THE CURSE OF THE PROPHET Indian Lore: According to many American Indians the Shawnee shama

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THE CURSE OF THE PROPHET Indian Lore: According to many American Indians the Shawnee shaman, or medicine man, known as the Prophet placed a curse on William Henry Harrison and his government after the Battle of the Thames, in which his brother, the Shawnee chief Tecumseh, was killed. History: In 1801 President John Adams appointed William Harrison Governor of Indian Territory, publicly charged him with protecting the rights of the Indians, but privately with taking their lands to expedite white settlement. The Indians resisted and eventually joined forces with the British. In the War of 1812, Harrison, promoted to Major General, recaptured Detroit from the British, and in October 1813, defeated them and their Indian allies, led by the Shawnee chief, Tecumseh, and his brother, the Prophet, in the Battle of the Thames, in Canada. When William Henry Harrison was elected President in 1840, he died within a month after taking office. Since that time every U.S. President elected in a year divisible by 20 has died in office. 1840 William Henry Harrison 1860 Abraham Lincoln 1880 James Garfield 1900 William McKinley 1920 Warren Harding 1940 Franklin D. Roosevelt 1960 John F. Kennedy 1980 Ronald Reagan ? ? ? Is it Ronald Reagan's destiny to fullfill the curse, sometimes known as "The Indians' Revenge"? Will Reagan break the pattern of history? Consider the following: 1. R. Reagan is the oldest President ever. 2. Reagan has had small cancer growths removed. 3. Reagan favors changing the law that restricts Presidents to 2 terms. Should the Republicans gain control of Congress in the 1986 elections will they change the law? Reagan says he does not want to run again in 1988, but if the law is changed would he run? Is it curse or coincidence that every President, beginning with Harrison elected in a year ending with a zero, has died in office? What do you predict for Ronald Reagan? 5-4-86/rle


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