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You can choose to do as you have before, or you can change your actions and intentions. But your first awareness of a karmic lesson is usually through recognizing its pattern. Something always happens to you the same way, with the same kinds of people. The pattern catches your attention, and gives you an opportunity to choose framework in which to act. As a human being experiencing cause and effect through time, you have a choice as to how firmly you are anchored in time and space. You can each choose how deeply you wish to reach into your own histories, or the history of the world, in order to learn from your karmic patterns, or others'. What you can learn through the collective unconscious can enrich your life tremendously. In fact, many creative people have given themselves quite a bit of temporal slack, and draw freely from their own and others' pasts (and futures) for their material. This is some of what is happening now, with your highly creative memories of Atlantis and Lemuria coming to your attention now. Old images of other potential realities are seeping through your permeable creative consciousnesses. These images are illuminating some of the lessons you might choose to pursue, or avoid, from what has been before. Lessons from Atlantis The story of Atlantis, which has since become a real and valid myth, is a compelling one. It is a story of consequences, a tale of a powerful island country that used its isolation to be elitist and miserly, keeping its secrets from others for leverage in order to subject others to its will. A country of powerful, accomplished people, it arrogantly used its great powers for selfish, nearsighted or simply sybaritic ends. These secret powers were also used with grotesque results, such as the enslavement or even the creation of the half-human, half-animal beings, left from another pre-history when mankind was being born on Earth. These beings' forms and natures were echoed in later myths of satyrs and centaurs, mermaids and minotaurs. Atlantis was a country full with promise which lost everything when the bill for its arrogance was presented, its imbalance only rectified with great destructions and floods. The negative lessons of Atlantis are easy to see. They are part of a human story of your human limitations. The story of Atlantis can teach you, as a myth would, about the wages of arrogance, the foolishness of narrow vision, or the magnetic nature of retribution, which rights the imbalances and redresses the wrongs. Yet there are other lessons from Atlantis, profound lessons. One of them is becoming aware of the real costs of separatism. The image of terrible retribution to the great and arrogant of Atlantis is reassuring -- but only to those who are unaware of their own pride and blindness of separating themselves from others, even from those same arrogant Atlanteans. What is human in one of you is human in all of you. What is human in all of you is human in each of you. You are not separate from each other. Rather than making you all into monsters, realizing this unity of humanness allows the "monsters" to become a part of you, and so to be healed. This was the Atlantean mistake, time and time again. They used the semi-humans, the souls entrapped in human/animal bodies, for their slaves, rather than to accept their common humanness and heal them, as Lemuria did. They considered what was separate from them to be less than they were, and what was less than they perceived themselves to be was therefore automatically exploitable. The story of Atlantis has its most meaning in lessons of separation and limitation -- the primary actions of the ego. You can be, as the Atlanteans were, gentle and generous, wise and thoughtful, advanced and visionary. But if you judgmentally allow distinctions and differences to become your only viewpoint, then you fall into the Atlantean hauteur. Those people which some of you fear so much now -- the hard addicts, the sociopaths, the psychopaths -- are the monsters, the animal-men and demon-men, of your time. They have become what they are in part because they have been separated by themselves and others from what is considered human. In a paradox of logic, these "monsters" often stand out further and further away from the "norm" in order for you to see them, and in seeing them, accept them. Like a child which must be loved, but which knows no other way to ask for it, they push and push against the same door again and again, too often not realizing how to change the results. When those who are apparently most separate from you are rebuffed from human contact from lifetime to lifetime, they soon die to themselves. They become "things." They may become embodiments of hopelessness or agents of change, but they are less than human beings. They become objects. First objects of pity, then of disdain, then of disgust, then horror. They become the means by which you "release" your own self-hatred and lack of self-acceptance, by giving it to them, unexamined by your own inner perception. In this way the "monsters" of your time can become slaves to your use of them, as the animal-men were slaves to the Atlanteans. You can learn from the Atlanteans' mistakes by becoming conscious of your own motives and actions. If you allow the short-circuit thinking of prejudice and bigotry to choose your actions for you, then you give in to Atlantean narrowness. If you decide that the end justifies the means, you trap yourself into the Atlantean fallacy that you have wisdom and knowledge enough to understand cause and effect with faultless precision. If you subscribe to the notion that because you can do something at another's cost, then nothing should stop you, you are acting from the Atlantean delusion that costs which others pay do not affect you. If you believe that the primary reason for Creation's existence is your use of it, then you're perpetuating the Atlantean lie that nothing exists save in relationship to your perceptions and needs alone. Instead, you can learn to keep your minds free of expectations, and free of the limitations of self-centered images. Learn to do what is needed, when it is needed, out of the free response of your own heart and the wisdom of love. Especially in the New Aquarian Age, you can learn that humanitarianism means to care for others' concerns and experiences by giving them the same weight as your own. In this New Age, so different from the Atlantean past, you are already learning to perceive the other beings, other beauties in the world with the eyes of those others. You are seeing others' worlds all around you by accepting others' points of view. When you see with another's eyes, whether it be another person, an animal, a plant, or a planet, you are far less likely to simply abuse that other one's gift, whether it is the gift of life, like the growth of the plants, or the gift of dying, from an animal who gives you its body for meat. Instead, you will accept it, graciously, and be cognizant of the other's cost. This awareness of the other's cost is what helps maintain the inner balance of giving and receiving, of living and dying. This balance matters. The retribution of Atlantis was not a raging act of a vengeful God, but a natural result of internal and external imbalances. It is not evil to be selfish, only unbalanced. Self-centeredness is necessary in human growth: it is what keeps an infant alive, and can keep a child whole if it is growing up in a situation of great threat. But when you have grown beyond the need to be self-centered, when you have the ability to care for yourself by perceiving others, then clinging to the old usages keeps you from evolving. Reaching back so very anxiously for what you have already outgrown, you tip yourself over. This imbalance strains your sense of integrity, and the strain can warp your energies into neurotic forms. When the limitations of selfishness or self-centeredness are balanced with broadened perception, then you become wisely selfish. The wisely selfish person gives when she has something to give, and when it is needed. She gives, not from the "selflessness" of inner poverty, but from generous abundance. She gives when it is asked for, not when it is demanded from her, or manipulated from her. The terrible image of the thousands of innocents on the land drowning in the cataclysm of Atlantis because of the actions of a very few can be used to forge consideration for others, or can be a warning not to give your power away to those who say giving it will make your life easier. In Atlantis, those who had it easy had it very easy indeed. But it was not that which sunk the land beneath the waves. It was their self-centeredness, their sense of separation from others. When greatness is forced through narrowness, the pressure becomes too great. In Atlantis' case, the island was destroyed. In your case, you have yet the ability to shatter the world, or to heal it as it has never been healed before. These are the kinds of lessons you can learn from the fate of Atlantis. When hauteur can be balanced by generosity, it becomes a discerning response to others' needs. When prejudice and bigotry are balanced with compassion, they become humanitarianism, a joy in others' differences. If you balance the end you desire, and the means to that end, with vision, then you act from the power of harmony. When you balance the desire to use Creation as you see fit with wisdom, you will create with elegance and beauty. Lessons from Lemuria And what of Lemuria, the gentle land in the West, the land of Mu or Pacifica, which is said to have colonized the contemplative cultures of India and Tibet? It also sank beneath the waves. What lesson is in that, if it is not, "Nice guys finish last?" It is another lesson of imbalance, though it is more subtle. The Lemurians were a wise people, so your history goes. Benevolent and considerate, they accepted the animal-men the Atlanteans abused, using their formidable knowledge of healing to restore the bodies of the human souls within to more perfect human form. They shared their wisdom gently, allowing others to flourish and demanding nothing in return. They encountered other cultures not as conquerors, but as teachers, healers, and people of deep knowledge. It was the "Lemurian" Atlanteans, Atlanteans impressed with Lemurian ideals, who founded Egypt and the Mayan cultures both, as well as cultures now long gone to dust. They had much the same science as did Atlantis, though they did not have the ultimate power of the Great Crystal. They were even more able than the Atlanteans in the arts of healing, psychic perception, and various "magics," such as transforming the self (and thus your reality) through dreams, active and effective prayer, real spiritual evolution through inner imagery, and the fulfillment of wishes. They were more able than the Atlanteans in their "people skills," showing this by including others who seemed separate, acting with compassion towards others in pain, and readily seeing from others' points of view. Yet their land, too, fell under the waves. Why? Was it because, as the Atlanteans might complain, they were "too good to be true?" Was it because they had become so very, very spiritual that they simply "translated away," and the earth was so astonished at their leaving that it shook itself under the sea? Or was it even because the Atlanteans weakened their land's substructure with beams from the Great Crystal in some kind of "Evil Empire" scenario? Or was it because the Lemurians had so forgotten how to be human that, when confronted with the narrow, nasty places inside themselves (which the Atlanteans seemed to enjoy so much), they could not bear it, and told the land to drown them? Some of these ideas and explanations were current in Atlantis, before its own last islands sank, because Lemuria had gone down before them. But really, there were several reasons, many of which matter to those of you who are on a spiritual path now. The primary lesson from Lemuria's sinking is the same as the primary lesson of Atlantis: a sense of separation. In an ideological move similar to your own, many of the Lemurians made a division, a distinction, between the physical and the spiritual. They did not unnecessarily divide Man from Nature to the same extent as your culture has, but they judged the flesh as being less than what inhabited it. Many Lemurians did not accept the possibility that the Divine could be found in density, or that humanness was a gift. Although their culture originally used this dichotomy for contrast, too many of them took it too far. They began to hate the body, hate the experience of being human, and do whatever they could to avoid its repetition -- or even avoid being responsible for someone else's repeating the experience. This did not only mean that they were scrupulously careful of their (and everyone else's) karma, it also meant that they were frequently celibate. Some were so afraid of the human experience that they became actively unloving, even while hiding this misanthropy under the guises of "sensitivity," or "divine calling," or "universal (but humanly unspecific) love." They became opaque to the parts of themselves they had chosen to call their "lower natures." In separating themselves from their narrower selves, they paradoxically allowed these parts of themselves to act in covert ways. Some Lemurians used passive aggression, or allowed themselves "spiritualized" justifications of selfish needs. It wasn't that they were more selfish than anyone. Their needs for self-aggrandizement were not greater than anyone else's, they were just not met as often. The needs were not wrong, nor was regulating the way they met those needs. It was separating themselves from those "lower" human aspects of themselves, becoming "holier than thou," that tripped them up. It was the mistake of using images of spiritual ideals to justify the actions of the ego, and being opaque to the costs which this would being. This phenomenon of unbalanced separation was not universal in the Lemurian culture. As the "Lemurian" Atlanteans founded Egypt, likewise the more balanced, less "separatist" Lemurians founded the North American Indian cultures, which kept a broader-minded, more even-handed, view towards human life, and so kept America free from grief for many, many centuries. Like Atlantis, Lemuria had a culture millennia long. Its rich tradition is still alive, accessible in your genes as well as your inner memories, as is the culture, and the lessons, of Atlantis. (By the way. The reason why you have not found physical evidences of either Atlantis or Mu in your reality is because they really "happened" in an alternate future, and not in the past of this planet. Those cultures in your past which were "founded" by Atlantis or Mu were colonized mostly by souls from that future, moving back in time though their own human births. With these, there were a few of the great teachers who embodied themselves with most of their knowledge intact. As a result, their memories of the cataclysm were so fresh that they told the stories as they remembered them, stories which eventually wound their ways through history into your own present version of "The Past.") Our Several Origins Present-day human beings come from many different places and many different pasts. If you were to categorize the various paths in order to understand yourselves and others, you might call them the Earthling path, the Angelic path, the Star-Seed path, and the Cosmic Entity path. "Earthlings" For the purposes of our discussion, Earthlings are those of you who have made Earth your primary experience for most of your lifetimes. You're used to density, and enjoy it. You may be very sensual, or very artistic, but you rarely do either for any great sense of "mission." You are not generally world-weary, because you like the planet, but you often have a set of "instincts" which allow you to be as aware of your experiences with others, and their implications, as an animal is of its surroundings. Some "Earthlings" use these instincts to manipulate others, especially those whom you feel are lacking in "common sense," but most of you confront the "newcomers" with a sense of tolerant amusement. Earthlings are often drawn to large families, whether it is your own relations or "families" of friends. You are comfortable at conventions, in congregations, and with groups. You can rise to prominence if you choose, but most simply desire a quiet life, rich with satisfying friendships. Your lives are most often graced by accomplishments of small excellences, such as the perfectly-run corner market which you own, or your steady (if unspectacular) income from your childrens' books, or your perfect paintings of a thousand species of birds. You are usually people of heart, generous to a fault at times, and often competently wise with children. You've seen enough in your human experiences to take the bad with the good and not be devastated by either, and you have a firm, inward assurance that the Earth supports you. If you do fall into negativity, you move primarily from defensive fear, hurting others before you can be hurt yourselves. If your tolerance is exhausted from real or imagined abuse, you can react positively through real and practical changes, or negatively through directionless action, such as riots, murder, or apathy. You like money and things because they allow you to do what you will. You tend to love the Angelic types, be fascinated by the Star-Seeds, and are quite in awe of the Cosmic Entities. Angelic Beings Those of you who have taken an Angelic path often have a harder time simply being human, but your love, light, zeal or joy sustain you. You can be wildly creative and not at all practical; you can give others joy in the midst of your own grief, but you will generally be astonished again and again at others' admiration of your abilities. To you, creativity is natural, love is natural, a pure heart is natural. You can hardly imagine living any other way because these attributes are easy to you -- so easy that you are often surprised when others find them difficult, even to the point of feeling something very like fear when others make too much of you or your accomplishments. You tend to love first and make judgments later, which can lead to grief and real bewilderment, but only very rarely recriminations. If you do descend to negativity, it is most often towards blindness of the appropriateness of others' paths. Some of you are empathically sensitive. You try to heal everyone for your own peace of mind, and because you tend to feel that since you cannot stand that level of pain, no one else could either! Some of you are so consumed by your sense of mission and the fire of your vision that you too readily forget the little things like human needs, human consideration, and human limitations. Some of you are simply bewildered at others' perversities; others of you simply withdraw from what you find hard to bear, and pretend very hard that you do not feel the pain that you feel. You are generally people of the deep kind of love which needs no reason or justification, and can often be the ones who ask their divorcees, "But can't we still be friends?" If your visions are thwarted, whether by your own chosen limitations or your encounters with others', you can become very judgmental indeed, and uncompromising in your versions of reality. On the whole, however, you prefer a life full of beauty, harmony, and love, and feel lost and not at home with anything else. You like money and things because they can both promote joy and beauty. You admire the Earthlings, feel reasonably comfortable with the Star-Seeds, and gladly uncover your most precious dreams for the Cosmic Entities. Star-Seeds Not all Star-Seeds are newcomers to the Earth experience, though some can spend tens of lifetimes here and still stick out of place. It is sometimes hard for you to decide whether human-ness is a game, a trial, a weird ritual rite, or simply madhouse incomprehensibility. However, you would not have chosen, or have been permitted, to "mingle with the locals" if you had not already learned some very deep lessons about love, compassion, desire and hope. Many of you have come from telepathic cultures, and find the separate minds of humankind very hard to bear. Not only do you feel isolated and alone (and angry because of it), you are often monumentally perplexed by human language. When you do not understand what someone means (through your human telepathy, which, though limited, does exist), then you generally do what you believe the other person said. This not only leads to a sure case of "foot-in-mouth" disease, it can go even worse when you convince yourself that what you told yourself you heard IS what they meant. You're so used to "knowing everything" telepathically, you forget that you don't know it now. You are generally kindly people, if eccentric, and seem to have a sense of secretness around you. You tend to have confidence in the others of your star's race or culture, both as you experience your own memories of them in dreams, and when you meet them in your daily experience. You are often at a bit of a loss as to what to do with yourselves for a career or a life-path, but you find creativity as easy as do those on the Angelic paths, and will often try to find your sense of home through artistic expression. Those of you who have come from particularly secure cultures are often quite fearless, and can frighten others with your risk-taking. You like money and things because they're fun to play with, if only you can get the pesky details of human cause and effect worked out. You are often bemused by Earthlings, but you can admit (if reluctantly) that you can learn a lot from them. You feel most at home with Angelic beings, though you can get into terrific arguments about differing perceptions with them. You gravitate to Cosmic Entities even more readily than do the Angelic types, because with them you feel free to be the most "normal." "Cosmic Entities" The path of the Cosmic Entity is the path of the teacher, of the Avatar. Very little can be said about the natives of this path, though you generally recognize each other the way a forester can recognize an oak tree whether it is a sapling, a stripling, or a mature tree. Many of you have drawn from the experiences of the other paths quite consciously, because indeed your very watchword is awareness. You do very little without real consideration, whether of consequences or of others' feelings, and tend of all of the beings mentioned here to most strive to "do no harm." Many of you are beings which have come from non-physical experiences, realms different from the Angelic spheres in that they contain what humans call darkness as well as light. For you, darkness is merely contrast, an energy which can be used towards the healing of the whole as surely as light and love can be used. You do not believe in Evil as an entity, generally, but rather as light out of focus, or matter out of place. You move from a sense of relativity: what is good here may be evil here, and vice versa. All your abilities of compassion, creativity, joy, magic and wonder, all of them are used to exemplify the power of the Whole, to not only shine your light as would an Angelic being or a Star-Seed, but to create a form through which the light may shine. This can mean that you support others, whether by building, staffing, or endowing a half-way house, a museum, a day-care center, or a shelter for battered women. It can mean that you become a philanthropist, or that you work to bring corruption in moneyed places into view. It can mean that you work within a religious context, a scientific context, or work to bring science and religion together with mysticism. You do not have creativity as much as you are creativity, much as you are wisdom, caring, and love. You like things and money because they are energy which you can use to heal others with, and use as levers towards transformation. You feel with the Earthlings, sustain the Angelic beings, and honor the gallantry of the Star-Seeds. Rather than try to decide which path you are on, remember this: you, as humans, contain all of human experience, including those mentioned above. You all have within you the Earthling's competence, the Angelic being's love, the Star-Seed's courage, and the Cosmic Entity's sense of the whole. You can fall into their negativities, or exalt your life with their same positive actions and choices. The path is made for the person, not the person for the path. Through choosing what you love, you can find your own best way Home. Obehon and the Circle PLAYTIME: ATLANTEAN AND LEMURIAN MEDITATIONS 1: A Walk Through the Great Crystal. Imagine that you are in Atlantis before even the first sinking. The land is rich and beautiful, with fruitful trees and good new crops. You are the new race on the planet; your human form has been created quite consciously by the Angelic Beings, whose forms you still see in your dreams, and whose guidance you still receive in your daily meditations. Today, you have been invited into the Great Temple, where there is a pyramid of white marble, capped with gold, which contains the secret places of the Great Adepts. You have been chosen to see the newly-made Great Crystal, which has an incredible capacity to channel power. You are to use your keen mental and psychic abilities, and your good judgment, to help determine how this Crystal will be used. Watch your feelings as you ascend the broad, flat steps towards the Temple. Do you notice the help of the animal-men, or do you ignore them? Do you greet others freely, or with fear? Do you wonder why you have been called here, or do you accept and understand your own abilities? When you have arrived, you are taken immediately to the Crystal itself, deep in a hidden place under the earth. It is very large, a clear crystal which has been cut, faceted, and in some cases joined together. It rests on its pedestal, perfectly balanced so that it can rotate in any direction. Watch your reactions as you stand before it. Do you want to warn the others of what might happen with this much power, or will you leave them to their fate, so far in the future? You come quite close to the crystal. Someone strikes a gong, and the clear tone reverberates through the chamber. In the overtones of the gong's note, you hear the crystal speaking to you. Speak with it. Ask it why Atlantis fell. Ask it what else could have been done. Ask it what you can do, now, to change the past. Hear its answers, and remember them. 2: The Bookseller. In this playtime, imagine you're walking on an old country road on the way to a large village to purchase some presents for friends. As you walk, smell the leaves of the trees which shade the road. Feel the wind, watch your feet walking on the dirt, pavement, or cobblestones. Hear the birds, and listen for other sounds. Walk until you feel you've walked quite a while, but you're not tired yet. Then hear a creaking, scraping sound from ahead of you, out of sight beyond the curve in the road where the trees shelter it. It is not a frightening sound, so you continue walking. Then as you turn the corner, you see that it is the creaking wheel of a peddler's cart, which an old man is pushing. His hair is white and his eyes are blue, and his hands and arms are firm and strong. As you come up to him, he asks you if you want to see any old books. He has quite a number of them, loaded in his cart! Tell him, "Yes, I would like a book about ________," filling in the blank with the name of a culture, a time, or an area of the world which catches your interest. He may ask you if you want a picture book, a story book, or an encyclopedia. Tell him what you want. He will give it to you. Look through the book; it will spark your own memories of that time and place. (You would generally not have asked for a book about a certain time or culture if you had not already experienced a life in that time or place, so what you find will have meaning for you.) If you want another book, return the first and ask for another. If you want to keep the book, go ahead, but it is courteous to offer the bookseller a story of your own, whether from your present life or from your own, rekindled, memories of your past. 3: Advice From Your Past. If you have worked with your "past" (or future) lives, and have a sense of the people you've "been," then imagine a place where you might like to meet those people, one by one or in a group. You can imagine a special room in your own house, or a special place just inside Heaven's door, where everyone is meeting everyone else in a big, "Hi-how-are-you" party. Spend a moment to find a person you've been before, and when you've found him or her, see him or her as clearly as you can. If your life prior to this one was as an accountant in Boston in 1855, then see him. Is he short, thin, balding, or tall, and broad with muttonchop whiskers? What color is his hair, what kind of hands does he have? Is his suit worn, new, stylish or just comfortable? Does he wear rings, or a watch, or a locket with his wife's picture? What color are his shoes? Let that past personality see you clearly, too. Then reach out your hand and introduce yourself. (It'll be all right: it's already clear to this personality that he or she has died, and that things are different here and now. And if the personality does give you an argument, just call in a guardian angel, and it will help things along.) Get to talking, as you would with any other new person. This may take more than one meditation, depending on how readily your personalities warm up to you, but it will be worth the trouble to develop the relationship. When you have made friends with this personality, you can ask questions about your present life, too. This past personality may not be able to help you directly, and may call in someone else he or she knew in that life, but once you've become friends, it'll be easy for you to share your experiences consciously. Obehon and the Circle ... From "Spirit Speaks" magazine -- Obehon and Francesca ___ Blue Wave/QWK v2.12 --- GEcho 1.02+ * Origin: AWARENET INTERNATIONAL 1-303-377-1963 Denver,Co (111:111/0)


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