately foresaw Clinton's victory. Why is that psychics' crystal balls always seem to mal- function in election years? Is it possible that these famous seers are really just pretenders or charlatans? Or is there a logical explanation for this quirkiness. Psychic Vicki Amesquita, who has correctly predicted the outcome of Presidential contests for the past 20 years, shed light on this mystery: "Psychics often tend to form personal opinions about the candidates and the issues," she said. "Everybody is affected by the decisions of elected officials, and it is easy to be caught up in the gravity and excitement of a political cam- paign. Most psychics vote and have strong feelings about the issues, just like everyone else. And that is where psychics make their mistake." It has been known for many years that hunches and precog- nitive feelings can be influenced by moods and subconscious bias. What a prophet hears and reads may influence personal feelings and, in turn, their predictions, Amesquita stated. Sometimes those deep-rooted feelings cloud a seer's visions, causing mistakes. "Psychics who let wishful thinking dominate their intui- tion really become convinced that their favorite candidates will be winners at the polls. Unfortunately, the end up mak- ing faulty predictions," said Amesquita. It takes a special breed of psychic to accurately predict the outcome of elections. They must be capable of sifting out personal feelings and predicting events based on genuine in- tuitive feelings or precognitive visions. Other things may account for an psychic erroneous election forecasts. Some seers may specialize in different fields such as weather or celebrity predictions, or other psychic traits, such as finding missing children or perceiving thoughts tele- pathically. And, occasionally, a psychic will attempt to sway public opinion by intentionally making biased predictions on their favorite candidate. Virtually all reputable psychics disavow this practice as highly irresponsible and they warn that it causes the masses to view genuine prophecies in a bad light. "Psychics have a responsibility to share their insights on the future. Prophecy is a valuable tool for understanding the future. Mankind's survival depends upon our ability to know what lies ahead so that we can act wisely in present time," Amesquita declared. 敖賃陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳朕 5 FREE PSYCHIC QUEST VOICE BULLETIN BOARD! 青珍陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳潰 PSYCHIC QUEST is now sponsoring a "Voice" Bulletin Board on the VoiceLink Network, a public service system in Los Angeles. Now you can actually talk to the people behind your e-mail messages and connect with new friends who are interested in Psychic/New Age discussion. VoiceLink is the world's most advanced touch tone network. Any- one with an ordinary telephone can now tap in to the world's Information Superhighway - no computer or modem is needed! On PSYCHIC QUEST's voice bulletin board, you can chat with other callers by voice rather than modem. You can post questions on psychic topics, listen to messages posted by others, or reply. Various other services are also offered: local and worldwide dating, discussion groups, daily news, weather, and sports, an Earthquake Hotline, and challenging games like blackjack which you can play using your touch tone phone. Unlike commercial "900" phone services that charge $2 a minute, VoiceLink is a public service network, developed by Spectrum Universal. Basic Service is FREE and includes a private voice mailbox, free access to dozens of services, and 15 minutes of FREE TIME every day. Additional time costs as little as five cents a minute, which defrays the cost of operating the system. To apply for a free account, call (818) 834-8255 and follow the easy directions to register. A touch tone telephone is required. The system is online 24 hours. Outside the system's local calling area, normal toll and long distance charges apply, so it is a good idea to call at night or on weeke ends when rates are lowest. To apply for a free voice mailbox and access to PSYCHIC QUEST's free bulletin board, call (818) 834-8255 and follow the easy instructions to register. The system is online 24 hours a day. A touch tone telephone is required. Normal toll and long-distance charges apply. 敖賃陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 6 PSYCHIC WORLD NEWS: SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF... 青珍陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳 by Rita West Malaysia - Word from the South Seas is, an ounce of shredded coconut mixed in some canned milk will help you get to sleep at night and induce pleasant dreams. Dr. Teresa Ang, a Malaysian biochemist, recommended the elixir for problem sleepers. It is also a popular aphrodisiac among tribes in Samoa, Dr. Ang said. 敖賃陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳朕 7 TRUE PSYCHIC STORY: A Near Death Experience by T. V. Kappel 青珍陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳潰 "I don't remember the crash. It's actually quite strange what I do remember. First, the pilot announced that the plane was in trouble. The minutes turned to hours of fear filled agony." Grace McDonald paused, her calm, wedgewood blue eyes fixed at a point out over her daughter Karen's shoulder where the dark ocean meets the pale sky. When she began talking again, her voice was softer and filled with emotion. "I can see my hands again. They're gripping the arm rests so hard they're a bloodless china-white color. It's so strange," she said, with a small awkward laugh. "I remember thinking that I'd have to change my nail color as soon as we landed." She focused here eyes momentarily on her daughter, then stared back out at the ocean and the waves again. Tears welled up in her eyes. "It's all right, mother. We can talk about this later." Karen put an arm around her mother's waist and pulled her closer. "No!" Grace said firmly. "I'm all right. I want to tell you now." She pulled closer in her daughter's embrace as they resumed walking slowly down the beach. "The plane came in low, very low. Everything looked so peaceful and normal. I didn't feel like I was going to die." Karen pulled her mother closer, but Grace continued talking, caught up now in the stark memories that she was now reliving. "I looked out the window, past the tip of the wing, as the plane came closer to the ground. The sky was a deep rich blue, so bright that I remember wanting to sink in and disappear. All colors, everything, suddenly seemed so alive and vibrant. We flew over a cornfield, the yellow was so bright it hurt my eyes. Then we touched the ground. "Everything was normal for a second or two. Then came a noise like a small explosion from directly underneath my seat. I jumped a foot and laughed, thinking it was just a flat tire. "I looked out the window and saw the wing tip rise straight up toward the sky. This couldn't be happening, I thought; we were too close to the ground. The other wing would hit and...." She stopped talking as a small shudder shook her body. Karen moaned softly in sympathy. "No, no, I'm okay," Grace said, patting Karen's hand again. "I want to... have to tell you everything." She turned to look deeply into her daughter's eyes. "You see, I died in that crash. I was actually pronounced dead at the scene. I've told no one about this, but I must tell you." "The plane screamed like a living thing dying. Suddenly, the sound of tearing metal filled the air, and the screams of the people inside as the wing touched the ground and was torn away. "There was a bright orange and yellow ball of fire expoding and a roar like a freight train. It was so loud I thought my ears would burst. The air was sucked from my lungs and I was grateful for the blackness that came and carried me away from the horror and pain. Grace paused, her breath coming short and shallow. The she rushed on. "This is really the strange part. There was no swirling tun- nel of light, no friends to great me, nothing, yet I knew I was dead. I was cushioned and held by this soft nothingness, this blackness. I was myself, I mean I was I. I was Grace McDonald and yet I was more. It was like a dream where you're in the dream and still, somehow, you're outside watching yourself in the dream. Only, I knew this was not a dream. "I understood everything," Grace said to Karen. "But hard as I try now, I can't remember everything I knew then. I knew all the secrets of the universe and it all fit perfectly together and made sense to me. I was incredibly happy and content, and ready to move on." "To where?" asked Karen. Grace stopped and sat down on the sandy beach. She slid off off her shoes and pushed her toes into the warm top-layer of soft sand, gazing off into the distance. Karen quietly sat down next to her and waited. "I didn't know where I was supposed to go," Grace answered finally. "But I wasn't afraid. And I had no regrets at leaving my present life behind. It's all right, you see. Everything fits according to the plan." Grace fell silent. Karen touched her mother's arm, gently but insistently. "So, what happened then?" "I waited," Grace replied in a soft measured tone. "I was happy to stay there and calmly wait. After a while I felt others gathering around me. It was strange. I mean, I couldn't see them or feel them or touch anything, yet I knew others were there with me. And, I knew some of them." Grace began laughing. It began as a small giggle and grew into a boisterous, happy laugh. She wiped at the tears streaming from the corners of her eyes. "I'm sorry," she murmured at last. "What happened next was both intensely funny and incredibly sad. I was moving out to greet those gathered around me when, suddenly, I felt strange hands on my body. I remember thinking that was terribly rude and it made me angry! How dare someone put their hands on me." "I got angry then, red hot angry. I screamed, 'Get your hands off of me!' and opened my eyes. Two men were trying to shove me into one of those ugly black body-bag things." Grace gazed at her daughter with a melancholy smile and chuckled softly again. "I scared the living daylights out of them. I thought one was going to pass out. He looked at me with eyes the size of dinner plates and said, 'My God, lady, you're supposed to be dead!'. Then they let go of me and ran for a doctor. "They left me alone on the ground, stuffed halfway into this terrible body bag and staring up at the incredible blue sky. I could feel a light, gentle breeze in my hair. I could smell the vivid green of the grass under me and the brown of the soil near my face. I spent a few moments trying to remember where I had been and what I'd felt -- and trying to understand why I was back." Grace picked up a handful of sand and let it run slowly out the bottom of her closed fist. "I've done some reading at the library. I know what happened to me is called a 'Near Death Experience'. It has happened to others and they've all come back with stories like mine." She paused, searching for the right words. "I know that there is life after death. I experienced a por- tion of it. I'm the same person and yet I'm different, and it's incredibly wonderful. The doctor that the two men brought over was astounded. He was the one who had examined me a few minutes earlier and pronounced me dead at the scene. He said that I'd had no pulse and I had stopped breathing -- I was as dead as he'd ever seen." She turned and took Karen's hands, gazing solemnly into her eyes. "I want you to understand. We're here for a purpose. There is a reason for existence. There is a plan. I don't remember exactly what it is, but I know there is one. Every day is an adventure for me now. Every moment begins the adventure of the rest of my life." Grace bent over and kissed Karen on the forehead. Tears were streaming down both of their faces. "I'm going to live the rest of my life as the wonderful bless- ing that it is. I'm going to explore and learn. I'm going to do all the things I wanted but put off because I was afraid. I'm not afraid of death any longer, because it's not the end, but a con- tinuation." She kissed Karen again. "I want that for you too. If you ever listen to your mother, listen now. This moment is the beginning of the rest of your life. Cherish it; live life to the fullest, and don't be afraid of what's at the end of the road. When it's time, you'll embark on the greatest adventure of all--and there is more. I guarantee it. There is much much more." They sat holding each other, watching the waves lap closer. After a time, they got up and walked arm in arm back to the house. Behind them, the sun grew large and round and touched the water's edge, dipping beyond the horizon. Night came, and after the dark- ness came the dawn of a new day. 敖賃陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳朕 8 ENLIGHTENING BOOKS AND VIDEOS 青珍陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳潰 by Scott LoGiudice I recently encountered two books and a video tape that I would like to recommend: * Video: Hoagland's Mars, Vol II Discusses Spynx and Pyramid complex on Mars and their relation to Earth. Lot's of techinical stuff in this two hour video which is highly persuasive. * Edgar Cayce on Atlantis A fascinating account of human creation and the history of Atlantis as well as its influence on Egypt and the Americas. * Celestine Prophesey: Although fiction, this book provides some interesting insights and is, of course, quite a popular best seller. I would like to request information about more recent developments and/or any related internet resources. Also, does anyone know if Edgar Cayce's A.R.E (Association for Research & Enlightenment) in Virginia Beach has made any of their resources available on the Internet? 敖賃陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳朕 9 CIRCLE OF LIGHT: POWER OF HEALING 青珍陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳潰 by Paul Leighton & Sharana Reavis When the body's vital list foce is depleted, the physical being becomes susceptible to disease. All health maladies invariably arise from deeper, spiritual disturbances. These primary causes of suffering and disease are: 1. Prolonged exposure to negative thoughtforms. 2. Clinging to physical sensation (i.e., drugs, sex, alcohol, smoking, and other forms of addiction) 3. Obsession with fear, hatred, malice, or jealousy. 4. Spiritual or inner self-neglect. 5. Compulsive feelings of guilt, self-doubt, insecurity, or lack of confidence. Lifelong good health and vitality can be maintained by avoiding the metaphysical root causes of suffering and ill-health. (Reprinted with permission from "Crucibles For Self-Discovery," by Paul Leighton and Sharana Reavis, Copyright (c) 1980 Parker Publishing Co., NY) 敖賃陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳朕 10 CALL FOR WRITERS 青珍陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳陳潰 PSYCHIC QUEST needs material! Each month, we focus on exploring the broad spectrum of psychic and New Age topics in a serious light with emphasis on teaching and informing. We need strong, informative articles that will help our readers better understand psychic and New Age mysteries and gain constructive insights that will benefit individuals in daily living. Non-fiction: How-to articles are welcome, as are stories with a self-help or informational slant; for example, how to predict the future, how to interpret dreams, how to use astro- logy and numerology in daily living, meditation techniques, and so on. True experiences and documented accounts of ESP and psychic phenomena are also acceptable, as long as the story is fresh and makes our readers think or reveals something that they did not already know. Fiction & Poetry: This genre is not really appropriate for us; but, that said, we may publish an occasional story story or poen that is exceptionally well-written, timely, and relevant to our Psychic/New Age theme. Columns: We welcome suggestions for monthly columns. Send us a query or a sample column indicating what you have in mind. Staff Openings: The following positions are currently open on our editorial staff: Book Reviewer, Psychic/New Age Calendar Reporter, Editorial (Opinion) Writer, and Associate Editor to generally assist with creating and distributing the magazine. Payment: PSYCHIC QUEST is distributed free of charge on the Internet and has no paying subscribers or budget; hence, we offer no payment for published stories. PSYCHIC QUEST is an excellent vehicle for writers desiring to break into print, and it can give positive exposure to psychics and others working in the field. Our current mailing list includes over 1,000 subscribers, and it is growing daily! Please submit manuscripts and queries to spectrum@kaiwan.com and include one of the following "Subject" headers, with your query or manuscript contained in the body of your letter: For queries: SUBJECT: PSYCHIC QUEST QUERY For submissions: SUBJECT: PSYCHIC QUEST SUBMISSION ATTENTION WRITERS: Please be sure to attach a brief, one paragraph bio listing your credits, and pertinent background information for us to include with your story!


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