PHASES The symbolic Interpretations of the Cycles of the Planets NEW PHASE ; instinctive p

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PHASES The symbolic Interpretations of the Cycles of the Planets NEW PHASE ; instinctive projection, follows impulse. Radiates charm. It is spontaneous and operates best without a plan or contrivance. The 30 degree aspect indicates difficulty in bring two polarities together. 36 shows a personal technique has been employed to make them work together. CRESCENT PHASE ; 45 a mobilization forward from the merging of two planets, or functions. They must move ahead to break from the past. (a cycle culminated before conjunction.) 60 becomes productive. 72 personally creative FIRST QUARTER ; 90 a crisis in the surroundings. this can be a battle to clear the surroundings of obstacles. Aggressive action. If it succeeds forward movement resumes easily at 120 one can drift swiftly GIBBOUS PHASE ; after action it's time to analyze what kind of action would create less waste or friction in the future. This may take a period apprenticeship in the surroundings because they are challenging 135 144 technical competence sets in with the success of cycle. 150 needs to be flexible or can lose techniques. FULL PHASE ; 180 flexibility is important because the movement on instinct has accomplished a structure, way or pattern. It's been battling its way through. Now it must receive content, meaning or direction 180 receiving what is not by instinct. Avoidance at 210 or 150 of this necessity but if accepted the individual is now skilled in a conscious way 144 and he is ready to go into DISSEMINATING PHASE ; Challenges the surroundings with what he has learned at 135 and move creatively 120 to what he believes . This is the purpose of the whole cycle, Its apex is here. LAST QUARTER ; What is done is done. Now there's another challenge, form inside 90 to become aware of a distant future and begin moving productively, or creatively toward it 72 by choice. BALSAMIC PHASE ; If this is accomplished there is a mobilization toward the future inside. The old body (psychological or physical) is ill equipped for what is ahead. The consciousness must find a creative technique 36 for merging itself with the spirit of a latent new body of activity and this may not be easy 30 to merge two polarities but it must be done so the future can live anew 0 new conjunction.


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