This file consists of notes taken from the videotape +quot; The Truth about the Philadelph

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This file consists of notes taken from the videotape " The Truth about the Philadelphia Experiment";an interview and slide show given by: Preston Nichols-electrical engineer. Alfred Bialek-technician aboard Eldridge 1943. Duncan Cameron-technician aboard Eldridge 1943. A must-see tape, it is available from: Roger and Ruth Beard 2756 N. GreenValley Pkwy. Ste. 113 Henderson, Nevada 89014 (702) 564-4404 ($32.00 Ppd.) ___ The Phiadelphia Experiment__ 1930's in Chicago- N. Tesla and two other people discuss posibilities of making things invisible. 1933- Institute of Advanced Studies at Princeton formed. 1934- Project,with grants fron navy,transfered to Princeton,N.J. Tesla,Einstien,Dr. John Van Neumann were present. 1936- Tesla becomes director of project('36-'42). He had done previous work for navy and knew Pres. Rosevelt. 1940- Small destroyer,unmaned,used in 1st and sucessful test. 1943,July 22nd- Manned test.Invisible for 15-20 min.Men were disoriented physically and mentally but there were no deaths. 1943,Aug. 12th.- Navy gave no time to work out personel problems but the equipment was changed to give only radar invisibility so that the ships wouldnt collide at sea. Then the famous experiment.For the first min. everything went well;the Eldridge was radar invisible and its outline could be seen hazily.Then a blue flash of light happened and the ship completely disapeared for three hours with no radio contact.When it came back,observers knew something was wrong.The antenna mast had snaped and parts of the superstructure were damaged.Radio contact could not be made so the ship was boarded,and the real extent of the damage was found.Four men were embeded in the ships steel-two on the top decks and two in the bulkheads.One sailors' hand was embeded to a wall and was amputated. Men were disoriented, and reports were that some were floating around-some disapeaing.Others went completely, uterly insane.Four days of meeting were had to determine what to do and what had gone wrong.No conclusions were made but it was decided to run another unmaned test. This test was towed and remotly controled without crew! The results were that the ships equipment were burned up and missing,despite another sucessful 20 min. vanishing. The navy gave up and retuned the Eldridge to duty after refitting. The video tape goes into more details and the story is much like the movie.After the war, the experiments were continued with Dr. Van Neumann(computer developer and brilliant mathamatician) and others.Einstien and tesla had left during the first tests under protests that it would be a desaster to the personel on board the ship.The developments were wide ranged and became very metaphisical later on.I will try to outline these projects. 1. Philadelphia Experiment: Aug.1943 As previously described. a. Rainbow experiment in time travel. 2. Phoenix I Project: 1947-1968 Based in old radar station in Montauk,N.Y. a. Stelth Technology b. Wilhelm Reichs' orgon energy/ weather control 3. Phoenix II Project: 1969-1979 25 satelite linked stations- very expesive but no government money used.Joint air force and navy with Van Neumann,Jack Pruet, and 30 personel. Later funded by ITT, owned by the Krupp group of Germany. a.Mind control: electo/orgon energy beam. Altered subjects(at first it killed them)and perhaps programed them. b.Mind or thought amplification: created thought forms which were real only as long as switch was turned on. (I theroize the wheat field rings could be comming from this brain equipment.) Was used to create time "votex", which was put on tape to produce a time "tunnel". 4. Phoenix III 1979-? (1983 in Montauk,N.Y.) a. Time machine operations. -thousands of people were altered or programed. -like a "mission control" operators could see, hear,and direct the door to the person who had gone to a time and place to perform some task. Tapes were also made,now under heavy guard. -Beyond year 2014 or so a "wall" was encountered and Cameron described a deserted city, with a dreamlike quality to it. -Travelers would be returned just before they had left and so couldnt remeber the trip.A form of brain washing. -Vortex tunnel propeled subject through a fluted, cork-screw, oddly turning path to destination. -Alien technology and even assistance was used to make all of this possible. -The bases are probably underground now.Montauk was abandened in hast when a thought created creature rampaged the base untill the power could be cut! A little hard to swallow? Preston Nichols,Alfred Bialek,and Duncan Cameron can be contacted C/O Preston Nichols 7 Doris Place E. Islip,N.Y. 11730 (516) 581-1574


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