story in the SF Chronicle +quot;DARK DOINGS ON EAST BAY SCHOOL BOARD+quot; #52 1 8 Apr 87

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story in the SF Chronicle "DARK DOINGS ON EAST BAY SCHOOL BOARD" #52 1 8 Apr 87 22:02:07 From: Josh Gordon To: All Subj: Interesting story in the SF Chronicle DARK DOINGS ON EAST BAY SCHOOL BOARD By Bill Snyder The Emeryville school board censured its vice president after the superintendent of schools accused her of seeking a hit man to kill him and a witch to hex him. Rita Dixon was censured Monday night after Superintendent Peter Corona said she was trying to do him in. The teachers association also accused her of harassing teachers at Emeryville High School. Dixon, who has engaged in prolonged shouting matches with Corona at previous meetings, denied threatening the superintendent, saying, "I am a Christian." As to the threat of a curse, Corona laughed and said: "This is 1987, not the 1600s, and this is Emeryville, not Salem." Z. Budapest, a self-styled witch in Oakland, confirmed yesterday that Dixon approached her last month and asked her to cast a spell on Corona. "I told her to go suck an egg," said Budapest, who describes herself as a feminist and founding member of the American movement to restore Goddess worship to its rightful place. Budapest said modern witches do not normally put hexes on people -- except for serial killers who slaughter women, men, and children. "Hexing them is my obligation as a witch," she said. --- * Origin: ThelemaNet * (415) 548-0163 (Opus 161/93) SEEN-BY: 12/14 14/341 100/523 103/501 602 107/293 316 161/93 400


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