Paganism in Prison by Taliesin As night time draws near and the institution quiets down, I

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Paganism in Prison by Taliesin As night time draws near and the institution quiets down, I bring out my athame, candles, incense, pentacle, cup and chalice. My athame is a long pencil and my candles are made from vasaline and for a wick, a small part of a match. My pentacle is made of a cut out cardboard disk with tinfoil from a cigarette pack as a silver coating. My incense is hand made from toilet paper and Mennen speed stick deodorant. My incense burner is made from a cup that has been cut about 1 inch from the bottom, in the bottom center I poke a hole to hold the rolled incense. My cups for salt and water are medication cups that they dispense with medication. My salt comes from little packages that they give out at meals. My water comes straight from the sink. As a chalice I use a half size cut disposable cup. My substitute for wine is juice from that morning's breakfast. My cakes are cookies that come for that evening's snack. As 11 o'clock approaches I set up my altar. My altar is a concrete stool fixed to the floor. Eleven o'clock comes and the day lights go out. I start my rite and am no longer in prison. I'm with the Lord and Lady and have them all to myself. Sometimes another inmate yells or screams. Whether it's a yell of rage or a scream of fear, or it just might be a dream, I ask the Lord and Lady to comfort him, too. This is how I, as a pagan, adapt to my surroundings. It may sound rough and not full of spirit, but if you could be here in this steel and concrete cell, and feel the wind that sighs and ruffles your hair, and feel the warm brilliance of the moon. No matter how rough my rital may be, the Lord and Lady always come and see me. Being in prison, I have a lot of time to think, meditate and become closer to the Lord and Lady. I have a lot of time to discover who I am: I am a pagan in heart and spirit. It doesn't matter that I worship alone for in my rite I'm never alone. Minutes, hours, days and months that go by I grow closer to our dieties in the sky. So no matter what circumstances, or place you may be, you can always be a pagan, a pagan that is free.


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