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PAGAN/OCCULT DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM (P.O.D.S) INFORMATION (Updated 5/11/92) The PODS is an informal association of Pagan Sysops and Sysops carrying Pagan/Magickal/Occult oriented echoes operating on an international basis, with FIDO Nodes in Australia, Canada, Germany, the U.K., and across the USA. The PODS system is also available via Zone 93 and a weekly nodelist is available. Chuck Haynes of 308/60 is in charge of the 93:9xxx/xxx nodelist and assignment of net/node numbers. The objective of this group is to serve as a "Pagan Backbone" for low noise distribution of this specialized group of echoes. Administration of this distribution system is done via the PAGANSYS echo which is primarily restricted to SYSOPs and this echo is mandatory for all who would be a part of this distribution system. PAGANSYS is not mandatory for those who will not be hubbing to other BBS's, however all administration of the P.O.D.S. will be done in PAGANSYS, so if a sysop wants a voice, he or she will need to participate. With few exceptions,NONE of the PODS echoes will be placed on the regular FIDONET BACKBONE! And within the exceptions (echoes already on the backbone ) the backbone echoes are not to be considered as mandatory for the hubs. Also, any echo originating on another network will NOT become a "core" echo and be required for the major hubs. There has been some question as to the authority of the Moderators in the Echo areas carried by the Pagan/Occult Distribution System. The Current Moderator of record for each echo has absolute authority over content and distribution of the echo they moderate. The moderator's decisions in these matters will be totally enforced by the coordinator. If a moderator decides that an individual is to be "cut off" from access to an echo, then it will be done, through whatever means necessary to enforce that moderator's decision including the suspension of feeds. I may be reached via voice phone at (505) 434-3937 6pm to 9pm daily, or netmail at 1:308/60 24 Hrs. The following Echo areas are available via most PODS feeds: 5_RINGS Budahists Conference (PODS) 7TH_AETHYR Enochian, Egyption, & GD Magick (PODS) ALT.MAGICK Usenet news group (other) ALT.PAGAN USENET Pagan echo (other) AMTHEO Amateur theologian echo (PODS) AUST_NATIVE Native religeons of Australia (PODS) AUST_PAGANSYS Oz Pagan Sysops Echo (PODS) AUST_WICCA Australian Wicca (PODS) A_STATE Altered States Of Consciousness (PODS) BARDIC USNET BARDIC,Bardic arts (other) BHBETA Black Hole S/W beta test echo (other) BOOK_OF_SHADOWS Wiccan text discussion area (PODS) BURNING_TIMES Actual case histories (PODS) CELTIC Celtic religeous studies (PODS) CONSPIRACY ' (other) CONTACT Sandy's UFO Contactee echo (other) CULTINFO Rowan's Cult Info Echo (PODS) CULT_WATCH National Religious Cults (Christian) EARTHLINK Shamanistic & Earth centered rel.(PODS) EARTH_RITE Shamanism echo from KC (PODS) ENOCHIAN Enochian belief system echo (other) ERIS Discordian echo (PODS) FOLKLORE Warewolves and other 'critters (PODS) GAYPAGANS Gay/Lesbien Pagans (PODS) GOD Mens mysteries echo (PODS) GODDESS Womens issues (Pagan) (PODS) HEALING_TOUCH Natural Healing echo (PODS) HERALDS USNET HERALDRY, Coats of arms, (other) HOLYSMOKE Atheist / Agnostic (PODS) INTERFAITH multi-decipline religious echo (PODS) I_CHING Chinese phylosophy echo (PODS) MAGICK3 Alternative to Magicknet (PODS) MAGICKNET Part 1 of 3 part group Primary (PODS) MAGICK_MIRROR National Dream discussion echo (PODS) MAG_PLANTS Magickal Plants &their properties(PODS) MEDIEVAL Medievalism, a la SCA, Markland,(other) MERRY_MEAT Pagan ADULT echo (Restricted) (PODS) METAPHYSICAL Part 2 of 3 (Magazine quality) (PODS) MUNDANE Part 3 of 3 (general discussion) (PODS) NEW_AGE PODS side of Fido New_Age_echo (PODS) NIGHT_SIDE Dark side magick (other) NUMEROLOGY Tandika's Numerology echo (PODS) OC_BOOK_REVIEW Occult book reviews (PODS) OOBE Out of body experience echo (PODS) ORGONE Orgone Society (PODS) PAGAN Pagan religions discussion (PODS) PAGANSYS Sysops of Pagan/Occult BBS's (PODS) PAGAN_CHAT General discussion area (PODS) PAGAN_SPOUSE Spouse's of Pagans (PODS) PAGAN_TEEN Young people that are also Pagan (PODS) PAG_REC Pagans in Recovery (ala A.A.) (PODS) PODSTEST Zone 93 Test echo (PODS) POP_R_PAG Pop, Rock, And Paganism music (PODS) PR_STUDIES Pagan Religious studies (PODS) P_FS Pagan For Sale (PODS) REC.ORG.SCA Usnet SCA echo (other) RUNES_AND_ASATRU Runes & Nordic God Astru (PODS) SCA-STAR Texas Kingdom of the SCA (other) SET TOS echo (other) SEX_MAGICK Sex used in magick ala tantric (PODS) SOLARNET Az, Nm, Co, etc. SCA Kingdome (other) SPIRITUAL Spiritual discussions (PODS) STARGAZE National Astrology echo (PODS) TAROT Tarot cards & readers (PODS) TESLA Nicoli Tesla discussion area (PODS) THELEMA Cerimonial Magick Echo (PODS) THELEMIC_GD Course in Cerimonial Magick (PODS) THE_BEAT Drumming (Shamanic etc.) (PODS) THE_HERBALIST Herbal uses. Healing, cooking,etc(PODS) THE_HUB Australian Mag. Support (PODS) TRIMARIS FL area SCA KINGDOM (Other) WICCA Wiccan religion echo (PODS) WOLVEN Wolf owner lover echo (PODS) Those echos marked OTHER are sent using FIDO node numbers. Those echos marked PODS are sent using my zone 93 node numbers.


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